8 Compliance Requirements for Website Owners

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Anyone who has a website, be it for business or other use, has to comply with certain legal regulations. Failure to do so can mean you are breaking the law and lead to sanctions or fines. In this post, we’ll look at the range of regulations different types of websites need to comply with and …

Linux Cpanel shared hosting: 600 GB disk space, 6 TB bandwidth, free domain, unlimited databases and ftp accounts, web hosting cheap and pro at Hostony

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Linux Cpanel shared hosting: 600 GB disk space, 6 TB bandwidth, free domain, unlimited databases and ftp accounts, web hosting cheap and pro at Hostony

Fascinating and Useful Internet Facts for Website Owners

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It’s a fascinating place, the internet. For somewhere that doesn’t really exist, we tend to spend an awful lot of time there – and lots of money, too. If you run a website or are thinking of setting one up, it’s a place you will need to get familiar with on a different level to …

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Can a NAS host a website?

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Below is a typical website hosting comparison question:

I plan on getting a NAS (Network Attached Storage) to keep my files and I just wanted to know if a NAS could also host websites like a server could. I only ask because I hear NAS drives compared to servers all the time and a lot of people say NAS is better, at least in respect to accessing files and media over the network or from remote locations. Whether it can or can’t I’m still getting the NAS, a Netgear Duo in case the specific NAS matters or not, so unless you can suggest a better NAS or a server that has all the same features and specs. for around the same price I only need to know if I can host sites or not. Lastly, like I said if it can host sites that’s a tremendously great bonus, but the primary reason I want it is for remote storage and access to files, not hosting sites. Thank You!

What Is NAS

A Network Attached Storage (NAS) device is a storage device connected to a network that allows storage and retrieval of data from a centralized location for authorized network users and heterogeneous clients. NAS devices are flexible and scale-out, meaning that as you need additional storage, you can add on to what you have. A NAS is like having a private cloud in the office. It’s faster, less expensive and provides all the benefits of a public cloud onsite, giving you complete control.

NAS devices, which typically do not have a keyboard or display, are configured and managed with a Web-based utility program. Each NAS resides on the LAN as an independent network node and has its own IP address.

If you have multiple computers in your home, there has probably been many times when you wanted to have one or files on more than one computer (these files can be documents, music, videos, photos, etc). This is the basic problem that NAS solves. In its simplest form, you can think of NAS as an external hard drive that lives next to your router and is accessible by all the computers in your home. And just like an external hard drive, NAS is easy to store and access files – just drag and drop.

Advantages of NAS

  • Simple to operate, a dedicated IT professional is often not required
  • Easy to use for back up of data, so it’s always accessible when you need it
  • Lower cost
  • Good at centralizing data storage in a safe, reliable way

Can a NAS Host a Website?

It depends what type of website you’re planning to host. If it’s just some static files, then it should work. However, I think you’ll find that the webserver built into the NAS doesn’t support a lot of the functionality required for dynamic websites (eg PHP, MySQL/PDO libraries etc). Even if you got lucky and found the NAS does support that, you’d still have to have somewhere to host a MySQL server itself and I doubt the NAS would do that.

Best Web Host for Dynamic Websites

According to a web hosting comparison site, InMotion Hosting (IMH) came out the winner among others. InMotion Hosting scored better in almost all areas, based on the research carried out by webhostcomparison.org. InMotion is also rated highly by BBB. What we like most about InMotion is the 90-day money back guarantee. By giving such an extra long guarantee not given by any other website provider, it just shows how confident they are that you will like their service.

This IMH review was also impressed with customer satisfaction record of InMotion Hosting. So, now that you have the answer, you just have to try InMotion Hosting for yourself and start hosting for only $ 5.95 $ 6.95 per month.

Click here to visit InMotion Hosting.

Tip: Although most web hosting plans come with free domain name registration, we still recommend that you register your important domain name(s) separately at one of the domain registration services. This can avoid complication when you need to move hosting.

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Top Website Hosting Scams You Must Know

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Web Hosting Scams are becoming a lot more usual every year. Where there’s business, there are scams. The hosting industry is no exception to this regulation. Just like other industry, hosting market has also been struck by frauds and also scandals, numerous of which appeared in last one year. Lots of leading holding service providers were busted, as well as several of these rip-offs were uncovered of late. Many individuals are searching for free or affordable web hosting business, that it’s virtually too appealing for fraudsters. Before you sign up for any webhosting service provider, have a look at these widely known rip-offs.

Top Website Hosting Scams

  • Phony or Fake Testimonials/Reviews: These are sites that make believe to be neutral testimonials of organizing strategies, while as a matter of fact they are surreptitiously promoting one or more hosts, usually by rigging the “evaluations” to make the paying host prevailed.

    Be mindful that some of these websites will certainly promote a host with great attributes and also cost, which is really a front for a scam or dishonest firm.

    How to stay clear of? Take everything with a container of salt. If you must, utilize the organizing evaluation sites to acquaint yourself with different plans and also sites, but absolutely nothing more.

  • Credit Card Scams & Unauthorized Charges: Outright charge card number taking scams are uncommon, although not unprecedented. If you do your basic homework, as well as don’t choose a host on rate alone, that should not be a trouble.

    Unapproved charges are, however, even more widespread, despite having certain big companies. This rip-off will frequently entail the host telling you that you clicked on or asked for some feature that you really did not, and that either it cannot be terminated, or there is an exorbitant fee linked with doing so.

    How you can avoid? If you have an American Express bank card, utilize it. As well as do your homework. Regardless, don’t be reluctant to call your bank card firm as soon as possible. When you speak to them, be clear and do not sound reluctant or unclear. Inform them that such and also such charge is deceitful as well as unapproved, as well as you want it cancelled quickly. If you are factor blank about the charge being deceptive [make use of the term they will often reverse it within 24-HOUR.

  • Bait and switch: this is where the business vows one inexpensive cost for every little thing, and after thatyou pay you enjoy that fundamental, important solutions are “extra”.

    Instances: Uploads/Downloads – after a little usage, your host tells you that your website isn’t viewable without payment. Why? Well, there is a limited amount of information that can be downloaded and install [seen], as well as your host made that limit very little, benefiting from your lack of competence. Various other features: webspace, variety of e-mails, tech support [typically additional, or the “premium” solution in fact works].

    How you can prevent: Ask point blank about specific features and also whether they are included. Points like max permitted upload/download data transfer, number of e-mails allowed with account, & just what kind of technology assistance is consisted of. You could learn even more concerning this in my post “Avoid Internet Hosting Horrors: Just what you must inquire about in a Host”.

  • Domain Name Trapping: this is where you register your domain with the host, but if you decide to leave them later they refuse to enable you to keep the domain name without paying a big cost, claiming that because its signed up under their name, they possess it.

    How you can avoid? Insist on having your domain [yourname.com] registered under your name, not the holding company’s. Are you a rookie?

    OK, below’s a technique to figuring this one out great as well as very easy: ask if they ask for extra to have your domain name signed up anonymously.

    If they do, then your domain name will certainly go to your name. Otherwise, tell them you do not desire it to be anonymous; you want it in your name [unless you desire anonymity].

    If all this seems way too much for you, avoid headaches later on and also just acquire your domain name from the start. Utilize the free domain name a few hosts offer an animal project, as an example.

Summary of Top Web Hosting Scams

  • Offers Unlimited bandwidth and/or web space.
  • No money back guarantee.
  • Only Offers long term contract (1-year and above) agreement
  • Server uptime/downtime not reported accordingly.
  • Offers no contact details at all.
  • Registering domains at their own names not yours.

Bottom line when choosing a host is this: get a suggestion from someone that has actual encounter, not just a surface individual. Do your homework – take a look at the host, compare plans, get enlightened. Bear in mind that client service comes just before cost. And ideally, find a host that enables you to terminate anytime.

So we Created a table for our approved “not-scam” and most reliable web hosts:

Web Hosting Score Price Rating Coupon / Offer Details
Best Reseller Hosting
A+ $ 9.95 Support

+ Unlimited disk / traffic
+ Unlimited domains
+ No inode limits
– Pricier than competitions
Best Business Hosting
A- $ 6.95
$ 7.95
+ 90-day money back guarantee
+ Unlimited storage/traffic
– Unlimited-domains plan not cheap
Best Budget Hosting
A+ $ 3.95
$ 4.95
$ 6.95
+ Free domain+ Unlimited storage/traffic
Yahoo! Merchant Solutions
Best eCommerce Host
A- $ 25.97
$ 39.95
+ Best hosted eCommerce
+ Accept credit cards / paypal
– Extra fees per sale

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How to Build a Contest or Giveway Website for Your Brand

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Do you want to create your own website to organize a contest or competition? Here is a simple and clear step-by-step explanation on how you too can make your own stunning contest website in the shortest time possible. You can own a gorgeous website of a contest in just a few hours, and at a price you can afford. Here are four steps to make before you can have your own website.

STEP 1: Get a Domain Name

First you need to get a domain name for your contest. If you want to look professional, you need to have your own domain name for the contest or campaign. A competition or giveaway that is hosted on a unique domain will look more legitimate than the ones hosted on a free hosting or blog. If you already registered your name or do not want to be one your own domain name, you can skip to Step 2.

It is easy to get a domain name, just go to one of the domain registrars such as Namecheap and Godaddy. You can search for a domain name and if it’s available, buy it before somebody else grabs it.

A domain name is like the signboard outside of a restaurant. It should be a name people can remember easily. It may include your brand and the name of the contest.

Click here to search for a domain name.

STEP 2: Get a Website Hosting

You also need a website hosting for hosting the pages for your contest. This is like the space or shop unit that your rent to open the restaurant.

There are many kinds of web hosting space that you can rent depending on your needs and the scale of your website. Webhostingcomparison.org is a good place to learn about the various kinds of web host service available. If you are building your first website, we will assume you either want to use a simple site builder or to get a multi domain shared hosting to create a more robust website.

To decide on which web hosting to use, you will need to ask yourself, “what are my requirements?”.

Choose a Site Builder if… Choose a Multi Domain Shared Hosting if…
  • You want to build a website rather easily and quickly
  • You don’t have time to learn and become proficient with technical stuff like HTML, WordPress, FTP etc.
  • You don’t want to spend a lot of money (since sometimes you may need to hire WordPress specialists to build your ideal website)
  • You don’t mind having a simple, yet elegant website that you can build by yourself
  • If you want to customize a ready-made template or a theme
  • You plan to have more than one website in the future
  • You want have more than informational site, i.e have more functionalities (such as shopping cart, discussion forum, membership area etc.)
  • You don’t mind learning some technical stuff so that you are able to build your ideal website
  • You plan to hire somebody else to create your website
Site Builder Hosting Suggestions Multi-Domain Hosting Suggestions
Try site builders such as Weebly or Wix

We recommend you get a cPanel web hosting at Hostgator because we have been using them for over 8 years with no problem. They also have a very helpful support team.

STEP 3: Build and Customize Your Website

The next step is to build your website.

If you go with the multi domain hosting path above, the best platform to use to create your website is WordPress. With WordPress, you can easily install it using one-click installer like Fantastico and QuickInstall that can be found in your cPanel. WordPress also have huge selection of themes and plugins that you can choose from to minimize coding your site manually.

If you choose the multi domain hosting method instead of using Weebly or Wix, you have the flexibillity to customize your website. If you want stunning themes, you can go to Themeforest. Here are some of the gorgeous themes suitable for contest websites:

Create the Pages for Your Site

Next, you want to create the pages for your contest or giveaway website. Some of the common pages you may want to add are:

  • About the contest
  • About the prizes
  • Terms and Conditions
  • How to enter/win
  • Contest page (see next section below on how to create the contest)

STEP 4: Build Your Contest Using Gleam

Now, when it comes to creating contest, the most sensible solution is to use a contest app such as Gleam, Woobox or Rafflecopter. We prefer Gleam instead of the others because it has the most features and highly customizable.

To be honest, there are many things to consider when creating a competition, contest or giveaway for your brand. There are any factors such as:

  • Building email lists
  • How to engage the userbase
  • How to verify entries and frauds
  • How to restrict by country
  • How to integrate with social media such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram etc.
  • Analytics
  • Notifications
  • Picking of winners

Good news! Gleam provides an easy way to create contests for free. They also allow a seamless experience across devices & platforms that not only looks great, but allows you to syndicate your contest in a way that fits the image of your brand perfectly.

Click here to sign up with Gleam for free

To create a competition or contest you will first need to add a site at Gleam. Each site has access to individual instances of their apps, you can also use the left menu to switch between sites.

Multiple sites have the following advantages: You can keep your data separated, ensure your campaigns are branded from that site & also allows you to have site specific integrations.

How to create a new competition:

  1. Navigate to the site you want to use
  2. Click on the competitions tab in the left navigation
  3. Click on the New Competition button on the top right

Inserting the Contest into Your Website

You can embed your contest inside any page that allows Javascript. This means you can install it on your own site or perhaps give to a web designer to include the code for you.

You can view more detailed instructions in the add to a page installation guide.

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10 Stunning Website Templates for Travel Business

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Do you need a website that looks like a million dollar but do not have that budget to spend? You can can easily make your travel business website live today, with the help of WordPress! Creating a website for a company or business website today is as easy as 1-2-3, with the help of a very powerful content management system and blogging platform, called WordPress.

What Is WordPress

WordPress has a huge selection of various themes and plugins that you can choose from. With WordPress, you do not need to manually code your website from scratch since themes and plugins are available to suit your needs. The main advantage of using WordPress is that it is super easy to make and manage your website because of their very user-friendly dashboard.

2 Things You Need To Start Making Your Travel Business Website

  • Have a Domain Name.

    First you need to get a domain name. This is the unique name that will identify your website. It is simple to get one, just go to one of the domain registrars such as Namecheap and Godaddy. You can search for a domain name and if it’s available, buy it before somebody else grabs it.

  • Get a reliable web hosting account that has cPanel and automatic installer.

There are many kinds of web hosting space that you can rent depending on your needs and the scale of your website. webhostingcomparison.org is a good place to learn about the various kinds of web host service available. If you are building your first website, get a multi domain shared hosting to create a more robust website at a more affordable price. You can upgrade later to dedicated server when the time comes.

It is very important that you choose a hosting that has good support. Many professional web designers believe that you cannot go wrong with HG for hosting your WordPress site(s). You can try Hostgator for $ 0.01 only and use the coupon code WEBSITELAUNCH.

10 Super Awesome Website Templates for Travel Business

  • Tour Operator -includes simple and easy to use reservation system.

    View Live Demo | More Info

  • Book Your Travel -responsive WordPress Theme ideal for booking portals, travel agencies, hotels, bed and breakfasts, guest houses, villas, etc. or travel blogs, but it would suit for any business with slight customizations.

    View Live Demo | More Info

  • Nice Hotel -WordPress theme designed for hotels, hostels, resorts, spas and any other type of service which requires a booking type system.

    View Live Demo | More Info

  • Midway -perfect theme for any travel business.

    View Live Demo | More Info

  • Lamoon -a sleek, sharp and clean responsive WordPress theme for your resort and hotel business. It was designed in the purpose of being the best suit for reflecting your modern image to the website.

    View Live Demo | More Info

  • The Place -best suited to build websites for hotel, B&B (bed and breakfast), guesthouse and inn but it’s so versatile that you can use it for everything you want (corporate website, portfolio…)

    View Live Demo | More Info

  • Hotec -a sleek and clean responsive WordPress theme for your spa, resort and hotel business.

    View Live Demo | More Info

  • Soho Hotel -a WordPress theme designed for Hotels, Hostels, Service Apartments and any other kind of accommodation which requires a booking system.

    View Live Demo | More Info

  • Milano – one of the most powerful and unique premium wordpress themes with fully responsive design!

    View Live Demo | More Info

  • Dignitas -responsive and modern theme, light colors and space for customisation. Suitable for hotels, apartments, spa resort and travel agency…

    View Live Demo | More Info

For more awesome templates for your travel business, don’t hesitate to click this link.

How to Build Your Travel Business Website

Building website is easier than you think. Get a template. Customize it, and you are ready to have an amazing and reliable your corporate website. Getting the right hosting with knowledgable support team is also critical if you want to get your website quickly and without a hassle. In short, here are the steps to fast-track and quickly build your construction company website (or any kind of website):

  1. Purchase a Professional-looking template
  2. Get a reliable hosting account
  3. Install WordPress on your hosting account – you can use QuickInstall if using Hostgator as hosting
  4. Install the theme to your WordPress site – usually you can ask the seller of the theme to help you install and feel free to ask for help from the web host

Web Hosting Comparison