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Linux Cpanel shared hosting: 600 GB disk space, 6 TB bandwidth, free domain, unlimited databases and ftp accounts, web hosting cheap and pro at Hostony

Nowadays is the particular world of Dot Com. and also with the actual availability regarding web programs along with innovative newest methods as well as sources every single vocation entity is receiving web to generate greater sales and profits and also profits through the international consumers they can easily appeal to.
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Linux Cpanel shared hosting: 600 GB disk space, 6 TB bandwidth, free domain, unlimited databases and ftp accounts, web hosting cheap and pro at Hostony

Who is a great internet hosting corporation to go with?

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So you have formed a internet site and you are ready to put it live on the world wide web. Well if you do not already be acquainted with you should recognize that websites have to have their files hosted somewhere. You can host it yourself on your own pc but you have to have a specific web link and some firewall settings that if not set up properly can murder your computer. I would advocate using an exterior host when you are primary starting out just so you make sure that everything is done rig
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Lanscape Corporation provides its fully scalable voice over IP session and media proxy server software on the World Wide VOIP Marketplace

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Lanscape Corporation provides its fully scalable voice over IP session and media proxy server software on the World Wide VOIP Marketplace

Eden Prairie, Minnesota (openPR) 6 January 2006

Lanscape VoIP server software consists of two primary server applications: The landscape Centrex Proxy Server ™ – A fully equipped SIP proxy server, and VoIP Media Proxy Lanscape ™ – A high-RTP Media-Proxy. End users can deploy a single SIP proxy and RTP media to one or more proxies, as they require one or more SIP proxies (the registrar in the same database) with one or more media RTP proxies. The use of combinations of SIP Proxy and RTP media proxies are not restricted in any way. Each scalable combination is possible.

SIP Session Proxy:

Lanscape Centrex Proxy Server ™ is a full-featured SIP-compliant proxy session. Designed for all versions of Microsoft Windows. The Centrex Proxy Server ™ software is for the construction and dismantling of VOIP call sessions and the management of the VoIP domain.

landscape Centrex Proxy Server ™ is easy to install and operate, and has an intuitive graphical user interface and a set of simple configuration dialogs. The Centrex Proxy Server ™ has many necessary and useful VOIP features such as: Real-time Call Integrated Processing / Logging Denial of Service (DOS) attacks, in full control of network settings, programmable call processing time-outs, integrated SIP registrar support simple to complex sequential call routing capabilities, Global iNet ™ user account login capability, supports one or more Lanscape VOIP Media Proxy, integrated WAN and IP / NAT detection, Custom Plug-in DLL and get modify SIP protocol to transfer information (full C + + source code included) to take control of event logging and SIP message logging and full of Challenge Handshake Authentication using the MD5 algorithm for security.

Also important is the ability to perform the Lanscape Centrex Proxy Server ™ to complex SIP protocol packet, IP address and port fix-ups. The Centrex Proxy Server ™ automatically detects tried the SIP protocol packet errors and to correct SIP protocol packet information. With this feature, NAT traversal is possible and are badly behaved SIP devices are still used in the VoIP domain. Until now, this complex has capacity only in expensive 3rd party dedicated session border controller and session limit controllers. All you need now is a single Lanscape Centrex Proxy Server ™, and a VoIP Media Proxy Lanscape ™ to achieve the same results. Thereby save thousands of dollars in making your next VOIP network or domain. Even if you use Lanscape server products, media proxy is used only for VOIP phone calls when it is absolutely necessary to ensure the exchange of voice data.

The RTP media proxy:

landscape VoIP Media Proxy ™ is a high-RTP media proxy. This server software is used in conjunction with one or more Lanscape Centrex Proxy Server. to overcome the main reason for providing the media proxy VoIP media issues through Network Address Translation (NAT), which in the network environment. If your VOIP domain to create Lanscape the session and media proxy solutions, you can overcome all session (SIP) and media (RTP) is to elucidate the NAT.

Of importance is the fact that it was the Lanscape VOIP Media Proxy ™ servers designed so that it RTP payload independent media. This means that new, lower bit rate codec used your skills in VoIP domain proxying your investment in the RTP media capabilities are not affected. The landscape VoIP Media Proxy Server ™, any current or future RTP media stream, or payload type.

Randal J. Ziegler, Chief Technical Officer of Lanscape Corporation, said: “Our customers have always demanded that we have a full-featured and easy NAT traversal solution that makes the VoIP network applications quickly, easily and offer our customers had begun. to a growing frustration with overly complex “open source” offerings, and most other higher cost development of 3rd-party solutions that are currently available.

but also a clean, scalable Windows-based media session and NAT traversal solution that they use when they develop their Lanscape VOIP Media Engine ™ develops products and services to its customers were.

product pilot programs, we showed in 2005, conducted with a subset of our customers, in fact, that we achieve the required capability at a very reasonable price target.

Lanscape VoIP server software, providing a new scalable VoIP domain is really easy. If you already know how to set up an e-mail server, you will have no problem using your own SIP / RTP VOIP domain or network. Actually setting up a new VoIP domain is easier.

One of our goals is available at Lanscape VOIP solutions that anyone can use to make. We want to generate products that enthusiasm for this technology and play a role in the next generation of VoIP features to create eventually appear on the market.

The introduction of VoIP Server Lanscape products to market more actions of the board. You no longer need a large team of telephony specific developer or contractor to develop and provide to obtain your VoIP-based product or service. “

to obtain complete information on

Lanscape Corporation, Lanscape’s Centrex Proxy Server ™ or VoIP Media Proxy ™ server Lanscape, please visit our website at:


Lanscape Corporation:

Lanscape focus is on high quality voice network to provide solutions-oriented products. Our product offerings are primarily aimed at the needs of voice over IP communications in addition to other network-based telecommunications infrastructure. We market our technology directly to corporate customers and indirectly consumer market sectors.


Randal J Ziegler, CTO

Lanscape Corporation

Phone: 952-943-8252


Note: Lanscape Corporation Websites iNet ™ SpeedDial telephony allows you to phone calls directly to us via the Internet



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9 Requests You Have to Request Your Hosting Corporation

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While in search of a web hosting corporation, there are nine doubts you need to query your web hosting plan corporation to confirm that your website is up and steady.With these 9 matters settled, you can feel relieved and make nice picks.
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