Shared Hosting Complaints: Compiled and Counted

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Over the last month or so we have been meticulously counting up all the little complaints and problems you, our readers, have been experiencing with some of the largest names in the business. We’ve exposed everyone from iPage to JustHost, from HostGator to HostMonster, from Web HostingPad to WebHostingHub. During all of this, however, we’ve also noticed a few similarities between the complaints. In fact, we’re almost positive we could compile a list of a few issues that all shared hosting providers suffer from. We’re so sure of it, actually, that we already did it. You’ll find that list below, broken up into sections that best detail what our readers have been clamoring on about. However, before we dive into that set of meat and potatoes, we feel as if we owe you a quick roundup of who faired the best during our investigation. We’ll try to keep things level with you as we round the corner to:

Who’s Complaints Were the Least Drastic

This is a tough category to create, as it’s somewhat subjective, and largely the number of complaints we received about a host had to do with the number of users the host actually provided for. To say it another way, the more people using a host, the more likely we are to get a few complaints here and there. However, we can point a few clear winners, in no particular order.

First and foremost, HostGator tended to do quite well for itself. The provider is far from perfect, and suffers from most if not all of the complaints listed below, but on the whole we feel the hosting provider will still do quite the job if you’re looking for a spot of cheap and efficient shared hosting. We also feel like Web Hosting Hub is a solid option, based on the sort of reviews we received. Sure, sometimes the tech support reps don’t have an immediate solution, but the performance and hardware at the core of the company appear to be rather solid. And lastly, we’ve heard some strange things from the FatCow camp, but on the whole, they also appear to deliver where needed. Best of all, their tech support really does seem to be as cracked up as it ought to be.

Hosts to examine before signup, at least according to customer reviews in our database, are HostMonster, iPage, and WebHostingPad. All of these companies offered somewhat decent service, but based on the amount of complaints we’ve hauled in over the last few months, we’re willing to bet they’re not quite as solid as they’d have us believe.

Now that the juicy details are out of the way, let’s jump on down to a full look at some of the complaints and ailments that all shared hosting providers suffer from, as told to us by hosts users:

Unlimited is Impossible:

We’ve known this for a while by just looking at the technology involved, but it is quite nice to hear our readers say it, as well. By all indications, there doesn’t seem to be a shared hosting provider alive that can offer real, honest to goodness unlimited hosting. You see, shared hosting technology simply doesn’t allow you to soak up as much power as you need, or as much memory as you might want. We haven’t really got a problem with these limitations, however we do have a problem with hosts that charge you for “unreasonable use”—of which there were quite a few. As such, be wary of the unlimited services claim, and always ask the host if they have any sort of limitations you should know about.

Tech Support Not Calling Back:

Linux Cpanel shared hosting: 600 GB disk space, 6 TB bandwidth, free domain, unlimited databases and ftp accounts, web hosting cheap and pro at Hostony

This isn’t a breakup story, it’s the real, cold truth about web hosting. According to our readers, it seems fairly common that a web hosting provider’s tech support representatives will occasionally drop a call, not respond to an email, or otherwise disappear from commission, leaving our readers (or potentially you) in the lurch. Obviously this is a bit of drag, and we’d hate to see it happen to anyone. Depending on the severity of your problem, this may or may not be a deal breaker, but either way, expect it from time to time with virtually any shared hosting provider.

Money Back Hard to Get Back:

We’ve seen this with enough hosts that we feel it’s worth mentioning. According to many of our readers, it appears that getting your money returned from a money back guarantee is something of a tricky ordeal. In the best case scenario, you may have to talk for a while with a tech service representative. In the worst case scenario, you’re looking at a company that doesn’t answer your cancelation emails or calls, leaving you with the same plan you’re hoping to dump before the time limitation runs out. There’s not much you can do to prepare for this, except read the user reviews located on our site first, and then hope for the best if you come to this bridge.

Uptime is Not Always Transparent:

On another note, we’re also getting many, many reports from our users that the 99.99% guaranteed uptime simply doesn’t exist within the realm of shared hosting. We’re not particularly surprised, though we wonder how companies can get away with advertising such a promise. You see, at the worst, we’re seeing reports that shared hosts like JustHost are only online for 70% of the time. In other cases, the service may cruise along fine until, all of a sudden, things are halted for as much as three days at a time. No matter how you skew this, it’s a terrible thing, especially when your website is the lifeblood by which you live. If you need constant uptime and cannot live for a second without your website’s continued presence on the Net, we’d suggest you look for a more dedicated hosting option, rather than shared hosting: At least according to what our readers have been saying.

For more customer reviews and complains visit out User Reviews section.

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Linux Cpanel shared hosting: 600 GB disk space, 6 TB bandwidth, free domain, unlimited databases and ftp accounts, web hosting cheap and pro at Hostony

WebHostingPad: Common Customer Complaints

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Where cheap shared hosting is concerned, we have yet to see any one name thrown around more than WebHostingPad. The provider has been giving out cheap and reliable hosting for as long as we can remember, and during that time, they’ve racked up the awards, pushed the envelope, and generally made a lot of people very happy. However, just because we’ve seen loads of favorable reviews doesn’t mean the web hosting provider is quite as golden as we might think. In fact, their paper promises may not be real life gains in the slightest. How’s a burgeoning web master to find out before signing that digital lease? Simple! Read the WebHostingPad customer reviews we’ve accumulated, and then stashed below for safe keeping. Beyond the jump you’ll find a number of categorized and common complaints we’ve received from our users about the web hosting provider, sectioned off for easy reading. However, before we get into the gritty details of those reports, why not have a closer look at the web hosting company itself? So without further ado, may we present an appetizer of one, quick WebHostingPad summary!

Who is WebHostingPad?

webhostingpadIf you’re unfamiliar with, let us be the first to give you the total rundown. Firstly, the hosting provider offers one of the cheapest plans we have seen anywhere on the net, clocking at just under two bucks ($ 1.99 per month). That’s a ridiculously low number, even for a shared host. And for that money, you’ll be able to enjoy the full retinue of unlimited options we’ve come to expect from an industry ready hosting company. This includes unlimited bandwidth, disc space, email accounts, and MySQL databases. To top it all off, you’ll also get access to popular hosting services and softwares like Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, PHP, jQuery, Apache, etc. All of these are represented, and at that price, it looks like a bargain that’s hard to argue with.

However, what do our reviewers have to say about the company? To find out, just head on down the break to view our categorized and common complaints about WebHostingPad.

Sales Complaints:

WebHostingPad Complaint: Auto-Renew

SSL Ain’t Free: Apparently, though their website states otherwise, you won’t be looking at a free SSL-enabled server with WebHostingPad. In fact, the company will charge you an additional $ 70 a month just to have access to this kind of much-needed security. This has been reported by multiple users, so we’re inclined to think it’s more than just a case-by-case basis. If you’re in desperate need of a secure access method, we suggest you maybe look at a different budget web host.

Auto Renewal Issues: We’ve seen this kind of complaint from multiple web hosting providers, but never quite to this extent. Apparently, WebHostingPad makes it quite hard to turn-off or otherwise disengage the automatic renewal of your website lease. Not only that, but if you refuse to pay for the services you don’t want, WebHostingPad will actually send a collection agency after you. This is really quite troubling, and if it’s as common as we think it is, a tremendous notch in the WebHostingPad getup.

Tech Support Problems:

WebHostingPad Complaint: Customer Service + Uptime

Disappearing Tech Reps: In an interesting (though horrifying) display of what’s possible with shared hosting tech support, it appears that quite commonly a WebHostingPad tech support representative will announce that the problem is on the servers, and then close the live chat window without any further instructions. Considering tech support is the last line of defense between your website and endless downtime, this is really quite a troubling pattern. All in all, we’re willing to bet that you can’t quite bank on WebHostingPad tech support to get you through a server-hosted crisis.

No Depth At All: This is a first for our complaint compendiums, as we haven’t seen it anywhere else with any other web hosting provider. Apparently, WebHostingPad is occasionally speedy with their tech support responses, though the answers given are typically not very deep in any satisfactory sense. What we’re assuming is happening is that a tech rep will give a user an answer as to why the problem exists, though an answer that does nothing to fix or address the problem. Obviously, this doesn’t make matters worse, and it doesn’t give us much more confidence in the tech support WebHostingPad is offering.

Slow Ordering: Interestingly, we’re also hearing that ordering new services with WebHostingPad is quite a slow and painful process. We’re surprised to hear this as, typically, this is the area in which web hosting providers are quickest to pony up and take your money.

Functionality Problems:

WebHostingPad Complaint: Unlimited Resources

Unlimited Isn’t Quite: We’ve seen this at several other web hosts, and to be honest, we aren’t quite knocked off our rocker to see it listed here. As is par for the course, the so-called unlimited options offered by WebHostingPad don’t quite stack up to the promises. As it turns out—or at least in our reader’s experiences — WebHostingPad starts out each new account with a 10% total space cap, limiting the amount of performance and bandwidth the user can access to host their site. This is an understandable way of doing things, but not when an unmetered limit is advertised.

Steady Downtime: In a pattern that reminds us of World of Warcraft, it appears that WebHostingPad’s will go down for maintenance (or various other reasons) with some frequency, and at usually the same intervals. It appears that every two weeks or so the servers will disappear for a few hours, leaving our reviewer’s sties in the dark. This is really quite a disturbing trend, as the continual downtime of a company’s servers hardly does any good as far as establishing their functionality and stability.

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JustHost: Common Customer Complaints

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Lately, we’ve been chugging away at the user reviews, combing through them to find some of the more common and show stopping complaints our users have submitted to us here at With each of these reports, we’ve been detailing some of the largest web hosting providers in the business. We’re not quite done exposing weaknesses yet, though: Today we’ll be covering one of the more popular (and cheap) shared hosting providers in the industry, JustHost. So whether you’ve been thinking about signing with the host, or are just curious to see how the stack up in our users’s eyes, then stick around! Jump on down below the break to catch an initial look at who JustHost is, followed immediately by a breakdown of the more common complaints and issues we’ve been hearing about from our readers. So, without further ado:

Who is JustHost?

Justhost logoIn their own words, JustHost is a company that offers prices that are “incredibly competitive and include an extensive list of features, including unlimited disk space, unlimited transfers, unlimited email accounts and the ability to host unlimited domains.” Sounds like a fair deal to us, as does the anytime money-back guarantee. JustHost is one of the few hosts we can name that will refund the money you would have spent on the rest of your hosting term, no questions asked. It’s a great way to do business, and if it actually pans out, it makes the $ 3.75 a month hosting plan seem less like a risk and more like a boon. However, all of this can look fantastic on paper, but none of it would matter if the company’s actual performance is subpar. So on that note, what have our readers got to say about JustHost? To find out, keep reading just beyond the break while we button up the issue for you. Starting with:

JustHost Sales Problems

justhost sales complaint

Unprofessional: This is a new one, or at the very least, we haven’t run across the complaint enough to call it common. Still, it seems quite a few of our users that have signed with JustHost are experiencing problems that we can only describe as unprofessional. It seems that JustHost will occasionally loose sensitive data, or not ring back a customer when they look for support. Furthermore, we’re also hearing reports that the company is sometimes a bit slow in a way that seems lazy, rather than bogged-down.

No Money Back: We’re saddened to hear this from our readers, but we can’t say we’re entirely surprised. It appears that quite a few of our reviewers have tried to cash in on the money back guarantee JustHost promises, only to find that their cancelation requests are never answered, or that JustHost simply won’t do the deed. This is quite disturbing news, especially if you had planned to bank on that guarantee as a bit of piece of mind.

JustHost Tech Support Problems

justhost support complaint

Hard to Understand: We’re all for a global village, but it appears that some of our readers have quite the devil of a time understanding the tech support representatives that JustHost has hired. We can only assume this side of the operation has been outsourced to a location other than the United States, and that the accents incurred there have been giving our English-speaking readers fits. Take this with a grain of salt, though: If you speak Hindi or have good ears, you won’t mind so much.

Nobody Home: On a more troubling note, we’re also hearing reports that tech support will occasionally not answer calls, or leave eMails unanswered for days or even weeks. In our eyes, this is completely unacceptable. When hosting and managing a website, you want your problems fixed as rapidly as possible. And when your lifeblood on the Web isn’t functioning because a rep won’t call you back, we simply cannot except the services offered. It’s a principles matter, if nothing else.

Trouble Transferring: According to our readers, it isn’t just the user that occasionally has problems moving a website from another host to JustHost. In multiple reports our readers have told us that JustHost tech reps simply can’t seem to get an hold on moving a website from one location to another. This is, of course, rather maddening, especially if you’re in need of a speedy move across town—so to speak.

JustHost Functionality Issues

justhost server complaint

Slow Performance: We can’t say we’re entirely surprised to see this complaint rising from the ranks, especially as this is shared hosting we’re talking about. Still, it appears that JustHost’s web performance and server speeds are somewhat lacking. Our users experienced quite a bit of lag with their websites, and in some cases, even found their spaces unusable due to a lack of processing power. This is most troubling, especially when unlimited disc space and bandwidth are both promised to the new signer.

JustHost Stability Concerns

justhost uptime complaint

Uptime Woes: this is yet another complaint we can’t say we’re too surprised to encounter. As reported by our users, the real uptime you’ll get with a JustHost is much closer to about 70% than it is the promised 99.99%. This isn’t a terrible amount of uptime, but when your website forms the very backbone of your life or business, you can’t deal with any downtime at all. When you need constant Internet presence, even the slightest of hiccups can be a nauseating and show-stopping even. Which is why the reports of websites going down for as much as 3 days at a time scare us!

All in all, consider deeply before signing with JustHost. In our eyes, the age-old adage, “You get what you pay for!” applies well here. Still, we’ll leave the ultimate decision up to you, the reader. And, as always, we encourage you to peruse the user-submitted reviews contained on the site for the latest and greatest complaints as given to us by our readers. We’re sitting on quite the egg of knowledge, and it’s all for you to gain from!

More information:

Read our JustHost customer reviews.

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HostMonster: Common Customer Complaints

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Ah, HostMonster! We’ve got a bit of personal history with HostMonster and we’re quite excited to be cracking open the Utah-based hosting company today in this article. As with a few of our other, previous posts, we’ll be exploring a few of the more common complaints and problems that we’ve accumulated through our user-submitted reviews—and where these guys are concerned, you lot have definitely been talking. So, if you’ve been looking for a cheap web host to manage your digital goods, and have at any point in the process considered HostMonster, we strongly suggest you keep reading. We’ll be breaking the issue down into complaint-based sections, but before we even get that far, we’d like to first just take a preliminary look at who HostMonster actually is.

Who is the HostMonster?

hostmonster logoFirst and foremost, HostMonster is one of the few companies to still remain within the continental United States. Their home base is in Provo, Utah, and as far as we know, they’ll be there until either they close their doors, or Utah falls into the sea—we’re assuming it might when California finally goes.

HostMonster offers all the sort of features we look for in a competent shared web hosting provider, including cheap prices (their plans start at only $ 5.95 a month) and a laundry list of unlimited features. Signing with the host will earn you unlimited disc space, bandwidth, email accounts, domains, and even a free domain name with your first registration. They’ve also got an whole host of site-building and management utilities, which is something we consider icing on a shared hosting cake. Oh, and of course there’s that guarantee that they’ll never outsource the work to foreign countries.

Still, all the promises in the world don’t amount to much when user experience is concerned. So what have you guys been saying about HostMonster? To find out, simply jump on down the break to explore our first section of complaints!

Sales Complaints

Variable Rates: This is a common ailment with cheaper web hosting providers, and we’re really quite sad to see that HostMonster has fallen into this trap. Apparently, the company is at least at risk of jacking up your rates once a year has passed. Even scarier, we’re also hearing reports that they’ve changed user’s rates without provocation. If you’re looking for a locked-in rate, all we can say is that you aren’t likely to find it here.

Errant Charges: We’ve been seeing a lot of errant charges complaints with these cheaper web hosts, and between you, me, and the walls, we aren’t sure why. As with so many others, it appears users are finding strange or unwarranted charges on their credit cards, leading them to dispute the claims with HostMonster later. Thankfully, they’re usually pretty good about refunding the money, but it’s still a pickle and a half to deal with.

Customer Support Complaints

Sudden Disconnect: In perhaps one of the most disturbing complaints we’ve seen anywhere, it appears that HostMonster will yank any content at all that’s been flagged as disputable. This isn’t such a bad idea, but when a flag is malicious, or perhaps just accidental, the loss of online site time can be a tremendous revenue drain. One of our reviewers spent hours trying to get his site back online, and seemingly without much support from the HostMonster customer support representative on the other end of the line. All in all, we’d be wary of your site’s presence with the company.

Blaming Others: Having worked in customer service before, we hate to see this amongst the complaints, as it just isn’t professional. Apparently, it’s quite common for HostMonster reps to blame other factors, rather than the HostMonster servers themselves. There is always a solution for server-side errors, and it’s a shame this is the company’s way of handling things.

Functionality Complaints

Not Quite Unlimited: This is yet another quite common complaint we’ve seen amongst share hosting providers, though it makes it no less egregious. Apparently, like many others, HostMonster isn’t really offering unlimited services to its clients. If you reach a point where your shared hosting account is stretching the limits of their server’s resources, they reserve the right to inform you that your usage is “unreasonable.” And yes, you guessed it, this comes with a few extra charges. It’s a real shame, especially when other web hosting providers are capable of providing unlimited services no sweat.

CSS Problems: This is a new one for us. It appears that, at times, HostMonster’s servers have had a heck of a time reading CSS. We’ve never seen something like this before, and though we have no reason to doubt the user review is valid, we’re really quite surprised. At its core, this reveals a much deeper software problem than HostMonster would likely be willing to admit to.

Stability Complaints

Up-Time Issues: We’ve seen this with quite a few other shared hosting providers, and to be honest, we aren’t exactly surprised to find it here with HostMonster. As with so many other reviews, it appears that the 99.99% up-time guarantee is not quite correct. We’ve even got reports of user’s sites being down for as much as two days: A truly horrendous lapse if your business uses the Internet for the majority of its revenue. All in all, we’d simply caution you to be wary of relying on such up-time claims, as in nine cases out of ten, they turn out to be not quite true.

So, there you have it! When the chips are counted, it appears that HostMonster may not be quite as bad as some other shared hosting providers we’ve looked at recently, but when you get down to it, it’s also still not the picture perfect host we’d hoped for. As always, be sure to read our user-submitted reviews before signing to any hosting provider: They’ll keep you from some severe headaches, we promise.

Visit for more information.

Read Hostmonster Hosting customer reviews.

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InMotion Hosting: Common Customer Complaints

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When it comes to web hosting, there are fewer names we recommend more than InMotion Web Hosting. The company has been in the business for one heck of a long time, and as such, they’ve really built up quite the reputation. In our reviews of them they’ve appeared to offer some of the best features around, and at certainly one of the better prices. However, paper looks can often be deceiving, especially in the world of web hosting. With that in mind, how is one really to know what the web hosting experience is like with InMotion? Simple! Read our reader reviews.

We’ve taken the liberty of compiling a few of the choicest and most clearly stated negative reviews we’ve received on the site about InMotion. You’ll find them all below, categorized by section, but before we get there, why not take a second, hard look at who InMotion claims they are? We feel it’s our duty to keep you informed, and as such, you’ll find a short summary below of some of InMotion’s biggest selling points.

Who is InMotion Web Hosting?

inmotionhosting logoFirst and foremost, InMotion is best known for its Max Speed Zone placement areas. The idea behind this is simple: The company puts data centers along both the East and West coasts, and then allows the customer to choose between them. In this way, they can obtain a faster internet connection by choosing a point that’s closest to either their own home base, or even their website viewers. It’s an ingenious idea, and it’s won the company a number of awards over the years—including several 2012 Best Web Host awards. However, as stated earlier, there’s really no way to know just how good a web host’s technology is without looking at real, first-hand experience. With that in mind, let’s go ahead and dive right into some of the more common complaints and problems our readers have experienced with InMotion, starting with:

Sales Department Complaints

Hard-to-Get Refund: By and large, one of the most common complaints we received from our readers concerns the promised 30-day money back guarantee. By all indications, it appears that InMotion is somewhat reluctant to give up a client once they’ve been signed. In fact, it appears the web host will try just about anything to please a customer, save refund their money. Our users have had the company swap their server, add additional features, change various services, etc. Sadly, though, it appears they aren’t s ready to simply hand back the cash—an aggravating experience no matter how you slice it!

Site Building Hoax: We haven’t seen as much of this complaint, but because of its severity, we still feel it’s worth mentioning. Apparently, it’s a rather hit-or-miss affair when it comes to having InMotion design your website. We’ve had a few readers complain of early payments, and then terribly late—or even non-existent—web designs being returned. In other words, some of our readers have paid for a web design, only to never receive it, or acquire it far beyond the promised deadline. If true, this is quite a troubling report.

Technical Support Problems

Not Very Helpful Help: We’ve seen this complaint with a few other major web hosting companies, and sadly, it seems like an epidemic. By all indications, the tech support specialists at InMotion seem to have a bit of an hard time providing answers or support for common hosting problems. Our readers noticed a special issue with virtual private servers, which the tech support representatives seemed ill-equipped to answer. All in all, we’d like to say you’re guaranteed a quick and professional solution from your tech support rep, but with the user reviews we’re getting, it just doesn’t seem to be so!

Localized Downtime: Another issue our reviewers have been experiencing relates directly to the unique hardware layout we discussed earlier. It appears that, on occasion, one of the coastal databanks will go down, taking a load of websites with it: However, this usually spares the other coast any pain. On top of this, we’ve been getting numerous reports of long downtime, sometimes as much as several hours. Overall, we’re starting to get the feeling that the promised 99% uptime isn’t quite as accurate as InMotion would have us believe. The complaints don’t seem too out of the ordinary for a shared web host, but it’s still not spectacular news.

Functionality Problems

Too Techy: On a more interesting level, it appears that some of our users—even the brainy ones—found the hosting experience with InMotion to be just a tad too tech-oriented. They often reported problems using the provided utilities, including the site builder, control panel, and even file uploader. Overall, it appears someone with even a basic understanding of modern technology can get by with InMotion, but headier problems will take a near rocket scientist to complete. And in our eyes, any web host that has you hitting the textbooks just to enjoy its service is hardly worth our time.

Hacks Among Us: On another note, it appears that the web hosting provider is particularly prone to hacking. We’re hearing most of these reports emerging from the dedicated server camp, but no matter how you slice it, it’s still quite an uncomfortable feeling to know your data is at risk. The provider promises they’ve taken every necessary security precaution, but until we stop seeing reports of malicious break-ins, we can’t yet recommend InMotion for their security or stability against outside malevolence.

All in all, we haven’t seen quite as many complaints out of the user reviews with InMotion as we usually do with other hosting providers. Still, you should always check our user-created reports before signing any dotted lines or agreeing to any forms of service. You just never know what you’re getting into, but with our user reviews, you can at least have a general idea.

Visit for more information.

Read InMotion Hosting customer reviews.

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FatCow: Common Customer Complaints

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When it comes to cheap web hosting, we tend to see a lot of the same names floating around. Typically, these are the larger companies that have been in the game since nearly the beginning, and have plowed through the awards regularly enough to garner a boatload of attention. However, that doesn’t mean these services are all bad: In fact, many of them are quite good. Then again, quite a lot of them are rotten to the core. It’s a maddening world to be sure, and if you’re feeling lost, we’re here to help.

FatCow is one of the largest names in the industry, and as such, we imagine you’ve at least considered it in passing a few times during your search for the perfect web host. If that’s true, and you’re still considering them, we feel it’s our duty to inform you of some of the common complaints and problems our reviewers have been chatting about. We’ll detail all the dirt that’s been flung, as well as the pros of the service, too. All in all, you can expect a full complaint roundup below, custom-tailored for FatCow and all of its services. So without further ado, jump on down below the break to view our whole thought on who FatCow is, as well as a few of its major issues.

Who is FatCow?

fatcowFirst and foremost, you may be wondering who FatCow actually is, especially if you’ve never heard of them. FatCow is a well-known and much-respected web hosting provider who has been providing hosting services since the late 90s. As such, they’ve got quite the reputation, a reputation that’s largely built around the provider’s simplicity. They offer two, very basic plans, which can then be fleshed out through the purchase of additional service features. It’s a solid way to do web hosting, and the simplicity draws a lot of attention: Especially from those who haven’t got the time or knowhow to host their site in a more manual, way.

That’s the rough skinny of the who about FatCow, but what about the what? That might have been confusing, so we’ll rephrase: It’s all well and good to say the provider is respected and learned, but what have our reviewers been saying about the company? To find out, you’ll have to keep reading just beyond the break!

Sales Department Woes

Strange Charges: We’ve been combing through the reviews, and one of the trends we’ve been noticing has us worried. It seems quite a lot of our users are experiencing strange or uncalled for charges on their accounts when first signing with FatCow. These charges range from a few extra dollars, all the way up to several hundred. It’s a troubling statistic, which means you might should look out when hosting with the company.

Slow Support: We’ve also been seeing our readers complain about slow or unresponsive help from technical support. Most of this stems from the errant charges, which apparently aren’t being dealt with in any comprehensive or speedy manner. Likewise, we’re also seeing complaints that refunds are taking much longer than expected, meaning FatCow is ready to take your money, but much slower when it comes to giving it back.

Price Changes: Finally, our readers are complaining that FatCow hikes up the prices after the first year’s price. This is common in cheap web hosts, and should always be researched before signing.

Technical Support Complaints

Functionality: We already mentioned the complaints covering the speed of FatCow’s support, but it also appears the support is somewhat lacking when it comes to technical knowhow. We’ve had copious reports of representatives not knowing how to add or improve functionality, which can be quite troubling.

Lack of Solutions: We’re also hearing that FatCow is a little low when it comes to quality solutions. It seems many of our readers have run into problems they simply cannot fix, which FatCow doesn’t readily supply an answer for. Many of our readers left the company at this point, and we can’t say we blame them.

Web Capability Complaints

High Load Problems: According to our readers, FatCow’s servers don’t appear to function very well under stress. In fact, we’re being told that if you even incur moderate traffic flow, you may find yourself without a competent website.

Site Size: Likewise, we’re also hearing from an entire load of users that your site must be quite small to be functional. If you’ve loaded it up with all the trappings we encourage, you may find your avenue performing poorly, or even not at all.

Email-Less Email: Lastly, we’re also hearing that more often than not, the Cow’s email servers are incapable of delivering email consistently. We’ve heard figures as low as 20% when it comes to message success rates. If you’re running a business through your page, obviously this is a tremendous downside.

Stability Complaints:

Up-Time is No-Time: FatCow is one of many web hosting providers to promise a full 99.9% up-time. However, we’re hearing from our readers that the truth is much further away, with sites disappearing for as much as several hours at a time. We’re even hearing that the FatCow site itself often disappears from the Web, leading us to believe the stability of the hosting experience here is somewhat compromised, if not completely so.

Limited Performance: Likewise, we’re also hearing reports of the company limiting the user’s ability to send emails, soak up bandwidth, or use disc space. Considering there’s an unlimited agreement stated in the signing lease, this makes no sense, and should be avoided.

So there you have it! We’ve been seeing a load of complaints with FatCow, and though only those who are truly impassioned to speak out against the company do so, we have a feeling it’s not quite the best service available. Still, you should always check to ensure the host you’re pursuing is worth hunting. Our reviewers are real people, and we guarantee you’ll find the answers you need!

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