What is Microsoft Exchange?

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We hear it often, “Microsoft Exchange.” It is a term often used in business, but still many new, small and even mid-sized businesses don’t really understand what it is or how Microsoft Exchange works.

Actually, Microsoft Exchange software is  a complete and secure system that gives email a lot more power. It’s an easy way to store all contact, customer, and associate information in a huge database and have it securely available from any location and any device, whenever you need it.


Exchange is a popular and collaborative messaging and email system used by businesses and organizations of all sizes. It is powerful, yet intuitive and easy to use, as it works in collaboration with Microsoft Outlook.

Developed in 1993 as a replacement for the XENIX system and later updated several times to the latest 2010 edition, this is now a system considered popular among businesses large and small; all because of its benefits as a complete email and contact solution. These advantages include:

  1. Support of IMAP, POP, and web email clients
  2. Allows for the sharing of client information between team members and on different devices using Outlook or Outlook Express.

How Does It Really Work?

Well, let’s say you need to schedule messages; you need decide on when the initiation of the conversation was, what the follow up is and what the end result is; find when certain emails are sent to diverse employees. It’s here that Microsoft Exchange helps you do these organizational tasks.


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Another confusing aspect of email, especially for small entrepreneurs is the ability to organize emails, to separate internal messaging from external, personal from business, but when using Exchange you no longer have to worry, as it does all that for you and it facilitates email even further with a powerful search feature that lets you find information from any corner of the inbox using keywords.

Newer exchange features also include RSS feed supporter, email scheduler and a preview pane for quick attachment views.

Higher Security Settings

One of the biggest advantages of Microsoft Exchange is the security features it offers. This is a server that eliminates security threats and protects email against viruses, spam and hackers; all real threats especially when business email needs to be confidential. Employees and team members can access email from any location in the world and still keep it as secure as possible.

Compatible with Other Features

It’s a well-liked system and there are more than a few reasons why, including its ability to adapt, organize and offer tools such as voice mail storage, contact organization, search features, scheduling, all tools that integrate intuitively with the clients and employees existing outlook on their own computer, laptop, phone or tablet.

Bottom Line

Microsoft Exchange is certainly efficient, and if you’re at the point where you lose too much time trying to identify, organize and find emails; or find you have problems trying to communicate with employees to see where the negotiations left off, then consider Microsoft Exchange. Using this program’s features could be in your best interest.

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How Does MS Exchange Work?

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As an entrepreneur you may have started out with a great idea. You may have even been the guy wearing all the hats in the business; the salesperson, secretary, manager and customer service rep. But if you are successful, and you always hope to be, at some point you’ll have to hire people, make contacts, keep customer information, send both internal and external emails and keep track of it all. How do you do it and be the IDEA MAN at the same time? You use a software tool known as Microsoft Exchange.


By now the way you organize your business, your contacts, customer information, calendars and meetings is probably a hodge-podge of different applications and manual processes.

What’s wrong with that?

Well, the problem is that you start losing track of information. You send emails and they don’t get to their destination; you lose contact information and cross paths and redo or resend information that someone else on your team has already taken care of. Over the long haul, this causes confusion, time loss, information loss, but more importantly it is an insecure way of handling confidential email, conversations and contact information, allowing outside users entrance to this all-important information.

A solution is to use MS exchange, a powerful email and contact management system created by Microsoft and used by most businesses throughout the world. Still for a long time MS Exchange was only available to large businesses as it required high powered server capability, but now with hosted options any business can contract MS exchange on their hosting for about the cost of a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

How Does MS Exchange Work?

Basically MS exchange works in combination with a user’s existing Outlook account, but automatically classifies and organizes emails depending on whether they are internal or external, or come from different types of email accounts whether those are POP3, IMAP or Webmail.

Additionally MS exchange synchronizes email on different devices, allowing you to access information wherever you are, or give access to other team members so they can take action on the requirements.

Additionally MS exchange offers other important tools and features such as calendar sharing, meeting scheduling, client information sharing and more. Exchange actually automates many of the processes you probably already do manually, and this frees up your time and offers better information security as everything is in one place. Features such as the powerful search feature, the exchange capabilities and the RSS feed supporter help facilitate the organization of your emails and contacts.


Added Security and More

I guess we can safely say that MS exchange with all of your email information in one neat little package and lets you open and access it from anywhere but in the safest and securest way; preventing any unauthorized access from outside sources.

Yes. It is a tech tool where the management of all the features takes technical know-how, but when you contract Exchange as a hosted service, you don’t have to worry about the management end of things. You just get effective email organizational solutions.

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How Does Microsoft Exchange Work?

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Don’t get too techie on me. I’m just a carpenter, an artist or a chef. This is often a complaint I hear from small business owners when I mention Microsoft Exchange as an email management option.

When you aren’t very tech savvy, and you hear of Microsoft exchange, you may think it too complicated a program to implement your organization. However, organizations who at first wondered, “How does Microsoft exchange work?” quickly realized that it is a very intuitive program that helps organize email information.


Microsoft exchange is essentially the Gmail of business. It is the most popular collaborative email and messaging service in the world, and used by organizations that rely on the Microsoft infrastructure-and in many cases, even those that don’t. Exchange is basically everything that powers the most amazing features of Microsoft Outlook but on a larger scale. Developed in 1993, it has since grown into a powerhouse email organizational system.

Microsoft exchange supports IMAP, POP and web mail clients, including those that are already existing on Outlook. More importantly, it allows users, employees and associates to share information using their outlook web access information.

How Does It Work?

Basically, it works much like Outlook does but offers intuitive features that allow for better business efficiency, communication and productivity. These allow users to:

  • Improve customer an associate communications by allowing users to schedule messages, Mark start, middle and endpoints, and separate messages from in-house employees and those that come from the exterior.
  • MS exchange also features a powerful search tool that lets you find information from the furthest reaches of the email data server.
  • It offers tasks, calendars and documents that can be collaborated on between users.
  • There no features include an RSS feed supporter, fast preview panes, and an efficient email scheduler.

Although these features are more than those offered in Outlook, users access them through the outlook on their device, computer or laptop, no matter where they are located. There are other tools that allow you to quickly mark, prioritize and select email.

For businesses that received hundreds of emails a day this can enhance performance, allowing you and other users to free up their time for core business activities.

The Most Important Feature

Although the above listed features are important and can help improve your communications with clients, providers, and Associates and prospects, the most important features that Microsoft exchange offers is higher security. The server neutralizes any security threats, spam, viruses or attacks from hackers; keeping your contact information safe.


Although not every business uses these, Microsoft exchange is also compatible with other features such as voicemail storage, scheduling and content organization. However, these features are also easy-to-use as they also work off of the Microsoft Office Outlook platform.

Bottom Line

Because of all of these tools, Microsoft exchange is the preferred business email solution. It’s safe, easy to use problems are usually fixed quickly. This is why more and more organizations are switching to the Microsoft exchange system – even when they aren’t all that tech savvy.

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How to host Microsoft Exchange

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Once you start growing as a business, the first thing you’ll notice is that you start having difficulty keeping track of email, contacts and communications. Things start slipping by you. What can you do about it? Well the easiest solution is to use Microsoft Exchange server software. However, this is an expensive program, probably too expensive for a small entrepreneur, unless you use the trending modern-day solution, that of using hosted Microsoft Exchange.

What is Microsoft Exchange?

Microsoft Exchange is server software that makes sending email and organizing it easier, faster and more efficient; and we all know how important this is for a business, especially as today, most business is often conducted by email.

Among the most important benefit to Microsoft Exchange is its enhanced security features. These keep data safe which is especially important when dealing with financial information, or information that is confidential. Microsoft Exchange aims at preventing infiltration by spam, virus and hackers.


And that’s all well and good, but Microsoft Exchange also has some other performance features that are really useful. For instance, you can easily track the progress of email communications between you, clients and other team members. The advanced search feature also lets you search for emails from the furthest reaches of your email account.

Why else would you want to use Microsoft Exchange?

Well because it lets you synchronize your email, your contacts and your calendars across all devices; meaning you could be in your office, or your clients office and still access the email information.

But here is the catch, Microsoft Exchange requires a business to have server capacity because of the data requirements. And that could be a problem for small to mid-sized businesses that can’t afford or don’t have the room to acquire a large business server and all the accompanying expenses. Wow. That would be an option that runs into the thousands of dollars.

Ahh. but there is a better solution. You don’t actually have to host Microsoft Exchange on your own server. You can find a hosting service with Microsoft Exchange already implemented and ready. You just contract the hosted service and share it with other businesses for a very affordable price, the price of a cup of coffee.

What better way to use Microsoft Exchange than to share the server in an off-site location?

 That keeps your email even safer as you no longer have to worry about damage, problems or crisis happening to your office location or your server.

The Advantages of using a Secure Email Hosting Account for Microsoft Exchange

This option offers a better hosting option because it offers:

  • Unlimited Storage
  • Mobile Device Synchronization
  • Integrated Spam and Virus Protection
  • Calendar Use and Sharing
  • Contact Integration and Sharing
  • Easy Delegation Processes
  • Resource management

There is no question that Microsoft Exchange is a big improvement over conventional POP3 or IMAP email. It helps you be more productive and organizes everything well. But the only affordable way to use it is by contracting Microsoft Exchange hosting options. In reality, this is actually the best way to use it as you don’t have to worry about the hosting management or control of the system.

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Get More Professional with Hosted Email

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When you own a website, you usually get a website email. Some business owners use this email in combination with their free email account like Gmail or Yahoo. That’s fine and dandy when the business only has one employee – you. But things change when you add more employees and email accounts into the mix. Once you start managing a significantly large number of contacts, dealing with different email applications manually can get complicated. Obviously, you don’t want customers or business contacts to receive email from your Gmail account, but opening webmail every time you want to check your websites email can become time-consuming. Getting employees to understand what a customer wants, and teaching them how to follow up and keep track of solutions can also become complicated. The solution is to use a business email tool, a professional hosted email service that uses Microsoft exchange.


Why Microsoft exchange?

Currently, exchange is the most collaborative and popular email and messaging service for businesses and organizations. However it hasn’t really been a solution for small to midsized businesses because of the need for server hosting, that’s where hosted email comes into play. Hosted email gives you all of the benefits of Microsoft exchange without your actually needing to all the server or hired personnel to manage it. This powerful email software is already installed in hosted email service and comes at a price of about a cup of coffee.

Truth is, hosted email services make you more professional.

How Does It Do That?

Exchange helps you better your customer performance by helping you communicate more effectively, stay on top of email conversations, get back with customers on important matters as quickly as possible, and access email from any device in any location.

  1. Improved professional communication

Hosted email allows you to keep all of your email in one location yet keep in touch with your contacts in the various platforms whether this be through POP, IMAP or web mail. All information comes into one mailbox, so we could say that hosted email gives you professional control over all of your messaging needs.

  1. Professional Productivity

When you access your email from any location and any device, say for instance from clients location, you appear to be well organized, high-tech and very professional, and not impresses customers.

  1. Improved Appearance

Hosted email offers a more professional appearance and several collaboration solutions that include task lists and calendars.

  1. Professional Collaboration

This type of service offers you more than just email, it also allows you to share documents, calendars, tasks and items that members of your team need to collaborate on. That makes you professional and organized.

Bottom Line

The specialized view panes of hosted email; the professional search features are tools that allow you to focus on tasks and communications and this makes you more professional. Customers contacts also note the difference as your communications with them is more effective, productive and on time.

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Email server for businesses: A Top Business Tech Tool

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You have to be using email for your business. No one can really do business any longer without emails, but are you still using the personal free email? This is that email address that really looks unprofessional and doesn’t offer you all the features you want? If you are, then stop. It’s time to really start using effective business email system like that of an exchange server.


What is a Microsoft Exchange Server?

This is a centralized email server for businesses that places everything in one area. All you need is access to Outlook and you have access to your email server for business. That means you can acces your email from anywhere in the world and on any computer. You just need an Internet connection.

What are the Advantages to Using an Email Server?

Email servers are an ideal solution for businesses or companies that support numerous emails. This gives you access to all of the email from one location and it saves an enormous amount of bandwidth. And your email server is always backed up and kept secure from one centralized location that you control, something that is impossible when you use free email service providers like Yahoo and Gmail.


What are The Disadvantages of Using an Exchange Email Server?

Microsoft Exchange is the most popular business email software, and if you use Outlook then you can access the data from just about anywhere, so long as you have a laptop, a phone, or a tablet. But the problem is you have to purchase and maintain an exchange server, which can cost more than $ 20,000. This just isn’t a viable alternative for small businesses.

What is an Affordable Solution?

The best way to get the functionality of an email server for your business, without spending so much on an exchange server, is to get a hosted email solution. What does that cost? Well, that gives you the same functionality of a full email server. You just share the space with other businesses, so the hosting company can give you Microsoft Exchange email server benefits all for about the cost of $ 5 to $ 10.

What Can You Get for That Price?

Well, so long as you have Outlook, once you find a hosted email server you can get the following intuitive and easy to use advantages.

  • Improved customer communications, allowing you to track information sent back and forth between you, your customer and your team members.
  • Search tools that allow you to search for email messages.
  • Access to calendars, documents and tasks that cam be collaborated on between your team members.

So for the price of a cup of coffee you can have all of the features

Although these features are more than those offered in Outlook, users access them through the outlook on their device, computer or laptop, no matter where they are located. There are other tools that allow you to quickly mark, prioritize and select email.

For businesses that received hundreds of emails a day this can enhance performance, allowing you and other users to free up their time for core business activities.

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Is MS Exchange Security Good?

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As a small business, one of your primary concerns is security, especially when it comes to email, contacts and information. How can you keep it all safe, especially if you send email across different devices? A very manageable solution is to use Microsoft Exchange, a powerful business email software solution made by Microsoft.

A primary reason for the popularity of MS Exchange among business enterprises is the quality of the MS Exchange security encryption. In the recent Microsoft 2010 version security is quite comprehensive amd designed to help business email content be more secure by default, unlike earlier versions that required special administrator lock-downs.



Microsoft Exchange 2010 uses the updated Microsoft Security Lifecycle (SDL) system and for each of the features and components, stringent security testing was performed. Servers using the carefully chosen default settings ensure a secure deployment of the users email content.


Exchange 2010 includes the following important security features:

  1. Role-Based Access Control

Microsoft Exchange includes a role-based access model that lets the business user manage security permissions for email and documents.

  1. Throttling Policies

This is a security measure placed on Mailbox, Client Access and Transport servers to protect organizations from denial of service attacks.

  1. Federated Delegation

This is a feature that allows you to collaborate with users in external organizations while keeping all contact, collaboration documents and communications safe. This allows users to share contacts, calendar and scheduling information across devices and organizations without needing to set up secure Active Directory trust relationships.

  1. Layers of Information Security Protection

Exchange also has layered protection system for sensitive message content at various levels and gives an organization the ability to apply security message policies to protected content.

  1. Designed to Be Secure

Exchange 2010 is designed according to The Trustworthy Computing Security Development Lifecycle. Microsoft did this by creating different threat models and then testing each feature as it was designed. By creating these features based on secure guidelines and design principles Exhange 2010 has become the most secure Exchange version as yet on the market.

Best Practices

Although Microsoft Exchange is one of the securest email programs available, there are a few best practices that can help you keep your email service more secure. Run analyzing antivirus software and keep these updated. Antivirus analyzing is one of the most effective ways of keeking the Exchange email server safe.

Setup Practices

Getting the most out of the Exchange default security settings also depends on how it is set up, and this depends on the administrator managing the system on the server. However, when you choose secure exchange hosting services, you don’t need to worry about this as the administrators at the hosting server will ensure that these default security settings are in place.

Final Thoughts

Microsoft Exchange email offers top security measures and these are set by default and managed by the server andministrator. However you can make sure the security is even higher by using antivirus software on the PC, devices or laptops you use to navigate the Exchange information.

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What Makes for a Best Hosted Email Server?

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Just weeks leading up to my wedding, I indulged one of the most extravagant things I’ve ever done.

No, I didn’t decide to release doves or white words after the ceremony; and I certainly didn’t commission a large intricately carved ice sculpture.

No, I worked my way through a full two of $ 45 lip gloss in just a couple of weeks.


Why did I do that?

Well, besides planning out my wedding, I also run a small business that is continually growing; now with 10 employees instead of just one. What this means for me is that I also have to plan out next year’s future organizational plans.

And that makes me quite nervous. It was that confusion, nervousness and uncertainty in choosing the right software or options for email and contact management that made me waste all that lip gloss. That’s what had me bundled up in knots.

What Was the Issue?

When I first started my business I had only one email account, now I have five and each of my employees have one. This makes keep track of communications with clients, providers and even friends very difficult. I knew I needed a business email system that would help me categorize, automate and perform all of my business email tasks better.

The Research

After some research, I realized that most businesses, small and large use Microsoft exchange to handle their business email. The reasons are many, but primarily it’s because this software works off of Outlook, which is familiar to most users.

The Benefits of Exchange

Let’s just say that exchange allows business users to categorize, track, search and share email, contact information, calendars and “To Do” lists. This was the perfect solution for my business. However, there was just one problem, Microsoft exchange needs a large server to run off, and I certainly didn’t have the budget or the space to purchase and implement a private server.

The Hosted Solution

During my lip gloss fiasco, and a little more research, I found that hosted email server was the solution. This is a service that hosts Microsoft exchange for their business, allowing business owners and team members to securely access their email functioning needs by keeping all data on an external server.

This was my “Aha” moment. That’s when I realized I needed to find a best hosted email service. What makes for a best hosted email server? This type of service will include:

  • High email security for all clients.
  • Continued maintenance and updates of Microsoft exchange.
  • Customer support for glitches or set up needs for new users.
  • Facts and training in using exchange hosted services
  • Low costs email hosting services. Amazingly, this comes at a cost of about a cup of coffee.

Finding the right email hosting service took a load off my shoulders, and finally let me concentrate on my upcoming wedding. I actually find it very beneficial to be able to access email from any location. It was certainly a convenient feature at my international wedding location.

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What is Managed Web Hosting and How Does it Affect Your Business Story?

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Think about this.

Dos Equis, Procter and Gamble, GoDaddy, Ben and Jerry’s; at some point, these companies had a story to tell, one that grabbed our attention and held it.

As we heard this story over and over again, we began to recognize them, to admire them, if you will. They won our allegiance, or confidence and our business.


Your business has a story to tell too.

But is the story, like that of many other businesses, about your confusion, lack of organization, lack of customer service and the inability to grow.

For many businesses, this is their story. At least that is what they complain of. But it doesn’t have to be your business story. The solution lies in getting help.

You can outsource projects, ideas and processes in an efficient and an affordable way – And the first place to start? The first project to outsource is your web hosting management.

Consider this. Have you ever thought of managed web hosting?

What is Web Hosting Management?

Managed web hosting is a solution for businesses, it’s a way of getting the website hosting plans managed by someone else. This eliminates the need for a server, for tech help, for a manager for the website server, and the need for server management.

Instead you delegate all of these tasks to a technically efficient service team. This allows you to focus on your core business issues and leave all the technical details to other people.

The Advantages to Managed Web Hosting

There are several reasons to use managed web hosting, among the most important reasons include:

  • Reliability – Managed hosting guarantees a completely reliable plan because issues are handled by a team of experts.
  • Higher Security – when running certain websites or e-commerce site security becomes paramount, and a managed web hosting account can ensure regular data backup, recovery and updates.
  • Constant Monitoring and Support – managed web hosting does cost slightly more, however clients get personalized support 24 hours a day.
  • Better Productivity – managed hosting does cost more but is also more cost-effective option is you don’t have to hire specialized team members to handle hosting issues.
  • The cutting down of time needed to learn about hosting issues.

These are just a few of the reasons why managed web hosting is a better option for most businesses. There are other options and reasons for choosing this managed web hosting, but those are usually depend on the customized needs of an individual company.  Becoming successful in business is about reducing your personal work tasks, not increasing them, and one area where you want to minimize your participation is in the tech area of your business.

Bottom Line

Tell the right kind of business story, one that speaks of courage, success smart decision-making. That’s the story that draws your customers and keeps  loyal to you. But that kind of story can only be told when you are confident, and that confidence can only come from outsourcing some of your activities, one of these being your web hosting needs.

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What to Look for in a Top Hosted Email Server

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Later on, we’ll conspire,
As we dream by the fire
To face unafraid,
The plans that we’ve made,
Walking in a winter wonderland.


That old song reminds me that now is a good time of year to start thinking of the path taken over the last year, and the changes to be made for the upcoming year.

It’s a time to daydream and plan how you plan to grow your business.

Maybe you have a new website you want to launch or an old idea you want to complete.

Maybe you want to increase your associates, your clients or automate processes in your business.

Whatever the plan or objective, there is one basic step you need to take before you do anything else.

You need to find a top hosted email server.

What’s that?

It’s business email that makes you look more professional, helps automate email processes, helps you organize different users emails; but more importantly keeps all information safe and secure on an unlimited server.

The Benefits of Hosted Email

Hosted business email options use a program called Microsoft Exchange, which is the most favored by businesses of all sizes. The advantage in using Exchange is that it can automate and increase performance when managing email, contacts, calendars and tasks. Overall it  offers the following features:

  • Higher security. Microsoft Exchange is considered an email service that offers the highest security measures available on the market.
  • Improved customer relationships because it allows you to track information sent back and forth between clients, associates and other team members
  • Offers search tools that let you access email communications throughout the account
  • Access to tasks, documents and calendars
  • Offers synchronization between all devices, allowing you to access email from any location

However, running Exchange requires the use of a business server, which can be a very expensive piece of equipment. By allowing a service provider to run the system on their server, and offer service packages to businesses of all sizes, business owners can take advantage of Exchange without the maintenance or equipment costs. A top email hosting server will offer all of this in one centralized location with unlimited email accounts and storage, for a very minimal price.

The Cost of Hosted Email

I once went into the grocery store and noticed that just about every basic food item cost $ 5: a carton of eggs, milk, a loaf of bread. I think you get what I mean. Well, that’s precisely what a top hosted email account should run, about the cost of a basic food item: $ 5 to $ 10.

That’s it. You should get safe and secure email with convenient automated business processes that allow you to better organize and manage your contacts for the cost of as little as one of your basic grocery store items.

A top email hosting provider needs to offer its clients the following services:

  • Reliability and security with 24/7 monitoring.
  • Emergency service plans in the case of theft, power blackouts, hurricanes and tornadoes.
  • Continued maintenance which involves the automatic updating and upgrading the server software.
  • Server cost assimilation. A hosted email service will maintain, purchase and take care of the costs of equipment and new email software needs.

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