Veeam Software And The Coming Of The Vmware Hybrid Cloud

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Linux Cpanel shared hosting: 600 GB disk space, 6 TB bandwidth, free domain, unlimited databases and ftp accounts, web hosting cheap and pro at Hostony

Return to Silicon Hills – Why HostingCon is Coming Back to Austin in 2013

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Three years ago, Austin was the site of HostingCon 2010, and this year, for the ninth edition of HostingCon, Austin will once again be playing the role of host. An estimated 1,900 professionals from the hosting services industry will be making their way to Austin for three days this June for HostingCon 2013, and for good reason. Not only is the convention a great way to network with and learn from like-minded professionals in the hosting services industry, but the city itself is a hub for technology and culture unlike any other.

Location, location, location

There couldn’t be a better site for an event as large and technologically geared as HostingCon 2013 than the Austin Convention Center. With its downtown location, the Austin Convention Center is within walking distance of a large number of hotels as well as only fifteen minutes from the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, making transportation a breeze.

The Austin Convention Center is also more than capable of handling the obviously immense technological needs of attendees. The center offers complimentary wireless, but even more impressive is the center’s communication infrastructure, which is capable of moving voice, video, and data at one billion bits per second, allowing attendees to access the internet at lightning speeds.

The downtown location of the convention center also makes it easy to explore all of the great culture that Austin has to offer. With the official nickname of “The Live Music Capital of the World,” Austin has almost 200 live music venues, which means you can catch a show any night you’re there. Many of these venues are in the famed Sixth Street, Warehouse, and Red River districts, which are all only a few blocks away from the Austin Convention Center. The restaurants and bars in those districts, as well as the official HostingCon networking events during the conference itself, are also good places to network with HostingCon attendees after the day’s events.

One of America’s “Techiest” Cities

Nicknamed “Silicon Hills” due to the growing number of technology companies that are now calling the city home, Austin is one of the top technology hubs in the country. Dell, Google, and Facebook are among the more than 3,800 technology companies located in Austin, and the city’s annual South By Southwest/SXSW interactive festival has been the launch site for huge interactive products such as Twitter and Foursquare. These factors are among the many that caused Travel + Leisure to rank Austin in the top three on their recent list of “America’s Techiest Cities,” making it the perfect place for one of America’s “techiest” conferences and trade shows. With all this technological background, it’s no wonder why more than 150 exhibitors in the web services and hosting industries will be flocking to Austin this June.

Austin is going to play a key factor in making the 2013 edition of HostingCon the best yet, and you’re not going to want to miss out. If you haven’t already, be sure to register as soon as possible to take advantage of the early bird registration specials.

For all the latest HostingCon news and information, visit HostingCon – The Premier Conference and Trade Show for the Hosted Services Industry

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Attracta coming to cPanel!

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You may have heard the news that future releases of cPanel & WHM will include SEO and Marketing Tools by Attracta.  With over 2 million websites running SEO and Marketing Tools, Attracta makes the world’s most popular SEO Tools.  

cPanel strives to provide the best hosting platform on the market by constantly providing more value to our customers. With the Attracta services working so well for hundreds of cPanel partners like HostGator, BlueHost and HostPapa, it just made sense to build them in. Now all of our hosting partners and WHM users can benefit from this amazing plugin!

We want to offer you the chance to learn more about Attracta and why we think it will be a valuable addition to your cPanel offering.  Simply visit our new website to learn more about Attracta and how it helps both you and your customers.

Among Attracta’s benefits, you will find:

  • Free traffic-building SEO tools and tutorials, including automatic XML Sitemap creation and submission 
  • Free one-click installation of valuable third party applications, like Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools
  • Happier customers and lower churn (turnover)
  • Increased profit through revenue sharing on paid-product purchases

Attracta is offering to double the standard revenue share for a limited time. Registration for this offer is open through June 15th. After that the Attracta software is scheduled to be available in cPanel & WHM by default.

Visit to learn more!


cPanel Inc.

Keep those Speaking Submissions Coming

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The HostingCon 2012 call for speakers has been open for a few weeks now, and the speaking proposals have been rolling in.

As you probably know, we rely pretty heavily (like many industry conferences) on proposals from would-be speakers to generate a part of the educational track, and I wanted to put another notice out there to make sure everybody who might submit a session has it on their mind.

The deadline for submissions is coming up fast – January 20th, which is next Friday. That gives you another week to get that great proposal into the running.

A little bit about what we’re looking for:

This year, we’ve adjusted the tracks a bit, introducing a “management” track and combining the “business development” and “industry trends” tracks from last year. For the management and technology tracks, we’d love to see some real deep dives delivered by experts.

Specific is good. Unique is good. Obviously, great ideas are good.

A bit about sales pitches:

Bad idea. Definitely the best way to ensure your proposal doesn’t get picked up.

A bit about the process:

Once the call for submissions has closed, we’ll be selecting the best sessions through a combination of attendee voting and feedback from our advisory board, who we’ll be introducing in the next week or so.

If you’re not interested in speaking, but there’s something you’d really like to see in the program, feel free to post a comment to the blog post here. If it’s a good idea, on topic and within the realm of possibility (so, y’know, no Tiger Woods golf clinic), we’ll definitely do whatever we can to make it happen.

So, keep those submissions coming. Just make sure you get them in before the 20th.

For all the latest HostingCon news and information, visit HostingCon – The Premier Conference and Trade Show for the Hosted Services Industry

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Top Smartphone Picks in the Coming Year

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We know, we know: This a web hosting blog at heart. So why are we talking about smartphones? Because, they’re becoming a more-and-more ever-present form of communication and software development, that’s why! If you dont’ believe us, just take a jaunt down to your local supermarket and look at what the people there are carrying around. Nine times out of ten, we’d be willing to bet they’ve got a couple bags of groceries in one hand, and a smartphone in the other. If you’re still not sure why this is worth talking about, consider this: All of those people at the supermarket are using their mobile devices to surf the Web. That includes your website, potentially. And with so many people browsing your site while at the supermarket from their smartphone, don’t you think it’s worth knowing what smartphones are popular? Knowledge is power, the old adage goes, and in this case that’s entirely the case. Knowing what platforms are being used to access your content, as well as what devices are running those platforms, gives you a leg-up on your competitors, allowing you to develop and refine your Web content to a polished shine.

So with all of that in mind, what are the hot ticket smartphones now, and in the coming year? Before we dive into the specifics (Which we promise we will, Cowboy, so hold your horses!) it’s first worth talking a bit about market share.

Market Presence and What it Tells Us

worldwide smartphone market

Using the latest information from this year (available here) it’s extremely clear that Google’s Android mobile operating system has bitten a huge chunk out of the global presence. Controlling a whopping 43% of the total market share, you can safely bet that nearly half the time your website is accessed, it’s being accessed from a Google-powered phone. A few reasons for Android’s dominance include its proliferation amongst lower-end, or budget-minded smartphones, it’s steadily increasing presence in the business world, and its near constant development and update cycle. The platform is also open source—you can download it in its entirety from Google’s website—making it one of the more accessible operating systems for developing phone manufacturers.

Looking at the market shares, it’s somewhat surprising that Symbian manages to hold onto its 22% share of the industry. The unsung operating system relies on cheaper phones to drive its business, and usually garners less attention than the number three smartphone competitor, Apple. On that note, with 18% of the market share, Apple’s iPhone is certainly a force to be reckoned with. If you’re looking to optimize your site for mobile use, testing it on an Apple device is a nearly fail-safe plan, as the company is renowned for its highest quality productions, as well as its rock-solid performance. And, of course, there’s always a level of prestige associated with the name iPhone, as the device was one of the first true smartphones to hit the scene.

Interestingly, RIM holds only a 12% share of the market, whereas it was once the chief operating system for business use. As the company continues to miss the mark with its phone lines and improvements, we feel this share will only decrease, lessening the importance of Blackberry optimization in favor of Android and iOS.

To summarize quickly: The coming year will likely bring an increased focus on Symbian, Android, and iOS, rapidly leaving RIM and Microsoft behind. When optimizing your site for mobile use, be sure to consider the first three companies in your design process.

Top Phones for the Coming Year

So now that we’ve dug into the meat and research of the field, what physical devices are likely to take center stage in the first quarter? We’ve compiled a few of our choice picks below, but keep in mind that new devices are emerging constantly, and it will always be an uphill battle to fully optimize your site for popular use.

HTC Rezound:

HTC Rezound

Clocking in at around $ 149.99 with Verizon Wireless, the HTC Rezound is likely to be one of the more prolific Android-enabled phones on the market in the next few months. The device is perfect for viewing photos and videos, offering a capacitive touch screen with unprecedented detail and performance. The phone also comes optimized for 4G speeds, and with a middle-of-the-road price tag attached, we feel its a true contender for market attention.

iPhone 4S:

Apple iPhone 4S

As Apple’s latest release (autumn of 2011) you can rest assured that the iPhone 4S will be the company’s flagship model for at least a year. The phone doesn’t bring much in terms of physical improvements over its predecessor, but as the latest in the prestigious line of iPhone smartphones, you can bet your boots it will be out in force among the market. To cut it short, if your website isn’t optimized for iOS use, you’re really shooting your own foot in terms of end-user satisfaction.

Samsung Galaxy S II:

Samsung Galaxy S II

We’ve seen many advertisements for this phone lately, and if we have to pick another Android to take the lead, we can’t help but nominate the Galaxy S II. Samsung has a particularly healthy track record, as well as a reputation for producing some of the highest quality screens and hardware sets in the industry. Not to mention the customized version of Android hidden beneath the bonnet. In conclusion, the phone really is an experience device, offering a level of shine and polish that typically isn’t present in a Google-powered phone. In fact, we’d even put the Galaxy S II on-par with the iPhone, in terms of production quality. All in all, it’s certainly a device to keep an eye on, and if you’re looking for a gold standard Android to test your site with, you could certainly do a lot worse than the Galaxy S II by Samsung.

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Hear My Train A Coming – Jimi Jamming Down Exit 69

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As pure as it gets, my and the trio’s first attempt on Jimi’s classic live performance of Hear My Train A Coming as released on Rainbow Bridge. Recorded March 21, 1996 Hear My Train A Coming – This is a completely unrehearsed open stage performance, so whatyou hear and see is the first-time performance as a trio. The bassist and drummer were given the list of songs to listen to, and from there we just played it (you can see the drummer charts). Here’s the story…late February (1996) I get a call from Sam (the bassist) and Andy (the drummer) asking me if I would come out to a blues jam they are hosting and perform a set of Hendrix as a tribute. I agreed and called them back with a set list for the show. The show would be totally unrehearsed as no one had much personal free time and no space to rehearse. At this time, this was the first time I had played out in many months due to a heavy work schedule and the holidays. So what you hear and see is the first-time performance as a trio. And the recording is as basic as one can get…one 90s era video camera stationed on a table, one cheap PA, and no miked instruments. This performance took place around the 1996 vernal equinox. For those who are curious, the amp being use is a Fender Blues Junior driving a 66 bandmaster cabinet. The amp master volume was probably around 4-5, the volume around 7-8. Sam Beason – bass/vocals Andy Douglas – drums Eddie Grey – guitar/vocals The use of any copyrighted material is used under the
Video Rating: 5 / 5