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Linux Cpanel shared hosting: 600 GB disk space, 6 TB bandwidth, free domain, unlimited databases and ftp accounts, web hosting cheap and pro at Hostony

New Information Revealed Around Amazon’s New C4 Cloud Instances

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It appears that information about Amazon Web Services’ upcoming “compute-optimized” C4 cloud instances was unintendedly revealed in an AWS RSS feed update.

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Web Hosting Talk the Second Time Around: Will the Website Handle the Traffic This Time?

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Millions of Americans watched in eager anticipation as late last year, the federal health insurance marketplace’s website came online. As the centerpiece of President Obama’s plan to overhaul the healthcare system in America, the marketplace was supposed to allow for those millions of citizens who are either uninsured or underinsured to quickly and conveniently browse through a selection of insurance plans and enroll for coverage during the open enrollment period. As it’s now widely known, problems with left users frustrated, opponents of the Affordable Care Act beating their chests, and supporters scrambling to find out what went wrong.

A large portion of the disappointment that came from the site’s failures can be attributed to the massive marketing campaign aimed at selling the site to the public. Over $ 684 million was placed into developing print, television, and online advertising trying to highlight the site’s features and benefits, such as

  • Comprehensive private and government health plan options
  • Special insurance coverage considerations for the elderly and children
  • High probabilities of qualifying for financial assistance

Yet perhaps the feature that advertisers tried to sell most was how easy the site would be to use. Many of the ads running promised turnaround times of a few minutes. Yet in most cases, users were required to wait at least that long in order to get error messages telling them that their requests couldn’t be processed at that time. This inability to deliver on the promise of exceptional site functionality is said to have directly attributed to the over 3 percent decrease that was observed in user satisfaction ratings for government websites in general according to the American Consumer Satisfaction Index.

What Went Wrong?

Most of the problems observed with weren’t with the site itself. Tens of millions visited and found its content to be sufficient and its page navigation to be about average. When users attempted to actually enroll for healthcare coverage was when things really started to get dicey. During registration, many reported having to wait for up to 10-15 minutes only to be directed to error pages saying that the content that they were requesting was unavailable or that the site didn’t recognize their login information. Site administrators attempted to stem the quickly-changing tide of public opinion by making themselves available to users via Twitter, yet those channels quickly became overwhelmed with complaints.

All of these issues led many to ask what went wrong. Given the availability that government officials overseeing the site’s development and many of developers involved in its creation gave to the media prior to the site’s launch, many thought that answers would be quickly forthcoming. In the end, they weren’t. Much of what was put forth were simply statements made by each entity involved trying to distance themselves from the problems, stating that those issues that users were experiencing had nothing to do with their work on the site. Development Seed, the firm tasked with creating much of the site’s front-end interface, had been remarkably open about their involvement prior to the problem’s arising. Now they’re quick to point out that the problems with the site have been shown to be piecemeal. Some may see their point given that most of the issues identified were linked to the back-end coding that handled the registration and enrollment functions of the marketplace. That task was contracted to the development firm CGI Federal, which remained remarkably tight-lipped during the entire process. Yet as other developers involved in the project quickly learned, users were judging the site in its totality.

Common Problems in an Uncommon Situation

Looking back, the problems that experienced are not all that uncommon in collaborative open source software development projects. Any time multiple web development firms are tasked with creating multiple pieces for a single end-to-end process, issues are bound to arise. That’s because while developers are quiet adept at getting their own code to work, they’re not always as successful at getting it to work with others. The end result is typically multiple parties creating their distinct pieces and then praying that they all work well in interfacing with each other. When they don’t, it’s often too late to fix problems before they can affect users.

Problems such as these occur with many open source coding projects. The obvious difference in the case of is that its promises and purpose brought its problems increased exposure. It also hasn’t helped that the source code created by certain developers involved, including CGI Federal, is seemingly nowhere to be found, a disturbing fact that flies in the face of the open source philosophy.

Changes in 2014

This past January, Accenture Federal Services was brought in to try and correct many of these issues in preparation for this year’s open enrollment period. Nearly $ 175 million was spent in correcting the back-end issues, and new contracting oversight officials were appointed to help ensure the site’s functionality met the promised standards. The early results of those efforts appears to be promising, as more than 460,000 have enrolled for coverage since the enrollment period began on November 1. Yet even with the lack of user complaints seen thus far, problems with the site have persisted.

In mid-October, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services identified a potential data storage shortfall that could potentially produce some of the same problems that users encountered last year, namely system crashes, increased latency, and the loss of enrollment data. This prompted the government to contract Verizon Terremark to add 100 terabytes of cloud storage to help support the site’s operations during open enrollment. Already the cloud host for the Federally Facilitated Marketplace, Terremark was chosen without going through a bidding process due to the problem requiring an immediate solution in advance of the pending enrollment period.

The intended scope and scale of what is meant to accomplish means that high expectations for its performance are inevitable. Yet as is so often the case with any new large-scale project, problems will present themselves along the path to the site’s optimal performance. While great effort was put into overcoming the site’s shortcomings that were manifested during last year’s open enrollment period, unanticipated problems such as the lack of adequate storage capacity seem sure to continue to plague the site in its immediate future. The early results seem to offer some hope, yet even site administrators acknowledge that it’s still not quite at the point of being perfect.

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Getting Around in Miami Beach

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Although there is a shuttle from the hotel to the conference locale itself, getting around the Miami Beach area at other times during your stay may require the use of some form of transportation. Taxis are easy to find and will suit most transportation needs within South Beach or if you are heading further afield into Miami proper, but there are some other options that might appeal and provide additional ways to investigate the popular South Beach area.

1. Cars — The usual rental car agencies are present, but for something a bit different, the Millionaire Concierge company rents out a number of high-end vehicles and offers yacht/sport fishing charters. Why not go all out and rent a Lamborghini while you’re in Miami Beach? Or choose from among a selection of yachts for a two-hour cruise or an overnight excursion if you are staying in Miami Beach after HostingCon.Yacht Zipcar also has a Miami Beach location, letting you rent a car from its actual owner for anywhere from an hour to a day. You’ll need to become a member of ZipCar before leaving for HostingCon or drop by the Miami office at 21 SE 2nd Avenue (786-475-8320) for hourly or daily rentals.   DecoBike

2. Bikes — Bikes are a common way to get around in the South Beach area. The bike sharing program DecoBike has more than 1,000 bikes scattered over its dozens of depots. Rentals range from $ 4 for 30 minutes to $ 24 per day. Just pick up a bike at one station and turn it in at any depot closer to your destination.

Another bike rental option is Bike and Roll Miami Beach, located at 210 10th Street, Miami Beach FL 33139. A second location is a little farther from the hotel at Lincoln Road. Both are open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and can be reached by phone at 305-604-0001. Comfort bikes — a cross between a rugged mountain bike with narrower road bike tires — are $ 30 per day, but a variety of other types of bikes are also available. Bike tours of the Art Deco area start at $ 40 and rentals include a map, helmet, and lock.

Segway 3. Segway or Roller Skates — If you are looking for something a bit different, the Bike and Roll company offers a tour of the Art Deco area of Miami Beach by Segway for $ 59. Tours start at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Segways can also be rented by the hour, as can a tandem bike or roller skates. Another option is a combination boat and boat ride, where you bike to the Venetian islands and return via a boat ride through Biscayne Bay, with rates starting at $ 29. Some special deals can be found on the website. Reservations should be made ahead of time if possible.

Trolley 4. Trolley — The Alton Road/West Avenue trolley operates in a loop, taking passengers north along Alton Road, from Fifth Street to Lincoln Road then south on West Avenue back to Fifth Street. The trolleys run from 8 a.m. to midnight seven days a week. About 25 passengers can ride at a time and the trip takes 20 minutes roundtrip, with wait times no longer than 10 minutes at any stop along the way.

Overall, the Miami Beach area has become quite pedestrian-friendly due to the limited parking availability in this densely populated area plagued by heavy traffic. The variety of options that rely on alternative transportation methods such as bikes and trolleys, combined with more traditional taxi use, makes it fairly easy to get around for your post-HostingCon activities.

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Finding Your Way Around The Website Hosting World

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If you want to have a website, you need to decide what hosting service you want. You may have no idea what a good web host should provide. If that’s the case for you, then you need to start doing your research. The following article will outline what you might look for in a great web host.

The web host you choose should be located within the country of the people you are interested in selling your products or services to. For example, if you want to sell things to people in Ireland, then you should choose a web host that has a data center in Ireland.

TIP! When using online reviews or customer recommendations, try to find several positive comments. There is more of a chance you will be dissatisfied if you don’t research each company thoroughly.

Establish a list of everything you are looking for in a web host. If you know what your wants are in advance, you can check off whether the prospective host offers what you need. This will help you make a decision based on a variety of factors, rather than a single factor at the potential expense of others.

Web Host

Lump-sum payments can save you money at a web host, but monthly payments give you more flexibility. You cannot predict what will happen with your web host or your business in the coming months. If your business grows too big for the host or your business closes, you may lose the money you paid, unless the host states otherwise.

TIP! When considering a particular web host, ask them about the security measures and protections they have set up. These days, attacks are often launched against websites, and many threats are always present.

There are free website hosting services available, but tread carefully. Back up everything on your site, since many free hosts don’t have backup services. You get exactly what you have paid for in this case. Thorough backups will be a lifesaver if any files on your site disappear.

The amount of traffic you receive on your site can affect your hosting charges. Be sure to ask about your host’s billing strategy, so that you can budget accordingly for the price that you will end up paying.

Go ahead and make an investment in a secure server certification to make your website safer to surf. A logo can be added to your website that lets your visitors know that your website is secure. This will make them feel more at ease with regard to completing transactions and entrusting your company with their personal information.

TIP! While most web hosting sites suggest you back up your data; you should make a practice of doing so, regardless. You want your data safe.

Unlimited website hosting services rarely are. For example, a claim of unlimited space may also contain restrictions on what types of files you can host. Also, unlimited bandwidth could come with multi-level payment plan. Make an effort to obtain complete information about these types of plans, and do not assume that unlimited truly means unlimited.

You should aim to talk directly to a web host’s customers through message boards or forums if you can. When you can ask questions and talk about any concerns, you will be able to quickly figure out which companies will not be able to meet the needs that you have. Finding the right hosting provider will be easier when you affirmed by good reviews. Customers who currently use the hosting service will usually give you the best information.

Make sure to watch out for scams or miscellaneous fees. Website hosting advertising often relies on positioning low prices, but these prices often just cover the basics, and any additional features are tacked on with fees. For this reason, it is wise to find out what is included in your hosting plan and which features you require. Find a plan that provides what you need, and always read the fine print before signing a contract.

TIP! To get the most profit possible from your website, take a close look at web hosting outfits that want your business. You can be asked to pay as little as $ 1 per month to hundreds or thousands for your own dedicated server, but the least expensive ones can often prove the most reliable.

As you can see, shopping around for a web host is just like any other long-term purchase. Decide what services you need and what you want to pay. Then you can match your needs to the right service. Now that you have read the ideas and insights presented in this article, you should be able to do just that.

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Finding Your Way Around The Web Hosting World

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Have you ever wished that you could send automated emails to your customers? Well, you can, if you choose the right web hosting service. Keep reading to learn how to select a host that provides this feature, along with others, to make your site more user-friendly.
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