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Demand of the online presence is increasing with the increase in the use of the Internet. Along with it, online presence is must for the business entities for generating the revenue via online customers.
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The 451 Group Acquires Research Firm Applied Velocity Labs

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February 26, 2013 — The 451 Group announced on Tuesday it has acquired strategy, advisory and research firm Applied Velocity Labs for an undisclosed amount. News of the acquisition comes just a few weeks after The 451 Group acquired mobile research firm Yankee Group for an undisclosed amount from Alta Communications.

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BCG Matrix applied to web portfolio investment

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Bruce Henderson’s BCG Matrix is our focal point on my blog today. Today’s idea is about the application of the classical BCG consulting model to any domain investment strategy. What is the BCG Matrix? It is a growth-share model used by management consultants/business executives to analyze the performance of business units/product lines within their portfolio. To be specific the Matrix analyzes the relationship between a company’s profitability and market share using “star”, “question marks”, “dog” and “cash cow”.

BCG Matrix

BCG Matrix

Cash cows: These are businesses in mature markets which provide funding for high-growth ventures.
Stars: These are above average return products that have high growth and high market share. You can escalate their growth through funds raised from the cash cows. The main distinguishing feature is high growth rate and high market share potential.
Dogs: They have both low returns and growth and should be divested from in order to balance your portfolio. The distinguishing characteristic here is low market and low growth rate.
Question marks: They are low-return but fast growers which you need to intensify investment to turn them into market leaders before it’s too late and they are already dogs. These are products which have a high growth rate and low relative market share. Also known as problem children.

Application to domain investment

If you are a domain investor/webmaster like me, you can apply this model at different levels of your business. At the business unit level let’s assume you own a domain portfolio consisting of ccTLDs and gTLDs, then it helps to see exactly which TLDs are cash cows, dogs, question marks and stars. For example, if your portfolio consists of .com, .es, .za, .ru etc. It helps to analyze each extension critically in order to determine areas of high/low growth rate and high/low market share. If .COM is your cash cow, then it helps to identify another TLD e.g. .za with above average ROI. The goal should be to convert these new TLD stars into cash cows of tomorrow. In the same vein “question marks” e.g. .de which just make you enough money to break even should be either scaled or eleminated altogether from your portfolio. They portend the risk of turning into capital destroyers or dogs. Last but not least particular attention should be paid to “dog” e.g. .cn in any domain portfolio. You should be careful here not to nip the flower in the bud too early. In most domain investors’/developers’ portfolios, the dogs tend to be speculative investments in exotic TLDs (think of .tl, .tm etc.).

Particular attention should be paid to factors such as data/statistics availability (1 year minimum), business risk factors and market risk factors. Likewise webmasters can weave the BCG Matrix into theme websites in identification of new strategic growth areas for their portfolio.

The BCG Matrix can also be applied in the portfolio analysis of a small/medium/large/ media company whose business units include domain sales, domain parking, website development and affiliate marketing. Again here you will need to determine which business unit fits the criteria of a star, question mark, cash cow or dog. Next you should make the necessary capital allocation adjustment in order to balance out your portfolio performance.

Do you know how many stars and cash cows there are in your portfolio? Needless to say this is a powerful analytical tool in portfolio analysis, brand management, product management and strategic management. Ok that is my 2 cents about the application of the BCG matrix to domain investing/web development.