FCC Extends Deadline for Comments Regarding Net Neutrality Decision

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The US Federal Communications Commission announced Tuesday that it will extend the deadline for comments on the historical net neutrality decision. The new deadline is July 18, 2014.

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Keeping the Crazy out of Your Comments

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Recently, Google announced that they are rolling out comment moderation abilities to a handful of YouTube users, with plans for a widespread release in the future.

This is a welcome addition to the YouTube community, and anyone who has ever been brave enough to view comments on even the most innocent of YouTube videos knows exactly why. For beneath nearly every YouTube video lies some of the most ignorant, racist, and profane collection of nonsense you could ever imagine.

So, I started thinking… if a universally popular site like YouTube is experiencing these problems, what about our customers here at IX? What is an upstart blogger or online business owner supposed to do if they want user feedback, but want to avoid this type of online nastiness?

The Problem

Comment spam a very odd phenomenon that takes place on the internet. The ability to anonymously say anything you want, coupled with the absence of accountability, turns some people into raving maniacs who choose to take out their frustrations and insecurities anywhere they can.

This problem isn’t only affecting YouTube, either. Take a look at the comment section of any website that handles movie reviews, news, politics, or gaming. You’re sure to find your fair share of senseless aggression and filth.

So, the question is, how do website owners defend themselves from these malicious parties?

Know Your Enemy

First, let’s identify where all of this garbage is coming from. There are 3 major categories of inappropriate comment sources that you’ll want to filter out:

1. Trolls – Trolls are people that get a kick out of ruffling feathers. They will purposely try and start a online ruckus by presenting a ridiculous opinion in a serious manner, or play devil’s advocate just to rile people up. They rarely believe what they write, but they take pleasure in getting under people’s skin.

2. Bots – If you ever see a comment that sounds like an advertisement, it’s most likely a spam bot. Much like spam emails, these automated bots leave comments on popular videos and blogs with promises of great wealth for minimal effort. Here’s an example:


Note: Finding this bot spam took me literally 30 seconds. It was the most recent comment on the popular Gangnam Style music video on YouTube.

3. Genuine Craziness – Even though a lot of comment section trash is generated by people just being jerks to rile people up, there are some folks out there who have an agenda and legitimately believe in what they’re saying. These people can be particularly off-putting to level-headed comment posters because they’re typically angry, offensive, illogical, and relentless.

Filter out the Filth

Now that you know where all the junk is coming from, here are some methods to keep it out of your comment sections and message boards.

Turn off Anonymous Comments – If your blog software or comment section of your site has a setting that allows people to comment anonymously, make sure to switch it off. This will cut down on a very large amount of spam bots and trolls.

Captcha – This free program prompts the user to type in a series of letters or numbers before they make a comment to ensure that they are a live human being and not an automated spam bot. You may have seen these at one time or another on an online store or when signing up for a newsletter.



Captcha plugins are available for popular blogging and CMS software like WordPress, MediaWiki, and ASP.NET. Check out their website for more information.

Text Filters – Check to see if your blog or forum software of choice has a plugin that will filter out profanity, sexual references, and racial slurs. Some of these filters will just replace offending words with asterisks, while others will restrict an offending message from being posted at all. This should drive away or at least censor people who want to simply coat your comment section will four-letter words.

Don’t Over-Censor

Not all confrontation is necessarily bad when it comes to online comments. While filtering out the bad apples makes a comment area a better, more peaceful place, don’t be tempted to start banning people because of minor disagreements or legitimate gripes.

For instance, if you sell a product, and someone leaves a message on your comment board that says, “Your product broke after 3 days. Not a happy customer,” you might be tempted to remove the content or ban the user so they don’t spread any more ‘bad press’ about your company. However, this is a huge mistake and can backfire for a number of reasons.

For one, your customers are your revenue base, so it’s best to keep them happy. Ignoring or deleting users that have real complaints doesn’t fix the underlying problem, and will only cause more headaches in the future.

Secondly, if you’re caught intentionally ignoring or censoring displeased customers, you’ll soon find yourself in a firestorm of bad press. Nothing shows your customer base that you don’t care about them more than deleting bad reviews to skew public reception into your favor. People will take to Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and anywhere else that people will listen to decry your name and shady business practices. When it’s all said and done, the act of censoring a negative review can hurt far more than the negative review itself.

It’s best to address gripes and complaints head on, and in public. Make your own comment profile and respond to customers’ concerns directly. Let your users and customers see that you’re not afraid to address the issue and help someone who’s unhappy. It demonstrates your willingness to work with people and your openness to criticism.


These tips should help you ward off the majority of cyber-crazies, but there isn’t an everlasting cure-all. You have to be a constant gardener when it comes to your website’s forums. So, periodically check your comment boards and user forums from time to time to make sure they haven’t been consumed by the internet’s darker side.

Thanks for reading, and good luck!


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Comments Section: Land of Constructive Public Discourse Or Playground of Trolls?

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Whether creating a website or starting a blog, one of the important decisions to make is whether or not to include a comments section. The Internet, that glorious land of interaction and anonymity, has been idealized as an idyllic community where people engage in intellectual and creative dialogue to make the world a better place and solve each other’s problems. In reality, Internet interaction has a dark underbelly that too often takes over and ruins it for the rest of us.

There are many articles outlining best practices in design and set up of comments sections: no need to repeat here. Up for consideration is the usefulness of having a comment section at all.

First, let’s talk about the Pros of Comment Sections:

  • Active Discussion

Comments encourage active discussion of your posts/site/products. This discussion brings your brand, product or writing into people’s minds, increases word of mouth and advertises your wares in front of a (potentially) larger audience. When this discussion is positive, intellectually stimulating and original, it can greatly benefit your site.

  • Demonstrated Readership

Comments indicate readership: there is an audience for what you are doing! And they are involved. This is priceless.

  • Feedback/Constructive Criticism

Comments can help you improve your material through feedback and constructive criticism. Other minds will give you new insight and help you improve your offerings.

  • Reader Rapport and Loyalty

Comments, if the author (or moderator) reads and responds, can create a rapport with readers that inspires loyalty and creates a great network of readership. Loyal, committed followers are the holy grail for Internet businesses.

  • Growth

Readers’ interaction in the comments can spur return visits or more reader referrals, translating to growth on your site or in your following. When someone feels involved and has a positive experience, they are more likely to follow your site and more likely to recommend it to others.

Who wouldn’t want all that good stuff happening on their site? Including a comments section seems like a no-brainer. But don’t decide too quickly: we haven’t gotten to the cons! Pros and cons always go hand in hand.

Exactly what are the Cons of a Comments Section?subversive_comment

  • Spam!

If there is an online receptacle, it will attract spam. There are easy ways to circumvent spammers, especially if you are thoughtful about setting up your comments section. But even with spam prevention, your comments section will require oversight.

  • Necessity of a moderator

If you have a comments section, you will need a moderator. Preferably not the author of the site content, either, as much of the vitriol spewed by internet trolls will be directed at the one person willing to put his or her name on their work. Even if you have decided not to moderate the comments section, time and resources must be spent reviewing the content of the comments section, if only to eliminate any spam that eluded your spam prevention utility.

  • Lack of comments

If you have a comments section on your site and it is unused or rarely used, it can make your content appear irrelevant or unread. All those positives above, like growth, active discussion, reader loyalty and rapport won’t happen if people don’t engage in the first place. If you are going to include a comments section, you may also want to consider how you will encourage people to use it.

  • Negative, hurtful comments

If there are comments, there will be negative ones. If these comments were simply negative they could be ignored, but some comments will cross the line into downright nasty. And research has found that “insult-laden comments have the potential to change a readers’ interpretation of what they have read.” (We will talk more about this research in next week’s post.)

  • Flaming and TROLLS! 

Trolls rule the comment section. Jared Lanier, author of You Are Not A Gadget asserts that ”trolling is not a string of isolated incidents but the status quo in the online world.”

Trolls are usually normal people like you and me, taking a moral vacation from their lives by flaming online. As Tom Postmes, a professor of social and organizational psychology at the universities of Exeter and Groningen explains: “Trolls aspire to violence, to the level of trouble they can cause in an environment. They want it to kick off. They want to promote antipathetic emotions of disgust and outrage, which morbidly gives them a sense of pleasure.” The anonymity of comments sections is the perfect environment for Internet trolls, and they take great advantage of it. The presence of trolls and the havoc they can wreak on a thread or for a website as a whole cannot be overstated and is perhaps the biggest thing to consider when deciding to include a comments section on your site.

Do not go lightly into the land of comments! Weigh the evidence for and against a comments section very carefully and consider the needs of your particular site. Next week’s post will talk further on the research surrounding the efficacy of comments sections and methods for dealing with flaming trolls. Tune in!


Emily Cantin researched, co-authored and created original artwork for this article.

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well in ouran high school host club in da manga, haruhi and tamiki acedently kiss… i want ur comments on dat?

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As Fleck Web Hosting Reviews / Comments

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web hosting reviews stain / Comments

Making new web hosting account can breeze, granting you the best hosting companies available on your needs. The problem is that it is sometimes difficult to detect reliably, because there are too many of them, and do not really know what a star has won five awards, and most of them claim to be the best on the web. Just as spot this thing? Well, if you are confused and do not know which company to choose, read some great web hosting reviews / comments by WEBHOSTINGLAMP company. In addition, here is another cause – to recognize neutral web hosting reviews / comments can be twice as scary. Most of the bars hosting review / comment that you see on the Internet are often written by non-members -. Those who do not have to try to take advantage of the previous web hosting service


can easily determine if the comments from users will be written if it is not deep and there is very little information. The written exam the other hand, professional and unbiased manner by people who, server hosting, before writing anything to use it. You know how the web hosting , on the basis of their experience, more things to write. The information that they have more character and depth of what they write. There is no reason for a web hosting reviews Send / comment if not true, but then again, what the trend. There will always be some people who will write the wrong information. How do you know if you are an honest web hosting review / comments? You know, like it says in the test. If purely positive, then one could assume that people directly with the service and write the examination for promotion.


the same note, you must be careful if you happen to read a hosting review with a lot of complaints. Something has to be there. Ehrlich hosting review / comment relates to both the good and bad sides. It is so people know what they can expect from web hosting companies. If the web hosting review / comment is written with the best intentions, writing one must be open for questions, suggestions and comments. Take, for example, you have to read a comment about the web hosting websites or blogs.

at the thread and see if you have many answers. If possible to follow trends and see where it leads a. If the circle is the discussion of all the details about the service and the writers of web hosting reviews / comments answer really active in the debate and all questions, it is safe to say that is a reliable test. You can even create your own questions if you wish.

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Webinar Comments Post

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Ok, so have at it! Let me know what you thought of the webinar!

Thanks for your feedback!

Fathi Said, CEO
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