How to Transfer Website to a Better Hosting Service

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Linux Cpanel shared hosting: 600 GB disk space, 6 TB bandwidth, free domain, unlimited databases and ftp accounts, web hosting cheap and pro at Hostony

free website transfer

What will you do if you don’t know how to transfer your website by yourself? Simply, pass the work to Hostgator. Create an account in Hostgator and let them handle the website transfer for you FOR FREE. Aside from free website transfer, you can also take advantage on free database transfer, free script transfer and free domain transfer features, just click here to start the process. FYI, the transfer process could take up 72 hours or longer. Beforehand, ensure that your old hosting account is still available until the process can be fully done. If your old hosting account becomes unavailable during the transfer process, they can’t complete the process or correct any errors.

Life is hard when you experience to get a premium web hosting service that sucks! And when it sucks, it means poor web hosting service, frequent server downtimes, unresponsive customer support and incomplete web hosting service. Nothing in the world comes first but to get the best hosting hosting service but if in case your web hosting provider sucks, you have to come to your senses that you really need to transfer to another web hosting company.

Here’s a list of what you have to do:

1. Find a reliable web hosting provider.
2. Sign up for a new web hosting account.
3. Customize your Domains.
4. Take advantage on the free website transfer service.

This post illustrate how you could transfer your site to Hostgator. Assuming that you have separate accounts for your domains and web hosting service at different companies.

1. Find a reliable web hosting provider.

To avoid any misfortune in hosting that sucks, you need to review carefully your next option for a web hosting provider. This is a very critical stage since it your web host can make or break your site. You have to carefully identity your web hosting requirements so that you can match it rightly to an appropriate reliable web hosting service provider. Shared hosting plans are for beginners who want to host small-medium scale sites with mo heavy traffic. Dedicated hosting service and virtual private server(vps) hosting service are best to use when your hosting tons of websites, large scale sites with heavy traffic volume.

You can easily filer your candidates for your best hosting provider. But before you signed up with them, review carefully first their reputation if it worth your money. Most webmaster will recommend Hostgator for they are providing free website transfer in addition to responsive customer service, upgradable web hosting plan, reliable web hosting service, A+ BBB ranking, longer money back period and with cPanel/WHM support.

Here are some points you need to check in getting a new provider:

  1. Cpanel/WHM support to easily handle your web hosting account.
  2. Auto-installer support like Fantastico and QuickInstall to easily install apps like WordPress, oJoomla, Drupal, Magento, Zencart and so on.
  3. Responsive customer support that can be contacted through chat, phone call, email or perhaps submit a ticket 24/7.
  4. Upgradable options.
  5. More than enough webspace and bandwidth.
  6. Free site transfer features.
  7. Multi domain hosting support
  8. Cron jobs and complete php and mysql database support.
  9. Back up and Recovery Tools
  10. Good performance and have reliable servers.

2. Sign up for a new web hosting account.

92% of Webmasters recommended to try Hostgator. If you are building your first website and needs a hosting plan, experts usually highly recommend going with Hostgator because they are the best cheap cpanel hosting around.

Linux Cpanel shared hosting: 600 GB disk space, 6 TB bandwidth, free domain, unlimited databases and ftp accounts, web hosting cheap and pro at Hostony

What if you find out that Hostgator sucks after you signed up with them? HG has 45 days, longer-than-industry-average money back guarantee so you have ample time to test them out. They are rated A+ by Better Business Bureau which shows their commitment to customer satisfaction. You also do not have to pay for the first month. You can just try their fully functional hosting service – you pay only $ 0.01 (you need to use the special coupon code). Do you know any other hosting company that can give you that kind of assurance? Anybody can grab an account from Hostgator for almost FREE.

3. Customize your Domains.

After you have successfully created an account with Hostgato, expect to received a welcoe email from them containing your web hosting details and all your login infos and links like the picture below:

free website transfer

Login to your domain registrar, navigate to your ‘Domain Manager’ link then search the domain name that you want to customize. Click on edit the nameservers and replace its details with the nameservers information that Hostgator emailed to you(like the one above). Save your new settings.

It might take up to 2-48 hours before the domain progation will be completed so be patient.

4. Take advantage on the free website transfer service.

Webmasters, developers, programmers and other techy people do the transfer themselves. But most novice site owners don’t know how to transfer their site! There is no need to worry actually. Hostgator provide free website transfer, free script transfer, free domain name transfer and free database transfer to all their first time customers that have an account with them. You can sit back and relax while you wait for the transfer or you can participate minimally.

free website transfer

Take me to free website transfer page.

It’s important to keep mind that the entire process of migration can take up to 72 hours or longer. Assure that your old web hosting account is still available until the process can be fully completed. In the event that your old web hosting account becomes unavailable during the process, they might not be able to complete the process or correct any errors.

Last Words

After the migration is completed and you test successfully your site, it’s time to bid your old web host goodbye. Let them know about your transfer. And worry your nights no more after you have successfully done your website transfer. Expect to have better site’s performance!

Web Hosting Comparison

Linux Cpanel shared hosting: 600 GB disk space, 6 TB bandwidth, free domain, unlimited databases and ftp accounts, web hosting cheap and pro at Hostony

Which website is the best for web hosting?

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It is not your fault you got confused. You probably already know that choosing the wrong website hosting plan can be detrimental to your business.

Here is a common problem we hear often from our website design clients:

i want to start my own web page.. And im putting music on it, if that makes any difference.. Which site has a good deal for good quality? Thanks

Do not make the mistake of thinking unlimited bandwidth and diskspace is all you need in a hosting service. There are a lot more to ask yourself before you decide on which web hosting is the best for you.

What Do You Really Need in a Web Host?

Use this list to check for what you truly need:

  • Does the company reputation matter to you – the brand name, history, dependability, stability, and profitability of a company can mean a lot to you if you are a web designer, hosting reseller or a website developer.
  • General support – what kind of support do you need? Is chat support important? What other support methods do you prefer. What kind of response time can you tolerate?
  • Technical support, Sitebuilder and Script Installer – are you tech-savvy or do you need as much help as you can? Do you need to build a website quickly? Do you need to install WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento or other free scripts?
  • Support hours – know if you need real 24/7 support. Where are you located?
  • Server location – do you know that local, regional, national, or worldwide server makes very little difference to most visitors. Reliability and uptime is more important most of the time.
  • Growth possibility – do you need a host that can accomodate your growth? The best website hosts should have options for you to upgrade your plan.
  • Backups – can you do your own website backup? Is a good frequency and easy recovery of the backup something you should consider in a host? If what you need is the best online backup, you probably do not want a website hosting after all.

Now let us review the 10 important qualities to identify in an excellent web hosting. An outstanding web host:

  1. lets you try their service for free or at super low price,
  2. has friendly Live Chat available 24/7 so it does not matter where you are in the world,
  3. gives huge webspace at no extra cost,
  4. offers more than enough bandwidth at no extra cost,
  5. can be easily upgraded to VPS or one of the best dedicated server plans if and when your business require.
  6. gives unlimited add-on domains,
  7. has excellent support and rated at least A+ by Better Business Bureau (BBB),
  8. has at least 30 days money back guarantee,
  9. has easy-to-use Site Builder for quick website creation,
  10. has Fantastico and QuickInstall to quickly install apps like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, OSCommerce, ZenCart and more,

Many experienced web developers use Hostgator. If need a quality hosting plan, website experts usually recommend going with Hostgator because they are the best best domain host in the world today.

The Hostgator reviews will tell you that HG has an amazingly long, 45 days money back guarantee so you have ample time to test them out. They are rated A+ by Better Business Bureau which shows their commitment to customer satisfaction. You also do not have to pay for the first month. You can just try their fully functional hosting service – you pay only $ 0.01 (you need to use the exclusive coupon). Do you know any other hosting company that believe in themselves so much they can give you that kind of assurance? Anybody can grab an account from Hostgator for almost FREE.

Best Hostgator Coupons

Click the coupon below try Hostgator cPanel hosting for almost free. If you already know that Hostgator is what you want, you can even save 25% off the normal price.

Hostgator Compared with Other Web Hosts

No web hosting service is perfect. If you compare Hostgator with other hosts, they do not offer some things these companies offer:

  1. Free domain name – but you can easily get a domain name from the best domain registrar such as Godaddy or Namecheap for $ 10 or less. Do not forget that it is a hassle to take the free domain name you receive at a web host and move it to another host.
  2. You need to pay full price after your first invoice – you do not expect such great service and support at $ 0.01 forever, do you? Hostgator is not one of those free hosting service. It is like they say, you get what you pay for.

If you are unsure if HG can meet your needs, or you have specific question about something, try the Live Chat at HG. They are friendly, fast and knowledgeable. They are available for sales, billing or even technical support for 24/7 at no extra charge.

Hostgator coupon
Hostgator is having a 20% sale right now, but you can use the above coupon code for bigger savings.

Web Hosting Comparison

How to Make a Stunning Portfolio Website at Hostgator at Cheapest Price

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Today Hostgator is having an anniversary sale so you can get 50% OFF Hosting, and just for $ 2.95 domain names. What could be better time to make your portfolio website?

It does not matter if you are a web designer in United States or a freelance photographer from Indonesia, you must have a portfolio website to sell your services. First we reveal the best WordPress themes for creating photography and portfolios sites. Then you will see the steps to use one of these gorgeous templates to make a mind-blowing portfolio website to showcase your work.

10 Stunning WordPress Templates to Make a Design/Portfolio Website

  1. Scroller – a clean, minimalistic and elegant WordPress theme with fully responsive layout. Theme is suited for all photographers, creative, business and portfolio websites. Theme includes lots of advanced features like full-screen sliders, Parallax effects, and scroll – One Page Homepage.
  2. Skylab – an innovative, touch navigation super smooth hardware accelerated slider designed for photographers, illustrators, graphic designers, art and creative directors, movie directors, architects, luxury businesses or bloggers.
  3. 907 – a great one page Parallax WP responsive theme with tons of options and features. Unlimited color and background options.
  4. Tripod – a responsive drag-and-drop layout builder WordPress theme intended to power professional photographers blogs or sites coming with complex image gallery options. You can easily create professional looking site and enable the “Like” feature to let users easily access faved posts and raise their rating.
  5. Jarvis – the perfect one page parallax template for corporate, agency, nonprofit, freelancer or general business. 12 Home page variations, with background video support. Also includes Mailchimp subscription support for your newsletter, email marketing and mailing list needs. Ultra-responsive design, with 6 navigation styles, customizable backgrounds (colors,images or patterns), Font Awesome icons and many more super-awesome features to keep you busy & satisfied.
  6. Synergie – a powerful WordPress theme that can be use for everything. With a really innovative system, the homepage can be modified to really fit your need. You can turn on/off any of the 5 modules and stack the the way you want in 10 seconds.
  7. Titan – designed to look great on every desktop browsers as well as in tables and mobile devices. The theme has built-in gallery and portfolio modules supporting many type including images, videos and custom HTML. e-Commerce ready with WooCommerce support.
  8. SCRN – a single responsive portfolio wordpress template. Perfect to promote your work or your business. Is compatible with all modern mobile devices. Other than the minimalistic single page design, it also has a blog.
  9. Bigbang – a fully responsive theme and ability to photostream from Instagram, Flickr, Dribbble, and Pinterest.
  10. Studiofolio – a very versatile responsive portfolio and blog theme.

These WordPress templates are great for web designers, photographers, architects, artists, graphic designers, 3D/CAD modellers, animators, engineers, videographers, illustrators and logo designers to feature their creativity and talents. For more themes and templates, go visit other WordPress portfolio design at Themeforest.

How to Start a Portfolio Website at Hostgator

These are what you should do next to set up your portfolio website at Hostgator:

  1. Get a domain name and hosting account at Hostgator ($ 4.98/month and domain for $ 2.95/year if you do it today on 22 October. On other dates, see the coupon below)
  2. Get a theme of your choice from above
  3. Install WordPress on your hosting account (use QuickInstall if using Hostgator as hosting)
  4. Install and configure the theme on your WordPress site

Which Theme To Choose?

Do you want a more advanced, interesting and remarkable effects in the browser? You should try a Parallax-effects theme. One of the big web design trend of the moment is parallax scrolling, which involves the background moving at a slower rate to the foreground, creating a 3D effect as you scroll down the page. It can sometimes be overwhelming, but when used sparingly it can provide a nice, subtle element of depth.

Do you prefer a website that fits multiple screen sizes? Go with a Responsive WordPress theme.

IF you miss the sale at Hostgator, you can still at any time, try Hostgator for almost free and use the coupon code WEBSITELAUNCH or use the coupon below to get 25% off hosting.

funny web hosting

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