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No more single-server crashes, load spikes, too many customers on a server, suspensions, etc.

SiteCloud is the first load balanced cPanel-based cloud hosting provider. Most web hosts assign each client to a specific shared web server. When any client site on a specific server gets popular, it slows down all the other sites on that server and the web hosts generally ends up disabling the “offending” site – the one that got too popular – because it uses, says, more than 10% of the CPU.

SiteCloud’s infrastructure, on contrary, is load balanced and pooled together to ensure that any client site can be served off any server in the server farm. This ensures there are always resources available to serve websites fast and consistently despite the load being put on the system, either by your own or by someone else’s popular site.

We put together 7 questions that you should ask a potential cloud hosting provider before forking your data over to them. Here is our interview with the CEO of SiteCloud, Trey Gardner.

WHC: Do you have a disaster recovery (business continuity) plan? If so, please explain.
TG: Yes. Any legitimate business will have a recovery plan. We have several options available to us and in the event of a disaster, we will make swift action to restoring service for our customers.

WHC: Can you provide documentation of your uptime for this year and last year? Or can you provide documentation of your outages?
TG: Unfortunately, because we’ve just recently launched, we do not have formal documentaion of “uptime” for our service. I’ll be honest however, a month ago we did have an issue with our first implementation of our platform due to the infrastructure that was provided to us by a wholesale cloud provider. There were issues with the network throughput causing our instances to fail, interrupting service to customers. Since then, we have built our own cloud and put our proprietary platform on top of it. Since then, we have seen excellent performance and reliability… our customers too. We strive for 99.9%, however we’re even working on increasing that.

WHC. How do you communicate problems, outages, and fixes to your customers?
TG: Communication is key in this business. To this date we have not had a major outage, however we do have procedures in place to ensure communication to our customers is not interrupted. Our telephone, live chat and e-mail teams are briefed and are regularly updated to provide the most accurate details to customers. We also maintain our twitter account to broadcast what is going on as it is made available to our teams from the engineers.

Linux Cpanel shared hosting: 600 GB disk space, 6 TB bandwidth, free domain, unlimited databases and ftp accounts, web hosting cheap and pro at Hostony

WHC: How are backups implemented and how long is my data kept?
TG: We’re currently backing up our data nightly, and is retained nightly. We’re working on extending this and should have snapshot data backups by the end of the year, retained for a longer period of time.

WHC: How is redundancy implemented within your environment? Do you have spare disk drives, servers, power supplies, internet circuits? Do you have a spare data center to switch to in the event your main data center goes kaput?
TG: Everything in our cloud is redundant. We work very closely with Singlehop, who provides us with data center space, hardware and the network. They keep inventory of server parts to ensure that if a part does fail, we are able to replace it within a timely fashion. We will be able to make these changes on the fly, without interruption to the customer thanks to our load balancing platform. We are working on replicating our data across several different points in the globe, not only for disaster recovery, but to enhance the service.

WHC: Have you taken any special security steps to protect your cloud hosting customers?
TG: We’ve taken the standard steps to ensure that we’ve secured all of our machines. We regularly monitor our servers for vulnerabilities.

WHC: Is there enough redundancy built into your server clusters so that if one goes down sites won’t be effected?
TG: Yes, as mentioned we have load balancers that do the work and if a failure is detected, our load balancer automatically sends traffic to the fastest available server. We’re also monitoring our platform 24/7 to ensure it is at optimal performance.

Editor’s Notes

There are a few important things you should be asking any cloud host you’re considering. We have saved you the time. We have asked those important questions in our interview above. Now you can just visit SiteCloud and see how you can get unlimited high performance space unlimited bandwidth, 1000 compute cycles, host unlimited domains on 1 Account, get free domain name, and much more for only $ 5.95/month.

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Linux Cpanel shared hosting: 600 GB disk space, 6 TB bandwidth, free domain, unlimited databases and ftp accounts, web hosting cheap and pro at Hostony

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