SWsoft Announces Innovative Partnership unlock valuable revenue generating opportunities for members

SWsoft Announces Innovative Partnership unlock valuable revenue generating opportunities for members

Herndon (Virginia, PRWEB) September 21, 2003 – –

SWsoft, Inc, a leader in hosting automation and server software company, today announced a new partnership program that will give hosting resellers, hardware and software and Internet sites Search for an opportunity to sell or rent SWsoft products and solutions and to extract valuable commissions. SWsoftÂ? S elite program allows Affiliates to earn additional income quickly and easily with the convenience of their existing website. SWsoft will download product information on its Solution Suite for AffiliatesÂ? Web page and attach a link to purchase pages, where customers can place their orders. Affiliates will receive a 10 percent sales commission for each solution SWsoft has sold from its website.

â? We are pleased to introduce SWsoftÂ? S affiliate program that truly revolutionizes how our customers can get more profit from reselling our hosting and server virtualization solutions as well? says Sergey Belousov, CEO of SWsoft. Â? Our program is unique because our partners can make substantial commissions from their existing website without any investments — Italy? SA win-win situation.Â?

SWsoftÂ? New Affiliate Program is free to join and allows members to track their commissions on the Internet and offer their customers a secure credit card processing and online ordering options. SWsoft also gives Affiliates the ability to sell software and solutions for hosting resellers and end users, expanding the client base and increase their income. SWsoft provides credit card fraud protection through an extensive screening mechanism for fraud and 24×7 customer service and sales channel support. Affiliates have the opportunity to sell or rent the entire suite of products the company SWsoft, including:

Plesk 6a · most mature and widely used by the server administrator and a control panel for dedicated servers

Virtuozzo °, only a true virtual private servers (VPS) and the most capable of supporting hundreds of Web sites on one server in a separate virtual environment

Confixx Professional · most widely used hosting software in Europe

HSPcomplete · most feature-rich solution for hosting automation market

PleskÂ? S Enterprise Manager (PEM) Â ¯ providing management console for enterprise data centers automate both Linux and Windows Servers


For more information about SWsoft S Affiliate Program please visit: http://www.sw-soft.com/en/partners/affiliate/



About SWsoft

SWsoft is an advanced server and networking software technology company. With an emphasis on the development of its patented VirtuozzoÂ? technology, SWsoft provides end-to-end solutions and services for hosting service providers such as Internet data centers, application service providers, managed hosting providers and Web hosters. products company SWsoft, provides powerful, comprehensive solutions that can help data centers automate management, accelerate operations and provide excellent return on investment. For more information about the company SWsoft, please visit http://www.sw-soft.com.

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