5 Steps to Transfer to a New Web Host

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Question about hosting comparison and Yahoo Small Business:

“Yahoo Small Business let me down. I work for a small non-profit that has a website and our email accounts tied together through Yahoo Small Business. Apparently they shut us down for violating their Terms of Service (TOS). They didn’t warn us they just shut us down. After 3 hours on the phone they can’t tell me what they think we did to violate terms of service but sent me to a form on the abuse page and directed me to ask them to reinstate my account. Now I have to wait 48 hours to see if they will.

The only thing we do is send out emails to the folks that tell us they want us to email to them literally one to three times a month.

So we are moving on. I need to know where to get an unbiased and current comparison of web site hosts. I need to know how to go about transferring a web site from one host to another. I also want to encourage everyone to backup any needed information off of your yahoo just in case yahoo does this to you. At this point we may lose our whole data base.”

Expert Answer: How to Transfer to New Web Host

To transfer from one host to another, here are the steps:

1. Make a full copy of your website and databases. If you still have access to your current account, then there are several ways to copy the files and databases in your site:

  • Using FTP client –  download all files to your computer from your web host. Don’t assume you already have all the files on your computer – you may have added some scripts or modified some files using the web-based interface.
  • Dreamweaver users – use the GET command to copy all your files.
  • MS Frontpage users – use the import feature to make a complete copy of the old web site.
  • MySQL database user should create a backup from the control panel.

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3. Transfer your domain name

Contact the domain name registrar (probably Yahoo!) and change the Domain Name Server (DNS) or Name Server information to your new hosts DNS information.

Your site is going to experience a downtime while your DNS record is being changed and propagated through the world’s WHOIS servers. It will take about 24-72 hours for the process to be completed.

Maintain any existing services set up on your old domain name such as email forwarding, web pointing and website hosting until the transfer is complete to ensure continuity of your service.

4. Upload all files to your new hosting account.

When your domain name has been transferred, upload the files to your newhost and rebuild your database.

Dreamweaver users should define your site first, and then use the PUT command to transfer all your files and html pages. This will ensure that your whole web will remain intact with the transfer.

FrontPage users should create a new Web from the site files you have imported from your old host, then publish them to the new host. Make sure your new host has Front Page extensions installed.
This process will transfer your complete site to your new Host.


In case you are a beginner in transferring your website and don’t know what to do. Well, actually you could take advantage on free file transfer, free database transfer, free script transfer and free domain transfer that HG is providing for their first time clients. So chill out and just wait for the transfer to complete or you can participate minimally given that you still have an access to your previous account otherwise the transfer won’t make it through.

free website transfer

Take me to free website transfer page.

5. Testing your site

Lastly, you want to test and fixed your website so that it will like it should.

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Web Hosting Comparison

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