How to Quickly Build a Stunning Website to Brand Yourself Online

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Would you like to showcase your works and be prestigious? Would you like to get employed effortlessly even if you are a new graduate? Provided that this is true, then take after our tips today!

Presenting the Latest Trends in Web Design

We committed errors. Flash are not in nowadays. Online sitebuilder from various web hosting providers won’t give you great locales. It’s a great opportunity to grasp new designs for sites. Responsive designs are much excessively helpful all together for your site to look great on portable workstations, desktops, cell phones and tablets.

5 Best WordPress Portfolio Themes

  • Bigbang – fully responsive theme and ability to photostream from Instagram, Flickr, Dribbble, and Pinterest

    Bigbang | WordPress Portfolio Themes

  • Synergie – a powerful WordPress theme that can be use for everything. With a really innovative system, the homepage can be modified to really fit your need. You can turn on/off any of the 5 modules and stack the the way you want in 10 seconds.

    Synergie | WordPress Portfolio Themes

  • SCRN – a single responsive portfolio wordpress template. Perfect to promote your work or your business. Is compatible with all modern mobile devices. Other than the minimalistic single page design, it also has a blog.

    SCRN | WordPress Portfolio Themes

  • Mineral – a modern, clean and fully responsive WordPress theme. The theme implements parallax effects in different elements and sections, such as; content slider background image, full-width sections background images, services boxes animations, testimonials animations.

    Mineral | WordPress Portfolio Themes

    Linux Cpanel shared hosting: 600 GB disk space, 6 TB bandwidth, free domain, unlimited databases and ftp accounts, web hosting cheap and pro at Hostony

  • Boom – a fully responsive WordPress theme providing the ideal scenario in which visitors can experience the website in any device, any browser and any screen resolution

    Boom | WordPress Portfolio Themes

Want to see more portfolio WordPress templates? Feel free to click here for other WordPress portfolio themes.

What is the Next Step?

Do you believe that the general shift toward mobile makes it more important than ever to ensure employers to view your online portfolio on whichever device they are using? You should try a Responsive WordPress theme (RWD). RWD provides a customized viewing experience for different browser platforms, i.e making sure your website does not suck when viewed on other devices especially on mobile phones and tablets.

  1. Buy a hosting account if you do not already have one (about $ 10/month)
  2. Buy and download a gorgeous theme of your choice from above (less than $ 60, one time)
  3. Install WordPress on your hosting account (use QuickInstall if using Hostgator as hosting)
  4. Upload the theme to your WordPress site
  5. Configure your site and upload your design, photos, videos, work, etc.

Now that you have been revealed with the most cost-effective option to make a good-looking website, what hosting do you use for this beautiful portfolio site of yours? Our recommendation is Hostgator for hosting your WordPress site(s). You can try Hostgator for $ 0.01 only and use the coupon code WEBSITELAUNCH. You can also save 25% from your first bill using coupon code WEBTEMPLATE.

The steps may sound complicated but it is really straightforward. You should be able to show off your online portfolio in about 4 hours. If by any chance you have any query or problem with setting up your site, feel free contact your friendly hosting support to give you a helping hand.

Hostgator discount code

Web Hosting Comparison

Linux Cpanel shared hosting: 600 GB disk space, 6 TB bandwidth, free domain, unlimited databases and ftp accounts, web hosting cheap and pro at Hostony

How to Build a Contest or Giveway Website for Your Brand

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Do you want to create your own website to organize a contest or competition? Here is a simple and clear step-by-step explanation on how you too can make your own stunning contest website in the shortest time possible. You can own a gorgeous website of a contest in just a few hours, and at a price you can afford. Here are four steps to make before you can have your own website.

STEP 1: Get a Domain Name

First you need to get a domain name for your contest. If you want to look professional, you need to have your own domain name for the contest or campaign. A competition or giveaway that is hosted on a unique domain will look more legitimate than the ones hosted on a free hosting or blog. If you already registered your name or do not want to be one your own domain name, you can skip to Step 2.

It is easy to get a domain name, just go to one of the domain registrars such as Namecheap and Godaddy. You can search for a domain name and if it’s available, buy it before somebody else grabs it.

A domain name is like the signboard outside of a restaurant. It should be a name people can remember easily. It may include your brand and the name of the contest.

Click here to search for a domain name.

STEP 2: Get a Website Hosting

You also need a website hosting for hosting the pages for your contest. This is like the space or shop unit that your rent to open the restaurant.

There are many kinds of web hosting space that you can rent depending on your needs and the scale of your website. is a good place to learn about the various kinds of web host service available. If you are building your first website, we will assume you either want to use a simple site builder or to get a multi domain shared hosting to create a more robust website.

To decide on which web hosting to use, you will need to ask yourself, “what are my requirements?”.

Choose a Site Builder if… Choose a Multi Domain Shared Hosting if…
  • You want to build a website rather easily and quickly
  • You don’t have time to learn and become proficient with technical stuff like HTML, WordPress, FTP etc.
  • You don’t want to spend a lot of money (since sometimes you may need to hire WordPress specialists to build your ideal website)
  • You don’t mind having a simple, yet elegant website that you can build by yourself
  • If you want to customize a ready-made template or a theme
  • You plan to have more than one website in the future
  • You want have more than informational site, i.e have more functionalities (such as shopping cart, discussion forum, membership area etc.)
  • You don’t mind learning some technical stuff so that you are able to build your ideal website
  • You plan to hire somebody else to create your website
Site Builder Hosting Suggestions Multi-Domain Hosting Suggestions
Try site builders such as Weebly or Wix

We recommend you get a cPanel web hosting at Hostgator because we have been using them for over 8 years with no problem. They also have a very helpful support team.

STEP 3: Build and Customize Your Website

The next step is to build your website.

If you go with the multi domain hosting path above, the best platform to use to create your website is WordPress. With WordPress, you can easily install it using one-click installer like Fantastico and QuickInstall that can be found in your cPanel. WordPress also have huge selection of themes and plugins that you can choose from to minimize coding your site manually.

If you choose the multi domain hosting method instead of using Weebly or Wix, you have the flexibillity to customize your website. If you want stunning themes, you can go to Themeforest. Here are some of the gorgeous themes suitable for contest websites:

Create the Pages for Your Site

Next, you want to create the pages for your contest or giveaway website. Some of the common pages you may want to add are:

  • About the contest
  • About the prizes
  • Terms and Conditions
  • How to enter/win
  • Contest page (see next section below on how to create the contest)

STEP 4: Build Your Contest Using Gleam

Now, when it comes to creating contest, the most sensible solution is to use a contest app such as Gleam, Woobox or Rafflecopter. We prefer Gleam instead of the others because it has the most features and highly customizable.

To be honest, there are many things to consider when creating a competition, contest or giveaway for your brand. There are any factors such as:

  • Building email lists
  • How to engage the userbase
  • How to verify entries and frauds
  • How to restrict by country
  • How to integrate with social media such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram etc.
  • Analytics
  • Notifications
  • Picking of winners

Good news! Gleam provides an easy way to create contests for free. They also allow a seamless experience across devices & platforms that not only looks great, but allows you to syndicate your contest in a way that fits the image of your brand perfectly.

Click here to sign up with Gleam for free

To create a competition or contest you will first need to add a site at Gleam. Each site has access to individual instances of their apps, you can also use the left menu to switch between sites.

Multiple sites have the following advantages: You can keep your data separated, ensure your campaigns are branded from that site & also allows you to have site specific integrations.

How to create a new competition:

  1. Navigate to the site you want to use
  2. Click on the competitions tab in the left navigation
  3. Click on the New Competition button on the top right

Inserting the Contest into Your Website

You can embed your contest inside any page that allows Javascript. This means you can install it on your own site or perhaps give to a web designer to include the code for you.

You can view more detailed instructions in the add to a page installation guide.

Web Hosting Comparison

How to Quickly Build a Stunning Website for a Construction Business

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Making a professional looking construction business website today is as easy as 1-2-3 with the help of a very powerful content management system and blogging platform, WordPress. With WordPress, you do not need to manually code your website from scratch since themes and plugins are available to suit your needs. You do not need to hire expensive web designers to design the website for you. WordPress has a huge selection of various themes and plugins that you can choose from. The main advantage of using WordPress is that it is super easy to make and manage your website on your own because of their very user-friendly dashboard.

best construction website templates

7 Gorgeous Looking Construction Business Templates

Here are some of the best templates for a construction company website. Some of them are meant for real estate websites, but you can disable the pricing feature and impress your site visitors with a showcase of your portfolio of construction jobs.

  1. OpenDoor – OpenDoor combines both real estate and car sales into a single theme, where you can switch between the two in Theme Options. Fully responsive. Looks great on all screen sizes ranging from small phone to large monitor.

    View Live Demo | More Info

  2. Architecture – a premium theme especially for industry that need minimal and modern feels like ‘Architect’, ‘Graphic Design’…

    View Live Demo | More Info

  3. WP Pro Real Estate – a clean and simple theme designed for WordPress installations, it allows you to create a dynamic content managed site for use in the real estate business

    View Live Demo | More Info

  4. WP Pro Real Estate 2 – makes use of WordPress 3.0’s Custom Post Types and Taxonomies offering unparalleled property listing management and search capabilities

    View Live Demo | More Info

  5. Freehold – easy-to-customize and fully featured Real Estate Theme

    View Live Demo | More Info

  6. Locality – attractive design

    View Live Demo | More Info

  7. Estatement – an extremely flexible theme for managing realestate properties

    View Live Demo | More Info

What Else You Need Before Making the Website?

  1. Have a Domain Name.

    First you need to get a domain name. This is the unique name that will identify your website. It is simple to get one, just go to one of the domain registrars such as Namecheap and Godaddy. You can search for a domain name and if it’s available, buy it before somebody else grabs it.

  2. Get a reliable web hosting account that has cPanel and automatic installer.

    There are many kinds of web hosting space that you can rent depending on your needs and the scale of your website. is a good place to learn about the various kinds of web host service available. If you are building your first website, get a multi domain shared hosting to create a more robust website at a more affordable price. You can upgrade later to dedicated server when the time comes.

Since you already know the quickest method to set up a professional website, which is by using one of the above template, where should you go for hosting this awesome new website of yours? It is vital that you choose a hosting that has good support. Many professional web designers believe that you cannot go wrong with HG for hosting your WordPress site(s). You can try Hostgator for $ 0.01 only and use the coupon code WEBSITELAUNCH.

In Short: Build Your Website Today

Building website is easier than you think. Get a template. Customize it, and you are ready to have an amazing and professional looking website. Getting the right hosting with knowledgable support team is also critical if you want to get your website quickly and without a hassle. In short, here are the steps to fast-track and quickly build your construction company website (or any kind of website):

  1. Purchase a wonderful theme
  2. Get a reliable hosting account
  3. Install WordPress on your hosting account – you can use QuickInstall if using Hostgator as hosting
  4. Install the theme to your WordPress site – usually you can ask the seller of the theme to help you install and feel free to ask for help from the web host

Web Hosting Comparison

What’s the Best and Easy Build Yourself Website?

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Below is one of among the many questions most people ask in making sites:

I just bought my domain, not sure what else I need? I guess just build my site? What’s the fastest, easiest build yourself sites in the market? I want to build something stylish -clean-easy to surf.

Typical Mistakes in Creating Websites

Majority of people often have a thought that creating and publishing sites online is a difficult task. When in fact, it is very easy to do when you are eager to learn and resourceful. Actually, there are lots of ways where you can create a site by yourself. To mention a few, you can use WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or perhaps the built in sitebuilder feature that most of web hosting companies are providing.

How to Make a Site by Yourself

With today’s available tools and software, it isn’t impossible to make a website in just a few minutes even without you don’t have prior knowledge in making websites and web development. The answer is, you need to use content management system(cms) such as WordPress and Joomla. These cms can be quickly installed via one-click installer such as Fantastico and QuickInstall and have huge selection of themes and plugins that can be use and activated. Thus, there is no need to manually code your website. But in order to publish your site online, you need to do the following:

  1. Register your domain. There are lots of best domain registrar such as Godaddy and Namecheap where you can register your domain name.
  2. Create our premium web hosting account. You need to find a web hosting that has both cPanel and oone-click installer support for easy website creation and management.
  3. You can use your registered domain when filling up for your domain in registering for a web hosting account.
  4. Change the nameservers of your domain. Your nameservers deails can be found in your web host’s welcome email that is if you have successfully sign up for them.
  5. Login to your control panel and use the one-click installer such as Fantastico and QuickInstall in installing automatically your WordPress or Joomla site.
  6. Login to your WordPress or Joomla dashboard and start customizing your site and adding contents.

Top Recommended Web Hosting Company

Many experienced web developers suggest to try Hostgator. If you are building your first website and needs a hosting plan, experts usually highly recommend going with Hostgator because they are the best best web hosting 2015 around.

What if you find out that Hostgator sucks after you signed up with them? HG has an amazingly long, 45 days money back guarantee so you have ample time to test them out. They are rated A+ by Better Business Bureau which shows their commitment to customer satisfaction. You also do not have to pay for the first month. You can just try their fully functional hosting service – you pay only $ 0.01 (you need to use the special coupon code). Do you know any other hosting company that can give you that kind of assurance? Anybody can grab an account from Hostgator for almost FREE.

How to Get an Unlimited Hosting Plan for Only 1 Cent

Click the coupon below try Hostgator cPanel hosting for almost free. If you already know that Hostgator is what you want, you can even save 25% off the normal price with the Hostgator coupon codes 2015 below.

Why You May Want to Avoid Hostgator

To be honest, no web hosting service is perfect. Drawback of Hostgator includes:

  1. No free domain name – but you can easily get a domain name from the best domain registrar such as Godaddy or Namecheap for $ 10 or less. That is fairly cheap considering a domain name costs no more than a few cups of coffee.
  2. You need to pay full price after your first invoice – well, they need to make money too and all the support and great service do come with a cost

If you are still not sure if HG is right for you, or you have specific query about anything at all, try the Live Chat at HG. They are fast and knowledgeable. Just shoot them some questions before you decide.

reliable hosting” title=”Cheap hosting”/></p>
<p>More than 7 million site owners depend on Hostgator for their hosting need.</a></p>
<p>p.s: <a style=
HostGator is having a 20% off sale right now
but we have got a better deal for you. Just enter WEBTEMPLATE in the coupon code field when you buy any HostGator hosting plan and you’ll get it for 25% off!

Web Hosting Comparison

Build a Secure Business Online with Reliable Hosting Providers

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Getting reliable hosting for websites is one of the most important things which a business owner should not overlook. Flexibility and high security is a reason why most of the business people prefer to buy good hosting and dedicated servers. They get high level of flexibility to use with the dedicated servers.
Find Articles, Free Articles Directory | Web Hosting Articles

Google Set to Build Quantum-Computing Hardware

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Google is the unrivaled leader in all things tech-related, from mobile apps to document storage and everything in between. Based on the company’s technological acumen, it stands to reason that Google would forge the way when it comes to quantum computing.

In a bold move, Google has begun work on processors that utilize subatomic particles to increase computing speeds exponentially. While the applications of such lightning-fast processing are truly limitless, achieving a workable prototype is bound to prove challenging. Even for a company like Google, with its untold available resources, there are numerous issues involved in developing such a complex computing system.

What Is Quantum Computing?

To truly understand the challenges of creating a quantum computer, one must first fully comprehend this complex concept. The ability to perform ultra-fast processing lies in the use of quantum bits, or qubits, thereby allowing simultaneous calculations to occur. This is in stark contrast to conventional computing, which utilizes the binary system to perform tasks.

As most are aware, the binary system is represented in ones and zeroes. As a result, conventional computers can only occupy one of these two states at a time. Qubits offer more versatile computing, stemming from the ability to hold multiple states at any given time. For truly complex computations, including things like parsing military intelligence and data encryption, quantum computing can perform tasks at a much quicker pace than a typical computing system ever could. Computation that could take years to complete may take as little as a few days when using high-speed computing methods.

Applications of Quantum Computing

Conventional computing systems are an important part of daily life for most of the world. Very few workplaces are without a dependable computer network, and mobile devices provide instantaneous communication for people around the globe.

While speed can be a concern in some respects, the average consumer is most likely pleased by a traditional computer’s abilities. It’s only when dealing with complicated calculations that conventional computing’s shortcomings become evident. This is especially true for government entities and research facilities, which often deal in sizable amounts of data. Such immense projects are far outside the range of ability for existing computer systems.

Accordingly, the advent of a reliable quantum computing system will be useful to a variety of industries and interests. Such projected applications can include:

  • Predictive Analysis
  • Code-Breaking/Cryptography
  • Integer Factorization
  • Situational Modeling
  • Physics Calculations
  • Optimization Problems
  • Medical/Pharmaceutical Research
  • Artificial Intelligence

In the above cases, conventional systems have proven woefully inadequate at solving some of life’s toughest problems. A working quantum computer can help answer questions involving complex calculations, including important queries about the universe, earth, and even the human body itself.

Developers Face Many Obstacles

One of the most significant obstacles facing developers is the inherent instability of qubits. In this respect, the thing that allows super-fast systems to make limitless calculations at once may also prove to be their downfall. Changes in environment, such as magnetism and temperature, can significantly alter the state of operating qubits. This unreliable nature must be rectified before such systems go into widespread use.

Another obstacle is the standard length of quantum states. With most computing systems, information must be accessible for longer periods of time than typically afforded by qubits. Keeping the subatomic particles used in such calculations functioning has proven to be particularly challenging, though researchers have experienced recent success by way of dynamical decoupling. Also known as DD, this concept uses a precise amount of ‘interference’ to cancel out common computing errors. While this development is considered to be significant by many, further testing is required to ensure efficacy.

Cost is yet another concern. From research and development to actual production, the costs for creating such a computing system are typically exorbitant. In this respect, Google is an ideal company to work on such complex issues, given the company’s storied economic success.

Google Innovation May Provide a Solution

All over the world, Google is well-known for technological innovation. This was certainly the case with the development of Calico, a Google subsidiary aimed at extending the human lifespan by decreasing the ravages of aging. To many, this project recalled well-traveled science fiction principles vastly similar to those found in the concept of super-speed computing systems.

Google is bringing this same level of innovation to the field of optimized computing. With the help of physics professor John Martinis, Google is in the research phase of developing such systems. Using the blueprint devised D-Wave, a Canadian tech company already claiming to have built an operational quantum computer, Google is beginning work on what is known as a quantum annealing computer.

Gate-Model vs. Quantum Annealing

Google is not alone in its quest for a reliable quantum computing system. Many labs are hard at work on optimizing the process using the gate-model approach. Such machines eschew the use of qubits, instead tweaking conventional systems to allow faster performance.

Due to the complex nature of the quantum method of computing, those working on the gate-model have expressed a fair amount of skepticism at companies like D-Wave, which has opted for high-powered qubit computing to solve the problem of achieving optimum performance. With Google’s recent announcement, it appears the company falls in line with D-Wave’s thinking.

Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence

One of the most exciting applications of a working quantum computer is the development of artificial intelligence. By harnessing the enormous power of these systems, so-called ‘machine learning’ endeavors could receive an unbelievable boost.

While quantum computing presents an impressive range of applications, artificial intelligence has even more to offer. Robotics is just one industry that could make use of a reliable artificial intelligence model. Other industries that can benefit greatly from AI applications include aviation, computer technology, banking and finance, healthcare, transportation, telecommunications, and even entertainment. Developing such systems may not be possible without the speed provided by qubit-based computing systems.

To the Future (and Beyond)

While it may be a long ways off, computer systems utilizing quantum components will have effects far beyond the technological realm. Such an optimized computer system could help mitigate the consequences of natural disasters, improve infrastructure all over the world, and even provide enhanced medical treatments to ailing patients.

This same level of innovation exhibited by Google is wholly evident in Hanei Marketing, a leader in web development and business to business marketing the world over. For more information on how we can help your business, please feel free to contact us today.

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