One Click WordPress Install using Softaculous

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Linux Cpanel shared hosting: 600 GB disk space, 6 TB bandwidth, free domain, unlimited databases and ftp accounts, web hosting cheap and pro at Hostony

Linux Cpanel shared hosting: 600 GB disk space, 6 TB bandwidth, free domain, unlimited databases and ftp accounts, web hosting cheap and pro at Hostony

No need for manual install of WordPress. cPanel generally contains Fantastico and even better yet – Softaculous one click installation of many Open Source Softwares. Softaculous is very maticulous at keeping up with the latest updates and versions. More info at

Linux Cpanel shared hosting: 600 GB disk space, 6 TB bandwidth, free domain, unlimited databases and ftp accounts, web hosting cheap and pro at Hostony

WebHosting Break Presents: How To Setup WordPress in 1 Click on iPage Hosting

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A step by step guide to setting up WordPress on iPage Hosting. Be sure to check out WebHosting Break for more tutorials and reviews!
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Pay With Google Ad Sense Scams click and Google Adwords Web-site programs per

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Pay Per Click fraud and Google Ad Sense Google Adwords Web Site Programs
If you have AdWords or AdSense, is an emerging leader in the underworld of computing called “click fraud” must. But what exactly is Pay-per-click fraud and how is it done?

Now Ad sense uses a mechanism that awards a certain amount of the payment of money to a publisher (someone who holds of a Google AdSense banner on their page) every time a person pay per click the banner said. So click fraud is the attempt to people depending on the ads just so they pay to obtain a larger profit.

Here are people setting up sites for the sole reason of fraudulently generating income through Google AdSense program of Google. These users achieve an incredible number of pay-per-click-through many methods, some complex and sophisticated and some rudimentary and simple.

One of the most complex is through the use of so-called “hitbots. These are automated programs that emulate the pay per click on the links in AdSense banners (there are some who actually pay for each click on the banner as well).

Google Ad Sense system is far from perfect and almost everyone can overcome the details of the protection mechanism, ironically just by doing a Google search does find.

Another rudimentary method is to hire a lot of people in a poor country is to be paid for each click on the link to your website. This means these people actually sit all day and only pay per click, so you can earn a fortune left. They come from very poor countries such as India, and they are able to do so for only 0.50 per hour.

Of course, there’s a problem with this remedy. Once Google receives a large number of pay-per-clicks from a single address, the address and the website, the Google Ad Sense Banner had to be banned, and illegal behavior may even scamsster sued.

to prevent this, many people use a large number of proxy servers for the reason to click the. These are basically trojans on computers all over the world (though mostly in the USA). What’s even more frightening is that this pay-per-click appear proper from a computer are to be seen as fraud really hard.

and do not think that happens only in isolated cases. There is a lot of illegal activity in this area.

In fact, there is so much that if search engines do not cause companies to increase their safety with programs such as Ad sense that criminal behavior could be even more damage.

Google has a very strict policy on the pay-per-click fraud, and it has sued the use of such techniques in the past. But while the search engine giant tries its best to minimize the risk of click fraud there is certainly room for improvement.

It is estimated that more than 20% of pay-per-clicks that follow an AdSense link are just done to get money from the person paying for the ad. Some people believe the number of fraudulent clicks twice as large.

There are many more systems with pay per click fraud, such as group of AdSense publishers connects to each other (referred to as “click rings” or spamming people so that they pay per click such links .

Despite Google still holding pay per click fraud on a leash, the phenomenon is certainly raising concerns for marketers on Google AdWords, but despite this insertion with Google Adsense still more success for the advertiser, than the traditional systems untargeted insertion opposite.

There are some means of protection against such schemes and all marketers should be smart enough to employ it. Many sellers choose to display the content network to avoid all together for fear fraud on.

Mouse click for water

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The Unite Nations Environmental Program gives insight into what a green economy should provide. Human nature anticipates this gift. It essentially provides social justice. It also significantly reduces environmental risks and ecological debt. Web hosting has to have a different approach. The UNEP definition of ecological economics is a suggested guide and an international standard for web hosting. Web design, maintenance, and hosting should be inspired and motivated by ecological economics. I
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How does Google calculate actual amount you pay per click on Google Adwords

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Google AdWords
from Brett Stark

How Google calculated actual amount you pay per click on Google Adwords

Google Adwords is an auction on Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising system where you can advertise PPC the maximum amount you wish to receive for each click on your advertising with Google.

set to pay an advertiser you compete in a real-time auction every time a keyword triggers your ad. Adwords is a “Vickery” Art Auction. In a Vickery auction once it is a winner, the actual purchase price is not the maximum amount of money, it’s one cent more than the bid of the second highest bidder. Google Adwords adds a twist to this, as determined by the successful bidder ranking not maximum bid.

Never Pay For Pay Per Click Advertising Adwords Exposed back

Understanding to determine the way that Google Adwords PPC is one of tenderers who has any real-time auctions is won largely on the creation of a consistent and profitable strategy when participating in the Google Adwords PPC program.

The Google Adwords Quality Score

The Google AdWords system for determining the PPC auction is based on the belief that high quality creatives to win benefits for all parties involved. If the ads that Google displays the search ends meet requirments of the claim that this benefits advertisers, seekers, publishers and Google alike. They call this “relevance”.

Since the highest bidder gets the highest position and the highest position gets the most clicks, the destination for you as an advertiser is Google in the highest position for your ad creative to get the lowest possible cost per click (CPC) .

Every time a search initiated and an auction has taken place, is one of the Google ads triggered by ‘ranking’ is. The position of each ad on its Ad Rank ‘


Ad Rank = ‘Maximum Cost Per Click “x” quality factor “

Since the’ Ad Rank ‘is not only the maximum amount that an advertiser has not always win the highest bidder bid. A contract is an additional set of elements that together the Google Quality Score


Google Quality Score & Cost Per Click (CPC)

usually the higher an ad the quality factor, the more relevant it is for the keywords on which it is bound. For ads highly relevant to the user, they tend to more clicks and as a result of a higher clickthrough rate (CTR). Google says that users will find the ad relevant and click to read more. A higher CTR can increase a keyword’s Quality Score, which in turn increases the ranking. As a PPC advertiser, this means that you increase or maintain your position while lowering the actual cost per click that you pay for.

In Google stop ads for keywords that have a low Quality Score. If an ad has a low score on a particular keyword, it means that users are not determined that the display to their needs, and Google is the key word, by disabling inactive.

a practical example of how the Google Quality Score Works

PPC bidding system that runs Google Adwords is a complicated, because we can never be quite sure of the quality factor of tenders .

assumptions about the Google Quality Score, here is an example of deciding how the Google AdWords system would be someone who wins a PPC auction and how much they pay per click.

I have 3

PPC bidders to show how it works, but in reality there are many, many more bidders are included in each PPC auction.

The series, entitled “Actual CPC” shows how much would each candidate for their Adwords click on the following sure that particular auction.

Quality Score = 3
Max CPC = £ 0.55
Ad Rank = 1.7
Actual CPC = £ 0.34

Big Ears
quality factor = 1
Max CPC = £ 1.00
Ad Rank = 1.0
Actual CPC = £ 0, 84

PC Plod
quality factor = 1
Max CPC = £ 0.80
Ad Rank = 0.8
Actual CPC = £ 0 , 41

calculate how much each bidder pays, Google first calculates the ranking for each PPC bidders. The ranking is multiplied Google Quality Score by the Maximum CPC. Above we have the ads after the ad ranking and we can see that Noddy has won this auction and its PPC ad is in top position in search engine results.

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article from Google Adwords articles

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Increasing AdSense Pay Per Click Rate

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from menj

Pay Increase AdSense CTR By

article by Robert Ambartzumov

Most of the known PPC programs do not apply a fixed rate per one click, but not for Google AdSense. AdSense have a choice between higher and lower PPC rates. It has something to do with niches.

A niche is a word or words to reflect on something, it is used to display relevant traffic on the drive, for example, we do not want people that want to see cars in a position to establish an ad- boats to see. every niche has its price, wants to recruit a customer on his website that talks about cars, so that it slots, to cars in connection, select [Auto, cars, cars for sale, and so on …], as shown when the specific niche was looking at Google, as its display on the paid listings results. the advertiser is paying their pay-per-click price for every click on his display. On a site if the site contains the niche within the text when the ad is up on the site. if there are some niches than every time the page is refreshed a different ad appears.

Some clients pay more money for a particular niche than for other niches, remember that the advertiser pays Google pay per click and a Google Site operators of percentages. the reason why advertisers pay more for certain niches, because some African looking a lot more time on Google than other niches that more people buy things on the website if finally to take a niche more profitable than other niches than you more advertisers want to use this niche. If more advertisers would be for this niche than the so-called competition, if the ad will still show up on other dealers will have to pay, he would need in order to pay for the ad or to make that show look a lot better than other competing ads Finally, some ads are poorly paid and still early results because they are written correctly.

If an advertiser pays Google a lot of money for the niche, as we would be shown in any case, as the ad on our site, because if someone click on it we would be a percentage of the high price to pay Google pay.

We have said that the ad is displayed when the site would receive the text niche that reference is on the display. There would be no problem, a text with this niche to write, but we would like to know how much pay each niche? Therefore, there are lists of high paying niches. could

I dig the list, it was November 2006 updated. It may be downloaded at: http://The1Source.blogspot
top paying Google AdSense keywords list

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