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Linux Cpanel shared hosting: 600 GB disk space, 6 TB bandwidth, free domain, unlimited databases and ftp accounts, web hosting cheap and pro at Hostony

A Blog is an online personal diary. Blog as we call it today is taken from the word weblog. We may say that blog is similar to a website which has blog entries, posts that appear in the reverse chronological … Continue reading

Linux Cpanel shared hosting: 600 GB disk space, 6 TB bandwidth, free domain, unlimited databases and ftp accounts, web hosting cheap and pro at Hostony

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Linux Cpanel shared hosting: 600 GB disk space, 6 TB bandwidth, free domain, unlimited databases and ftp accounts, web hosting cheap and pro at Hostony

IHB #014: Blogger vs. WordPress.com vs. Hosted WordPress

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Quick overview of some of the differences between Blogger, WordPress.com and a hosted WordPress
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How to Setup a Custom Domain on Blogger Using GoDaddy – Blogger Tutorials

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My wife is showing how to setup a custom domain with blogger if you purchased your domain through Godaddy, which is known to be cheaper than mosts when getting a domain name. You will have to add a few changes to the Zone file, and forward the domain to the www version so that blogger can pick it up. It takes a few minutes for it to go through. As soon as I finished rendering the video, the process finished so it does work!

VIDEO – HostThenProfit.com-live.info | Blogger Builder… Create up to 4 Profit Pulling Blogs

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HostThenProfit.com-live.info With Blogger Builder it’s a quick way to get started! It’s fun, easy and can be made highly profitable. Blogger Builder is tied into WordPress where you will see many different layouts or themes. The great thing with Blogger Builder is that we have created many headers that are created around local businesses. Giving you the opportunity to build and to host a blog for them. 52% of local businesses still do not have a web presence. Try a Google search for some of your local businesses. You will see for many of them you will only receive a Google map and that’s it, displaying their location! They need to get online. Yellow pages are dead!. Blogger Builder is great for your personal use but has been set up for much more than that. It can generate huge profits for you! Easy to use site Blogger Builder – Tied into WordPress – 100’s of WordPress themes – GVO based theme – 100’s of headers based on all Local Market’s – Shoot video in EasyVideoProducer and with one click get that video live on your blog – Charge and create Blogs sites for local businesses – Keep 100% profit – Host local Blogs on your account for residual income —————————— Turning Web hosting Essentials Into An Automated Profit Machine! Rock solid web hosting + 6 of the most powerful business building tools on the planet! All in one location under one powerful web hosting account! The video you just watched is just one of 6 SIX Services available to you if you
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So You Want To Be A Blogger | Blogging Tips For Noobs: EP.1 Starting Off

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Read MY Blog- billymcgovern.com Follow Me on Twitter- http Installing WordPress – www.youtube.com I have been blogging for about a year now and I want to share my knowledge with you! Blogging is a simple topic but, many people quit early because they get lost or give up. During this episode of “So You Want To Be A Blogger” I will show you the basics to starting your own blog! Step one: What are you going to blog about? There are so many things to choose from but, there is one main topic nobody will be interested in. You. I hate to tell you the truth but unless you are some super celebrity nobody will be interested in reading about your weekend, thats what Twitter and Facebook are for. Some great topics are: Tech (News, Rumors, Reviews, Tutorials) One of the few times people want your opinion on something. Science (Experiments, Facts, News, Stories) World News (Hardest topic because you must take info from some other website) Art (Photoblog, Photos) Graphic Design (Coding, Building a Blog, Photoshoping) Fashion (Fashion Stuff) I don’t know anything about fashion 🙂 Music (New Songs For Your Band, Get Noticed) Gaming Step Two: Choosing a blogging platform. In my opinion the best blogging platform in WordPress. The blog you are reading now is a WordPress blog! There are many other platforms though such as Blogger, Posterous, iWeb (the most annoying but, easiest way), and much more. Step Three: Choosing a blog host (somewhere to store your files). The best place for your blog

WordPress Vs. Blogger

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WordPress and Blogger are both popular websites on the Internet that are used by millions of people. These two websites both share something in common; they offer a platform and tools for people to create their very own blog sites. If you are a fan of blogging, not matter what you happen to be blogging about, these two websites would both be ideal for you. However, while both of these websites have a lot in common, they are also different in many ways which leads people to wonder which is better. Some people prefer WordPress and some people prefer Blogger Below is the table with the main features and we will discuss what each website has to offer.

Main Features of Blogger and WordPress
WordPress is a free platform that allows users to enjoy all of their blogging needs. WordPress was first introduced in 2003 and has increasingly gained popularity over the years. Aside from gaining popularity, there have also been many updates to WordPress so that it is up to date with what users want to have. The creator ensures that the features of WordPress are user friendly and very helpful with people who use the site for their blog. Some of the many features that WordPress comes with include:

  • Various Themes
  • 100% Free
  • Tons of Accessible Plugins

With various themes, you will be able to change the look and feel of your WordPress website as much as you want. Themes are a necessity because they catch the eyes of the viewers who are visiting your website. Not to mention, you will be able to find an abundance of free themes for your WordPress website. Having access to free themes can come in handy because it is a way to spice up your page and make it unique without having to spend money. While there are free themes available, some advanced themes and special design themes may cost money but it is entirely your choice as to whether or not you want to spend any money on your WordPress theme.

It is also good that using WordPress is free. You do not have to pay to sign up or create a WordPress account. It is nice to be able to start a blog website without having to spend any money in the process. If you want your website on WordPress to be hosted, you may have to pay for web hosting but you will never have to pay to create a WordPress account or to use the website and create your very own blog.

Being able to use different plugins can come in handy for your WordPress website too. There are all tops of plugins that do different things for the website. For example, there is a plugin that, if used properly, will make your website run faster. This is important because people visiting your page will be irritated by slow loading times. Having a fast running website is very important and these plugins can do that for you. There is an extensive list of plugins that are compatible with WordPress. You can easily search for these Plugins online to find out more information about what types of plugins will help your website and its productivity.

Blogger, like WordPress, is perfect for all of your blogging needs. Blogger was created more than five years ago and Google bought the website by 2003. As you can tell, the website has been around for quite some time and within the several years of its existence, it has changed for the better, so that the users would enjoy all of the features that come along with using Blogger for their blogging wants and needs. Some of the best features of Blogger include:

  • 100% Free
  • Simple Navigation System
  • Free Space for Pictures

Blogger is completely free which is great for people who do not want to put out any extra money to blog on the website. Because creating a blog on Blogger is free, anyone can use it, without worrying about charges or hidden fees. The web hosting for Blogger is also free which is an additional bonus. The URL of your blog will be the domain name you choose along with blogspot.com.

The simple navigation system on Blogger makes creating a blog simple and easy for just about anyone who uses the site. Having a simple navigation system will allow you to spend less time figuring the site out and more time putting your blog together. The navigation system is easy to follow which will help you avoid the frustration of trying to figure out how to use the website.

Having free space for pictures is also important. You will not have to pay a cent to post up a certain amount of pictures on your blog. Pictures can really spice up your blog by adding a personal look and feel and also making it look more professional. You definitely need pictures on your blog and Blogger allows you to upload these pictures from Picasa for free.


Here are some stats of search volume from Google Trends:
In conclusion, both of these websites are great to use for your blogging needs and it can be hard to pick just one. They are two of the best websites for creating and developing your very own blog. If you are not sure which one of the websites you would like to use, you might want to give them both a try as a temporary solution. Some people prefer Blogger over WordPress because it is completely free, including the web hosting, which you would have to pay for if you were to use WordPress. Some people prefer to use WordPress instead because of the large amount of themes that you will have to choose from.

Ultimately, it depends on your personal preference which will help you make the decision as to which website you want to use for your blogging needs. Both of these websites continue to increase in popularity as millions of Internet users from all over the world flock to these sites to create their very own blogs.

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