Is the U.S. Falling Behind the Rest of the World in the Tech Boom?

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Looking back at the recent innovations and changes in technology and communication, it is no surprise to find other nations taking part in the global economy. However, it is surprising to see American industries struggling to compete. Trying to figure out why there is a sudden dip in US science and tech jobs is the key to understanding the future of the US technology industry.

Developing Symbiotic Relationships

Many other nations are making headlines with their positive developments in the tech world. One thing to understand about these reports is that they are good! It is very important that as many people around the world become educated, so the inventors and developers of tomorrow have everything they need to make a future. Other countries do not need to suffer just so the United States can be on top. On the contrary, the more other countries are on equal footing with American businesses, the more industry overall will improve.

Learning to live with others and compete in a constructive way could be compared to the Symbiotic relationship between organisms, where each animal benefits from the relationship with the other. Some of the countries that are up-and-coming in the tech world include:

  • South Korea
  • Finland
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Switzerland

Compared to the population of the USA, these countries are tiny, but that does not mean they have squandered their resources. More and more emphasis is being placed on core concepts for students in these countries, which is a lesson the US would do well to learn.

The American Education Advantage

If you visit the campus of any major American university, you will likely see a variety of people, but what you may not realize is that many of the students are from other countries. Despite being more expensive than other educations options worldwide, American colleges still have an extremely high reputation for overall education excellence and innovation. Masters Degrees and Doctorate Degrees require a certain amount of freedom to research that requires out-of-the-box thinking. This kind of opportunity is great for anyone who wants to expand their own mind, and for many foreign students, it is the doorway to better paying positions in their own country, but some stay stateside to work. Despite historically low enrollment in national STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) programs, US universities are still the premier place for people from all over the world to learn.

Preparing Youths for the Future

Current levels of job growth in the United States have stabilized, but without immediate action, the future for the next generations could be bleak. Schools all over the country are getting their budgets sliced up, and trying to set aside resources for learning is becoming increasingly difficult. A varied education and plenty of opportunities in STEM programs helps children and teens have more advantages going into institutions of higher education. There have been many changes to nation-wide curriculum concerns, and most are aimed at giving kids a solid foundation in the basics. Rather than teaching shortcuts and lists of facts, many believe the principles behind math and the sciences should be the focus, rather than simply passing the test. No matter what the outcome of the public education system is, it is imperative that today’s adults invest in the future minds of the nation. Even people who do not have kids should be concerned with educating future leaders and innovators.

Making Positive Changes

It can be frustrating to talk about the future and make plans for how the decisions people make today will affect people in 10, 25, or 100 years. However, there are also several ways in which people can improve the world they live and in and feel the effects themselves. Some things to consider include:

  • Help low-income people get access to education – It may sound like you are hearing the same thing over and over, but it is hard to overemphasize how important education is. Without the right opportunities, some of the best minds in the country will be wasted, simply because they did not have the resources to learn basic reading, math, and comprehension skills early on.
  • Support local industry – People who complain about the US lagging behind in the worldwide market should look at the items they buy most often, and where the items were manufactured or developed. By putting more money into American grown businesses, people are investing in the tech and science industries
  • Understand the value of experimentation – If you think of all the most important innovations of today, (cell phones, medical diagnostic tools, the microchip) you may be surprised to learn that few of them were invented to fulfil their current role. One of the most prolific innovators in the country is NASA. Even though some people think that such companies are irrelevant, or that exploring the great unknown should not be a priority, many world-altering ideas have come at scientists sideways, rather than at the end of a long research and development period. You never know what will happen when you sit down to solve and unsolvable problem.

Raising the Minimum Levels of Worldwide Education

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Consider this question: if you had a taste of something delicious, would you tell anybody about it, or would you keep it all to yourself? The world economy is comparable to a delicious morsel of food. People who know prosperity understand what it means to have wealth, and they do not want to see people around them suffer. By providing the right opportunities to people from all national and ethnic backgrounds, you open up the possibilities of collaboration on important world-wide issues. With more education, it is also believed that people will find they have more in common with each other, hopefully stopping long-lived conflicts. With better relationships with other nations, people also open up possible trade opportunities. The list of benefits to promoting education in countries that are struggling goes on and on.

Predicting the Future of the American Tech Sector 

Boosting the performance of American industry is a priority for many politicians and business people alike, but they cannot do it alone. They need the support of a well-educated populous. One of the best ways to ensure success in the future is to prioritize the education of American children in STEM programs. Although many people feel that other countries succeeding is a threat to the US economy, it should be seen as an incentive to compete rigorously in the world of business. The results of stiffer, global competition will benefit everyone, most especially the United States.

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