Web Hosting Sales and Promos Roundup – January 30, 2015

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Linux Cpanel shared hosting: 600 GB disk space, 6 TB bandwidth, free domain, unlimited databases and ftp accounts, web hosting cheap and pro at Hostony

In the week ending January 30, 2015, ITXDesign is offering 20 percent off hosting while 34SP.com continues its half-off domain sale.

Linux Cpanel shared hosting: 600 GB disk space, 6 TB bandwidth, free domain, unlimited databases and ftp accounts, web hosting cheap and pro at Hostony

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Linux Cpanel shared hosting: 600 GB disk space, 6 TB bandwidth, free domain, unlimited databases and ftp accounts, web hosting cheap and pro at Hostony

Website Monitoring Service is Crucial to Minimizing Website Downtime and Maximizing Profits

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When it comes to ecommerce and making money on the World Wide Web, every minute of website downtime equates to lost profits.
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Bluehost vs Omnis Network

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Warning! Before you build a website, you got to choose the right website provider. Find out why Omnis Network is NOT better. Discover why we gave them the web host rating like below.

The Prices and Features

The most obvious thing to do first is to compare the prices and features at Bluehost vs Omnis Network. The cheaper option for hosting an uncomplicated WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, OSCommerce, X-Cart or Zencart is most definitely Omnis Network. If you just need to host one website on one domain, require a reasonable amount of storage space and visits-per-day, and want a few email accounts, then Omnis Network, priced from $ 6.95 per month is easily the winner. If you need to host unlimited domains and need high diskspace usage, then you will have to carefully look at the features and TOS of each hosting plan.

However we only compared the prices for one year advanced payment. Do not get sucked by the unrealistically low prices advertised by the hosting services or by other profit-centered web hosting review sites. Some low prices advertised are for payment terms that are too long which makes the customer uneasy. If you ask us, we do not believe in paying for longer than one year. Why risk your hard-earned money because money paid to these hosting providers will not be easy to get back – trust us. Based on our research, yearly hosting payment is the optimal length.

Comparing Their Support

Secondly, we want to look at customer satisfactions at Bluehost or Omnis Network. We would like to report that there are more dissatisfied customers at Omnis Network than at Bluehost. We found this out by searching for customer comments on the Internet. Our dedicated team searched for terms such as “Bluehost down”, “Omnis Network sux”, “Bluehost horrible”, “hate Omnis Network”, and other unsupportive feedbacks. To give an accurate review, our team also did look for keywords such as “Bluehost great”, “Omnis Network good”, “Bluehost best”, “liked Omnis Network” and related encouraging terms.

Our research found that, more than 85.9% of customers loves Bluehost. In contrast, the same cannot be said about Omnis Network. In addition, a different Bluehost review was also amazed by the good comments and feedbacks about Bluehost.


Although not the most important factor, let us look the popularity of Bluehost and Omnis Network. We have gathered and analyzed some vital statistics about both web hosting companies. Based on our analysis, we found that the more talked about hosting service is Bluehost. The comparison below represents the overall Internet users who visit www.bluehost.com and www.omnis.com for not only web hosting reasons, but also domain registration purposes.

Check why Bluehost is better than Omnis Network

Final Ratings

Last but not least, we combined the above factors and formulated the final scores for Bluehost vs Omnis Network. The information found from the above factors were weighted accordingly where the people feedbacks and comments were given more weight. We are proud to say that Bluehost is the better rated website provider. Here is the summary of our hosting comparison.

Bluehost vs Omnis Network
86% Support

Star rated hosting


Star rated hosting


Star rated hosting

8% Support

Star rated hosting


Star rated hosting


Star rated hosting

Do we believe that Bluehost is one of the best hosting services? Most definitely, but you do not have to believe a word we say. They may as well be the perfect one for you but you just have to try their reliable service by yourself. At the price of $ 7.95 and their money back guarantee, you only stand to gain, and even risk losing profit potentials the longer you refrain.

Click here to visit Bluehost

Click Here to See Current Offers at Bluehost

Please submit your own Bluehost review below. If you have tried Omnis Network Web Hosting and you disagree with us, you can submit what you think about Omnis Network in the comment box. Share your thoughts if you agree with us too.
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What is Managed Web Hosting and How Does it Affect Your Business Story?

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Think about this.

Dos Equis, Procter and Gamble, GoDaddy, Ben and Jerry’s; at some point, these companies had a story to tell, one that grabbed our attention and held it.

As we heard this story over and over again, we began to recognize them, to admire them, if you will. They won our allegiance, or confidence and our business.


Your business has a story to tell too.

But is the story, like that of many other businesses, about your confusion, lack of organization, lack of customer service and the inability to grow.

For many businesses, this is their story. At least that is what they complain of. But it doesn’t have to be your business story. The solution lies in getting help.

You can outsource projects, ideas and processes in an efficient and an affordable way – And the first place to start? The first project to outsource is your web hosting management.

Consider this. Have you ever thought of managed web hosting?

What is Web Hosting Management?

Managed web hosting is a solution for businesses, it’s a way of getting the website hosting plans managed by someone else. This eliminates the need for a server, for tech help, for a manager for the website server, and the need for server management.

Instead you delegate all of these tasks to a technically efficient service team. This allows you to focus on your core business issues and leave all the technical details to other people.

The Advantages to Managed Web Hosting

There are several reasons to use managed web hosting, among the most important reasons include:

  • Reliability – Managed hosting guarantees a completely reliable plan because issues are handled by a team of experts.
  • Higher Security – when running certain websites or e-commerce site security becomes paramount, and a managed web hosting account can ensure regular data backup, recovery and updates.
  • Constant Monitoring and Support – managed web hosting does cost slightly more, however clients get personalized support 24 hours a day.
  • Better Productivity – managed hosting does cost more but is also more cost-effective option is you don’t have to hire specialized team members to handle hosting issues.
  • The cutting down of time needed to learn about hosting issues.

These are just a few of the reasons why managed web hosting is a better option for most businesses. There are other options and reasons for choosing this managed web hosting, but those are usually depend on the customized needs of an individual company.  Becoming successful in business is about reducing your personal work tasks, not increasing them, and one area where you want to minimize your participation is in the tech area of your business.

Bottom Line

Tell the right kind of business story, one that speaks of courage, success smart decision-making. That’s the story that draws your customers and keeps  loyal to you. But that kind of story can only be told when you are confident, and that confidence can only come from outsourcing some of your activities, one of these being your web hosting needs.

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Five Fantastic WordPress Plugins You Shouldn’t Miss in 2015

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PHP 5.5.21 is released

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