Desirable Security System Elements As Stated in a Security Handbook

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Every company has a desirable form of security that it wishes to posses. This is because they are well aware of the many benefits that they are able to derive by having the best secured systems.
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Three Unique Features That Make Reseller Hosting Plans Desirable

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Reseller hosting is a unique type of web hosting that provides access to all of the tools and server resources needed to quickly build, brand, market, and maintain a successful web hosting site. By becoming a hosting reseller you can quickly establish your own hosting company with minimal investment, experience, and expertise. In fact, many of the larger web hosting providers that are currently successful in today’s market began their endeavors by purchasing wholesale server resources as a reseller for another large hosting provider. The hosting industry is unique because it is structured in such a way that it is possible for the smallest hosting provider to gradually progress into a worldwide hosting empire. The following are three unique features that truly make reseller hosting plans desirable.

Simplified Site Creation and Business Branding

Perhaps the most desirable attribute of a reseller hosting plan is the simplified site creation, which is facilitated through the use of proprietary website building tools, catalog builders, photo gallery creators, content management systems, and forum building platforms, all of which can be controlled through user-friendly administrative interfaces. With the tools provided in a reseller hosting plan it is easy for you to create your own web hosting site using thousands of predesigned templates that can be quickly applied to every page without affecting the content. Not only is it simple to build the site, but is also easy to supervise, adjust, and brand the control panel interfaces that your clients will interact with on a daily basis in the web hosting environment. When your client logs in they’ll see your custom logo displayed in the top corner of the control panel, so they’ll never know that you are a hosting reseller, but will instead think that you are an established web hosting provider.

Flexible Plan Creation

When you purchase a reseller hosting plan you’ll be given a set amount of server resources, which you have the freedom to split up into personalized plans for your clients. You can allocate a specific amount of web hosting resources to each client, and carefully price your plans in order to maximize profit margins. In essence, you are the master of your own web hosting business with a reseller hosting plan. By having the ability to quickly change the size of your web hosting plans, you can offer to each client as much as they need on the spur of the moment, and you can ensure that some clients are not hogging dormant server resources unnecessarily. This flexible plan creation lets you maximize your profits and the overall efficiency of your web hosting business.

Streamlined Payment Collection

When it comes time to collect payment from your clients, your reseller web hosting control panel will give you the tools needed to set up automated billing via e-mail, and automatically collect payments through payment processing utilities that can be installed on your website with a single click of the mouse. From day one your web hosting site will be able to collect payments from virtually any credit card, as well as PayPal and other online payment processors. The automated billing application included with your reseller web hosting plan can instantly calculate how much a client owes based on how many server resources they’ve used, and then bill them accordingly, after which they are directed to a payment page where payment is collected and deposited to your account automatically.

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