Can I earn through Adsense, if I have a blog on Vox?

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question of lotsoffun : Can I earn through Adsense, if I have a blog on Vox ?
I’m just a newbie to earn through blogs and do not know much about it. What I want to ask if I have a blog on Vox (, it is entitled to be presented to Adsense, or do I have a blog on Blogger is the only way to earn through Google Adsense program. Please help me and lead me to this. Hope someone will surely help me. Thanks to alle.Leider the link above is not for Vox typed correctly. The exact link is: Best Answer:

reply simpleonline12
Nope you do not have to limit yourself to Blogger AdSense …. adsense application works off the Google search engine, so you want to any AdSense website … Here is where I learned the basics and now I can do, mmm ….. a lot of money … http://www.courtneytuttle.comoder first is the best and then the other is a blog that I stumbled and migrated courtneytuttles Website.Viel luck! 1

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Google AdSense blog, you create the drive visitors to your pages

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from Kbedi

Google AdSense blog, you create the visitor to your pages go

products by Harminder Kaur NAGI

is, if you belong to any of the groups, then this article is for you.

* You already have a business and a Web site that serves as the official hub for your online sales. The website is to serve as an online store for your business.

* you need a place where you promote your affiliate links.

* Your already have a website, that may not necessarily be a commercial, and it is enrolled with a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) program like Google AdSense

The success is in these areas is an essential principle that you may have already been realized. Traffic, the key to your online business is flourishing.

you can in your digital inventory have the best products in the world, but they mean squat wonâ € ™ t, if no one got to see. Therefore, any online entrepreneur to fight tooth and nail just to have a piece of Internet traffic. For the more visitors will visit your website, the more potential customers you have.

and blogs can most definitely help you drive visitors to your pages. Here is how you could use it to achieve such a goal:

1 Download the WordPress blogging software, which is available free of charge An alternative is to go with

2: I’ve written instructions for setting up a Blogger blog on your own server in this PDF file. Remember that good content always in the heart of a progressive online traffic stream. People are always looking for information, and if you give them that they read what you have to offer. Dedicate your blog on the topic of your main site. Publish informative entries that would hook the reader and make it back for updates. Between purely educational entries, strategically a link to your website with the proposal of their importance to your readers.

3 Using the above-mentioned strategy, you can also use your affiliate links before you sell your affiliate products. The more you drive traffic to your affiliate merchantâ € ™ s website or sales page, the more chances you will have of effecting a successful sales and larger orders.

4 Links from blogs are unilateral, that is, they are one way links to your websites. The more traffic a unilateral link generates, the more prominent it is in online searches. Avoid reciprocal links at all costs! Not contain a link to your blog from your site. Search engines abhor reciprocal linking.

5 80% of traffic is coming from the search engine. You have to tweak your blog to attract the attention of search engine spiders. Now blogs are already search engine friendly. However, there is a very big possibility that you would be competing with other blogs on this subject. You must make sure that once you upload your blog, it is able to outperform its competitors in the search engine rankings.

One way you can do this is with the title of your contribution to the keyword phrases you are targeting game, plus a pinch of your keyword phrase set in the post itself. I do this with very good results.

6 Check your blog offline. It should be as readable and as navigable as possible future for your readers. Make appropriate adjustments if necessary.

7 Load your blog to a reliable server, enough bandwidth to accommodate many viewers can.

8 Constantly updated your blog. Search engines love regularly updated content, new entries published in a form increases your bloga € ™ s page rank, and therefore your main website bewertena € ™ s traffic.

9 Accept links from other blogs that you bring to your site some traffic from sources other then search engines. The way that a blog is designed to promote the building of a community of blog sites, and this is for an additional stream of visitors for you.

get to 10. You can also choose to register your blog site in the Google AdSense program. This gives you an additional revenue source. We shall discuss in future articles.

Blogs are excellent advertising medium for your existing business. . Use them well and you will reap the fruits in a matter of weeks

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more useful tips and hints, please browse for more information on our website: – http://

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you will get banned from Google AdSense, if you buy in a jam?

question of dodik22 : You will be banned from Google AdSense, if you’re in a jam now
. In small quantities, such as 100 per Best Answer:

reply Rooz
certainly ….!

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Google Adsense Profit; Three steps to your AdSense earnings triple

from Ivan Walsh

Google Adsense Profit; Three steps to your AdSense revenue Triple

If you like almost all webmasters using Google Adsense on your sites are added, you certainly have the Adsense gurus that teach you how to make lured a host of dollars per month without additional promises of work. While this might sound tempting, how to find anything if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

I will tell you, front, free to learn what all the gurus charge to 0.

Are you ready?

Are you sure you ready for this earth-shattering, mind blowing secret that you have received money RIGHT NOW?

The secret is, there are no Adsense secrets!

Believe me, if there is a secret method to earn thousands of dollars per month with little or no work, would any of these gurus of all efforts to go tell the world about it. They would use the secret itself and sit in their walrus leather super massage loungers on their solid gold super yachts and laugh all the poor saps in accordance with the rules

There are no Adsense secrets, just common sense and a couple of nice little ideas you implement that increase the CTR (Click Through Rate) of the Adsense ads served on your site. And an increased CTR MIYP (money in your pocket) means increased.

First, you need to know is that the content is king. If your site does not have an abundance of keyword rich, search engine friendly content that will provide a valuable service to your visitors, no amount of Adsense optimization in the world make a difference. There are too many sides jointly proposed with the sole intention of generating Adsense income. In fact, for or something on eBay you can buy a CD with over 350 websites by topic to high-paying keywords and set-up for Adsense. Everything you need to do is enter your Adsense information and sit back while the battle for the Mailman hernia inducing bags AdSense checks delivered to your door.

This is a really cool fantasy, a talk, almost as much fun as winning the lottery the imagination, but it’s not going to happen. These sites have no original, valuable content. People to visit one of the sites suckered can see that in a moment, and then see the Google Adsense ads as a desperate attempt to deceive and annoying. If a live Adsense editor ever visit one of these pages, would your Adsense account blocked faster than you can say click fraud.


The underlying non-secret that all the Adsense gurus want to sell, that if your AdSense ads look like content to have entered and close to your valuable, original content, watch your CTR rate at least twice, and more likely three or more.

1. Remove the Adsense Border. By default, the Adsense units are surrounded by a border with a text box at the top, that “Ads by Gooooogle” says. You aim it is, the Adsense units work in your content as seamlessly as possible, so get rid of the borders. Now Google will not allow you to delete the borders, but they allow you to control the colors of almost every element of an Adsense. Simply make the border the same color as the background of your site. This applies to the background color of the Adsense unit as well, change it to fit the background color of your website.

2 rectangular box sizes for your AdSense. Most people start with the horizontal skyscraper format, you know, the one looks like a flag. The problem is, people have developed, an advertising information overload, they do not even see banner ads anymore, they visually tune them out. You need to merge your Adsense unit with the content, so use rectangular boxes. I have the best response with the field size 336×280. Most languages ​​are read from left to right, so try to place your rectangular Adsense unit oriented in a table to the right of your text.

3 It’s all about the colors. Google is an incredible amount of flexibility with colors you can choose for your AdSense units. Use this to your advantage, in addition to changing the border and background color, change the URL link and color. Most people are accustomed to clickable links are blue, so make sure your Adsense links are blue, with one exception: if you use a different color link on your site, change the Adsense links to match this color. At the end of each unit there is Adsense the URL to pay for the site that ad. You want to draw attention away from the URL and the clickable link, change the color of the link to the body color of the display, usually black match.

simply follow these three simple guidelines to explode and click-through rate is. Keep adding more original, relevant content to increase your site, your targeted traffic, and explode customize your AdSense revenue.

There are many other techniques that will increase adsense CTR, but these three are the most important.

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Google AdSense?

Google AdSense
from gaspartorriero

question from Jason : Google Adsense ?
I read that for Google AdSense, Google will have to pay the website owner a portion of revenue from advertising. What is the formula that Google uses to calculate the part? What is the approximate percentage of the part of the whole Thank you for helping Best answer?.

reply boyponga
Hmmmm, Adsense is like gambling, you can not predict how it is done. : D

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