WHOIS Search: The New Yellow Book

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Successful business owners and individuals make it big because they know how to work smarter without working harder and how to make the best use of the available tools and resources.
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Kevin Yank Introduces his SitePoint Book “PHP & MySQL: Novice to Ninja, 5th Ed”

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NEW Book .. here: www.sitepoint.com ” … Just as PHP and MySQL have grown from the young upstarts of the web development world into mature, stable platforms for billion-dollar businesses, this book that I’ve been writing again and again for over a decade has grown up … It’s time to write PHP like the big kids do…” This is how Kevin Yank describes the 5th edition of his just-released SitePoint book “PHP & MYSQL: Novice to Ninja” Watch Kevin as he introduces what you’ll learn, and how he’ll guide you from PHP novice to PHP ninja!
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You can not judge a book by a cover!

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You Can not Judge a book by a cover!
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Year peak of Darien Library
Today we hosted the program “You Can not Judge a book by a cover,” a presentation that talked about creating a book cover, from concept to finished design comp. Shown above, book at Grand Central Publishing are covering. Present were Allan and Adam Wahler from A to A Studio Solutions, and Anne Twomey, VP and Creative Director at Grand Central Publishing.

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Book Review: The Six-Figure Second Income

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We’re starting the first of a series of book reviews.  Today’s book is one that is meant for those that have the desire to start their own revenue generator but have not had that much experience with their own online business before.  It’s meant for people who have the drive to turn an hour a day and every day experiences into six-figures.  Specifically, it’s about creating a profitable information product.

My friend, Jon Rozek, has written a book: The Six-Figure Second Income: How to Start and Grow a Successful Online Business Without Quitting Your Day Job. I’ve known Jon for a while and he’s helped me out quite a bit with my business…this guy is an expert and this book is valuable.

This book hits many points that I started into in my email to you about PayPal last week.  In short summary, this book walks you through the process of creating an “information product” that will solve other people’s problems (as it perhaps solved yours), creating a website around that product and then marketing that website so people know you exist and actually buy from you.

Keep in mind, this book is for the development of a profitable information product, but the process he discusses for marketing to your buyers is critical to any business.  If you’ve never done email campaigns, news and sales letters, autoresponders, “launches,” pay-per-click marketing, etc., this book might just be a very valuable learning tool for your business.

Jon has decided to give a bunch of bonuses to those who purchase his book on Tuesday, September 21st. The biggest bonus is that they’re giving away a free seminar where he and the co-author, David Lindahl will answer your questions, discuss topics from the book and give you the opportunity to network with other like-minded people.  The seminar is just outside of Boston on Friday-Sunday, November 5-7.  If you’d like more information, just shoot an email over to questions@sixfiguresecondincome.com.

I had my fiancé read it first because she’s a really fast reader and extremely opinionated, but when I saw it was taking her longer than one sitting to read it, I thought something was wrong.  It also always seemed to be opened, face down next to her rather than…well, finished, so I started to worry that Jon and David had produced a dud.

Instead, I saw that she was working on many of the points Jon had written about with her own business ideas and was pausing only to be inspired.  This is exactly what you want out of a book.

We have both read many similar books, but none were as realistic and thorough.  This book literally walks you through the simple process of making money online without working that hard, but doesn’t make the mistake of promising that by the last page, you’ll be a millionaire.

You definitely can become a millionaire following his exact steps and Jon and I know many who have, but it’s not realistic for everybody.  It is, however, important to note that many of the bonuses these guys are offering include audio interviews and advice from the guys who have had 7-figure+ success with this process, so no one wants you to think that it’s impossible.

I just hope you don’t have some moral or religious aversion to making money without shedding any blood, sweat, or tears. (Page 14)”

Read more about the book and its reviews here: http://www.amazon.com/Six-Figure-Second-Income-Successful-Business/dp/0470633956/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top.

If you have a business-related book that you’d like our staff to check out and talk about, let us know in the comments.

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