Magic Submitter Review and Discount

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Linux Cpanel shared hosting: 600 GB disk space, 6 TB bandwidth, free domain, unlimited databases and ftp accounts, web hosting cheap and pro at Hostony

For those who run a website and looking out ahead to improve its search engine ranking, then Magic Submitter might be of great assist to you. It is software program that is used for search engine optimization process that eliminates the efforts of creating back-links and ranking in search engines.
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Linux Cpanel shared hosting: 600 GB disk space, 6 TB bandwidth, free domain, unlimited databases and ftp accounts, web hosting cheap and pro at Hostony

iTech Review: Learn Augmented Reality, NFC and QR Codes Before 2015!

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If you feel like 2013 flew by, then you would be right as it seems our existence is tied closely, symbiotically, actually, with our personal technological devices. Our computers, cameras, phones and music players long ago became one device, and still that device gets smarter. It talks to us, it shows us how to travel, keeps our appointments and has generally become our mother. The web has also changed and will evolve quickly this year. If you haven’t familiarized yourself with augmented reality, NFC or QR codes, then you may not survive to see 2015.

The best way of judging all three of these web-based tools (is it even worth mentioning the short-lived SnapTags?) is to look at the capabilities of each, and how they are used in marketing, and communications today.

Augmented Reality

According to Wikipedia:

Augmented reality (AR) is a live, direct, or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics, or GPS data. It is related to a more general concept called mediated reality, in which a view of reality is modified (possibly even diminished rather than augmented) by a computer. As a result, the technology functions by enhancing one’s current perception of reality. By contrast, virtual reality replaces the real world with a simulated one.

Research explores the application of computer-generated imagery in live-video streams as a way to enhance the perception of the real world. AR technology includes head-mounted displays, and virtual retinal displays for visualization purposes, and construction of controlled environments containing sensors, and actuators.

Google Glasses one of the first forays into consumer available uses of AR technology, and it’s a beautiful use of the technology. With the headset at the ready, AR codes and image recognition capabilities will surely give QR codes a run for their money and may… MAY, be the replacement technology. Unfortunately for GG owners, marketing society will take a long time to supply the input for users. Creating the material is still complicated and expensive.

Perhaps in three to five years, once a majority of consumers own the headsets, and mobile technology is seamlessly integrated, and the headsets are proven not to cause migraines, and cancerous tumors in users, marketers will abandon QR codes. However, expect QR codes to evolve at the same pace as AR based devices. Time will tell, and all the speculation in the world can’t possibly second guess the uses that will be available, while making those who are involved with the technology, the new batch of millionaires… or billionaires.

Check out this collection of AR examples and capabilities.


Near field Communications (NFC) was patented in 1983, but standards were set in 2004. You may have used NFC technology since then without even realizing it. Do you commute, and use a PayPass in your car to pay tolls without having to stop, and make a payment each time you travel over a bridge, or through a tunnel? Do you touch a monthly commuter pass card to a token box, or turnstile when boarding a train, or bus? Do you pay for your morning coffee by touching your credit card to a target on a cash register, and then just leave? Do you “bump” your smartphone against someone else’s to exchange contact information? When you walk into work, do you have a badge you wave in front of a sensor to gain entry? If you do, you are using NFC technology.

Near field communication (NFC) is a set of standards for smartphones, and similar devices to establish radio communication with each other by touching them together, or bringing them into close proximity, usually no more than a few centimeters apart. Communication is also possible between an NFC device, and an unpowered NFC chip, called a “tag.”

There are three modes of operation for NFC.

  • The read/write mode allows an NFC device to read a tag like the kind you’d find in a poster.
  • The peer-to-peer mode makes it possible for two NFC-enabled devices to exchange information. This lets you do things like tap your phone to another person’s phone to exchange contact information and other files.
  • Finally, there’s the card emulation mode. This is what lets NFC emulate, or imitate a smart card like the kind you use in public transportation, or ticketing systems.

NFC devices can be used in contactless payment systems, similar to those currently used in credit cards and electronic ticket smartcards, and allow mobile payment to replace, or supplement these systems. For example, Google Wallet allows consumers to store credit card, and store loyalty card information in a virtual wallet, and then use an NFC-enabled device at terminals that also accept MasterCard PayPass transactions. Germany, Austria, Latvia, and Italy have trial tested NFC ticketing systems for public transport. China is using it all over the country in public bus transport, and India is implementing NFC based transactions in box offices for ticketing purposes.

Looking to create a more interactive experience, the Museum of London teamed up with Nokia to create NFC-enabled apps. Visitors with NFC-enabled devices can learn more about various objects on display, buy tickets for future exhibitions, get vouchers for the museum’s shop, and cafés, and Like or follow the museum on various social media platforms.

(Read Forget mobile payments. The future is the mobile wallet)

With NFC “tags,” perhaps implanted in our thumbs, we could, in theory, become a cashless, and keyless society (At CES 2012, Yale Lock demonstrated another use for NFC. The company had built special electronic locks that use NFC to lock or unlock doors. Holding your phone up to a pad on the door sends a signal from the phone to the lock. The lock disengages, and you can get inside), despite the conspiracy theories that would come up.

(Read Mobile Payments May Replace Cash, Credit Cards by 2020)

General uses of NFC include:

  • Matching encrypted security code, and transporting access key.
  • Due to short transmission range, NFC-based transactions are possibly secure.
  • Instant payments, and coupon delivery using a smartphone handset, as done with your credit card, or debit card.
  • Marketing, and exchange of information such as schedules, maps, business cards, and coupon delivery using NFC marketing tags.
  • Pay for items just by waving your phone over the NFC capable devices.
  • Transferring images, posters for displaying, sharing to social media, and printing.
  • Effortless social media outreach, e.g., “Like” on Facebook, “follow” on Twitter via NFC smart stickers in retail stores, and printed material containing NFC chips.

Companies certainly see other uses, and the opportunities of furthering the empowerment of one’s personal smartphone. Like the cards you currently use to check into work (or open that locked front door) NFC works with receivers, and transponders that can communicate, but only if the two parts are within a few centimeters of each other. However, placing that communication within a phone has some other, added benefits. The phone is a communication device, so it can receive clearance updates on the fly, always up to date.

For instance, if you’re locked out of Building B because you do not have access, an email to the security administrator could push an update to your phone, which would then update the NFC chip’s clearance information. In a matter of moments, you go from locked out, to checking in.

Naturally, not everyone is jumping on the NFC wagon. Apple is still a major hold out on including NFC capabilities with their phones. According to TechRadar, in Jamie Carter’s article, “What is NFC and why is it in your phone?” it seems everyone else is getting ramped up. Samsung’s Galaxy 4 phone is NFC ready, as well as other manufacturer’s models.

A surprisingly huge number, largely because NFC have long been supported by the makers of Android handsets. Though Apple is yet to embrace NFC, flagship, and mid-range handsets from the likes of samsung, HTC, Motorola, Nokia, LG, and Blackberry all include NFC.

The latter all feature BlackBerry Tag, a peer-to-peer feature in the BlackBerry 7.1 OS that allows users to share contact information, documents, URLs, photos, and other multimedia content by tapping their BlackBerry smartphones together.

NFC is still in its trial phase, but it’s got a big future. ABI Research predicts that 1.95 billion NFC-enabled devices will ship in 2017, largely in smartphones, though NFC will also enter the living room. WiFi routers will swap passwords for a simple “tap” from any smartphone, tablet or games console, with 395 million consumer electronics devices to ship in 2017 – in other words, NFC will be in everything.

Naturally, the fear of NFC has always been the very thing that makes it convenient – the radio frequency can be stolen by readers passed close to your phone or wallet, filled with NFC credit cards. The stickers used to register NFC use can easily be used by unscrupulous people who might stick it to doorways of busy buildings, and stores, collecting people’s information, especially from apps that store bank account, and credit card information.

The technology, although not new, still has some distance before it is ready for wide usage, and like the QR code, and AR technology, everything evolves daily, so by ship dates of 2017, who knows if a new technology will surpass NFC? There are certainly issues that need to be worked out.

QR Codes

Say what you will about AR and NFC, but they are still years away from QR code usage. QR codes are affordable, easy to use, and provide all the planned uses the other technologies promise, but have not as yet fulfilled. QR can and will also be incorporated into each new technology.

QR codes generations, at least through, are recyclable, and can be reprogrammed as information changes. There are no large reprogramming costs.

  • Creating QR codes are free and businesses of any size can use them effectively.
  • All mobile devices can use QR codes NOW!
  • The technology has been perfected, and will continue to evolve with safe, guaranteed results from available scanners.
  • QR codes, as with AR and NFC is a linking tool, and it is the content to which they link that makes for success or failure.

So, Anticipate great things down the road, but don’t lose sight of what you need today… and tomorrow… and probably the next day as well. Happy 2014!

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How to Find the Best Web Hosting Review Site

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Web Space NeededQuestion about hosting comparison:

Where can I get the best, most honest and updated web hosting review? I’m looking for Fatcow or Justhost review, comparison site is better. But I’m just want to get a general idea of their services and quality.

Answer|Web Space FreeExpert Answer: You are not alone Web hosting is one of the most important part of your online presence and can mean the success and failure for your business.

Common Scenario

There is no better way to make the right decision in getting the best hosting provider but to compare web hosting companies. But the problem is there are a lot of web hosting review sites out there but we are not sure if their reviews can be trusted or not.


It normal for a website owner to aim in getting the best provider by identifying carefully their web hosting requirements, review thoroughly the best web hosting companies and sign up for the correct web host. Web hosting is very essential in creating a successful web presence for your site and achieve better results in performance and sales. Unlike any other elements in publishing your website, your web host can make or break your website thus it is really important to get the best web host that can give you at least 99.9% of server uptime, responsive customer support, A+ BBB rating, longer money back guarantee and unlimited hosting service with cPanel?WHM and one-click installer support.

When it comes to comparing web hosting companies, it is better to do it by yourself rather than depend on web hosting review sites. Make your web hosting requirements and make it as the basis in comparing various web hosting companies. Compare them in terms of services they offered, prices, discounts, domain hosted, web hosting features, freebies, customer support, BBB score, money back guarantee as well as the personal comments of its first-hand users. From your review, it will be easy to filter out the best hosting provider that will highly qualified in hosting your websites.


To answer the above query, here are 7 factors to look for in a good web hosting. An excellent hosting:

  1. has at least 30 days money back guarantee,
  2. gives more-than-enough diskspace,
  3. offers unlimited bandwidth,
  4. gives multiple add-on domains,
  5. has easy-to-use Site Builder,
  6. has Fantastico and QuickInstall to quickly install apps like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, OSCommerce, ZenCart and more
  7. can be easily upgraded to VPS or one of the cheapest dedicated server plans if and when your business require.

Best Hosting Provider

hostgator|web space freeAnswering the above question, many experienced web developers suggest to try Hostgator. If you are building your first website and needs a hosting plan, experts usually highly recommend going with Hostgator because they are the best domain hosting around.

What if you find out that Hostgator sucks after you signed up with them? HG has an amazingly long, 45 days money back guarantee so you have ample time to test them out. They are rated A+ by Better Business Bureau which shows their commitment to customer satisfaction. You also do not have to pay for the first month. You can just try their fully functional hosting service – you pay only $ 0.01 (you need to use the special coupon). Do you know any other hosting company that can give you that kind of assurance? Anybody can grab an account from Hostgator for almost FREE.

How to Get an Unlimited Hosting Plan for Only 1 Cent

Click the coupon below try Hostgator cPanel hosting for almost free. If you already know that Hostgator is what you want, you can even save 25% off the normal price with the Hostgator coupon 2013 below.

Why You May Want to Avoid Hostgator

To be honest, no web hosting service is perfect. Drawback of Hostgator includes:

  1. No free domain name – but you can easily get a domain name from the best domain registrar such as Godaddy or Namecheap for $ 10 or less. That is fairly cheap considering a domain name costs no more than a few cups of coffee.
  2. You need to pay full price after your first invoice – well, they need to make money too and all the support and great service do come with a cost

If you are still not sure if HG is right for you, or you have specific query about anything at all, try the Live Chat at HG. They are fast and knowledgeable. Just shoot them some questions before you decide.


More than 7 million site owners depend on Hostgator for their hosting need.

HostGator is having a 20% off sale right now
but we have got a better deal for you. Just enter WEBTEMPLATE in the coupon code field when you buy any HostGator hosting plan and you’ll get it for 25% off!

Web Hosting Comparison

Windows ASP Hosting Review with ASPHostPortal

Posted by: Admin  :  Category: Web Hosting is a premiere web hosting company that specializes in Windows and ASP.NET-based hosting. Microsoft awarded SPOTLIGHT status to for providing superior ASP.NET and Windows Hosting service in 2011. You may read full article to know further this hosting provider.
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iTech Review: Apps for Better Marketing, is Facebook Dead?

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What’s new in tech news? We round it all up for you!

China Unveils its First 3-D Bio Printer

3D printing and its leaps and bounds in technological advancements is taking the market by storm, but how much is too much? Will the medical advances outweigh the ethical questions some people will have about bio printing body parts?

Seeing is Believing?

The newest networking site, is an app that promises everything in visual form. Wonderloop, which bills itself as “the world’s first video profile platform,” goes by their “vision” for a unique way of connecting with others — “creating a search engine of what life is all about: people.”


You can search out people by name, location, industry, and skills, make connections, and introduce others to your connections, all through a 20-second video. The ultimate “face” book!

A Think, Feel, Share App

Thinkr, an innovative, beta phase, new social network for the iPhone, just launched and is already being featured by Apple on the homepage of the App Store internationally.

The app works as a social network for hashtags. Users post one-word status updates that are geo-localized and are associated with an emotion. For each of the 12 available emotions users can have a different profile picture, or selfie. These status updates are visible to others in augmented reality, or can be overlaid on photos as clickable hashtags.

Users can “like” their friends content with feelings such as a “wow”, “envious”, or even a “funny”. The goal is to create a global mood graph through fun and innovative user experiences. The iPhone app is available for free on the App Store.

Invisible Bike Helmet

For people who think a bike helmet is clunky, ruins your hairdo, and just looks douchey, the solution was to look at the technology you find in your car.

Curbing Employee Social Media Blunders

A big brand-killing problem is employees who post inappropriate social media comments. PostBeyond has a unique solution to curbing what gets out on social media platforms by approving those comments and posts.



Rather HOW to make a touch-enabled jQuery plugin that lets you create beautiful responsive carousel slider for your website.


Is Facebook Dead?

What are the top 5 sites preferred by teen users? Facebook isn’t one of them. See which sites deserve your social media attention!

Call-to-Action Videos

Video is the new content for driving sales, leads, and connections. Viewbix has created a handy platform to help your marketing in a society that reads less, but watches more.



Thingcharger is one of those, “why-didn’t-I-think-of-that” devices that simplifies your life, and cleans up your cord clutter. Another piece of the future you can buy today!

Goodbye Laptops?

Technology marches on, and the tablet moves forward to push the laptop into the stone age. The Crux 360 is the newest keyboard attachment for the iPad Air. Billed as, “the lightest and smallest keyboard case ever! Inserting and removing the iPad® is faster and easier than ever! In addition, we’d completely redesigned the hinge. The hinge automatically shuts and keeps the case closed with its “self-locking” feature. It also features an upgraded Apple-style keyboard which makes typing on the Crux360™ comparable to typing on a Macbook,” it promises to launch a host of other models from competitors for other brands of tablets.


The Crux360™ features four modes:
Laptop Mode: which allows use of the keyboard.
Movie Mode: great for watching movies and videos.
Tablet Mode: great for reading books or magazines.
Carry Mode: when not in use the Crux360™ closes up and protects your iPad’s® screen from nicks and scratches.

In other news, iTech writer has a MacBook Pro laptop for sale. All offers welcomed!

Top image ©GL Stock Images


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Arvixe Hosting Review

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Arvixe is a web hosting provider known for its wide-ranging hosting packages, decent uptime record and beneficial support options. The service provides all the basic web hosting features , plus easy-to-use site creation tools and notable domain capabilities. Overall, Arvixe is a great hosting option but it is lacking a few handy, though nonessential, features.
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