phpMyAdmin 4.0.3-rc1 is released

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Welcome to the first release candidate for phpMyAdmin 4.0.3, a bugfix version containing a minor security fix.

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Linux Cpanel shared hosting: 600 GB disk space, 6 TB bandwidth, free domain, unlimited databases and ftp accounts, web hosting cheap and pro at Hostony

Google Replaces Desktops with Tablets in Senegal

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(The Hosting News) – Google has a vision for the world’s internet café’s: Less desktops and more tablets.

The company recently moved to replace the traditional computing format at locations in Senegal, West Africa by announcing “TabletCafes.”

“Easy to use tablets are a great way of introducing new users to the Internet. But for most Africans, the hardware remains too expensive.  We’ve come up with a potential solution, making them available in cybercafés,” explained the company via its Europe blog on Thursday.

In fact, the availability of tablets at such locations allows users to install apps along with browsing the internet as they please. Once done, the cafes initiate factory resets on the devices.

“Our hope is that cybercafés attract new customers interested in a more simple and interactive way of going online, and make significant savings on their number one operating expense: electricity. Tablets consume much less power than desktops or laptops, and don’t require ventilation. Among other things, these savings can be reinvested in faster connectivity,” Google went on to say.

Internet cafes aren’t as big in the United States but are extremely helpful in the developing world. According to data from Internet World Stats from Q2 of last year, just 7.0% of Africans are active internet users.

Google Replaces Desktops with Tablets in Senegal

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The Features & Advantages of PHP Cloud Hosting

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Cloudways' Managed PHP Cloud Hosting solutions are PHP 5, MySQL enabled to provide great PHP Hosting experience! 24/7 PHP Support, 100% FREE Transfer/Setup & more.
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Big Data #6: Before Giving Your Big Data Project to a Contractor …

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Big Data people are the rock stars of the corporate IT. Their salaries and benefits are high in the sky and still climbing, the supply still not able to satisfy the demand. The technology is complex, the infrastructure requirements are high and the tools for the trade change almost everyweek by undergoing frequent updates.

Even if you bring the people and the tools, the data is not ready for complex analytics. In the best case scenario, the data is kept in well-maintained databases in well-maintained corporate datacenters. In the normal case scenario (covering more than 95% of the companies), the data is scattered in a lot of databases, running on different systems with unknown relationships, created by unknown people aeons ago. I leave the worst case scenario to your imagination.

While this is the case today, I cannot say that the situation is not workable and all the databases and the infrastructure should be put in shape right away. If the data is already there, working no-matter-what and if there is the cross-platform language SQL, an IT Professional can get his hands dirty and play with the already available data. Before preparing a request for proposal and choosing a contractor, why wouldn’t an IT department see what it can do with the data?

Before lining up the contractors for their proposals, bids, project plans, I suggest the company to analyze what it can do with the data. Big Data is about seeking answers to the questions that weren’t asked before. The answers are about, but not limited to, understanding your customer behaviors, changes in behavior and the impacts of emerged technologies. For example, if you are working for Moleskine, you would be asking questions about how people use notebooks, the impact of Palm and the impact of the Galaxy Note series on the consumer behavior and the market dynamics. Put this scenario to your company: ask a simple question.

After you ask the question, examine what you have at hand to answer the question. How many years of data do you have? What are your sales trends? What is the situation of your data in the databases? Do you have tools that more or less answer the same questions? You may have 10 years of data, scattered in – say – Microsoft SQL and Sybase databases and a web application that analyzes visitor/member data to make recommendations. In that case, you already have an infrastructure that is working. Before handing your data to a contractor, play with this data. It may show you that it is highly possible that you don’t need a Big Data contractor: maybe just a database update/upgrade/consolidation is what you need. Then, perhaps your Big Data project will reshape to forming in-house Big Data team. A couple of days’ play with your data may completely change your view on the project.

At  this point, you already have a good, working knowledge of what you have at hand, what your requirements are and what you are expecting from a contractor. You can now engage the business-side (non-IT) people in your organization and define expectations in more detail. Once the ideas are ripe, you can work with the Big Data contractor in several ways. Just to count a few:

  • Upgrade/update/consolidate databases and only deploy Big Data tools,

  • Keep existing infrastructure and have the contractor only develop models,

  • Upgrade/update/consolidate databases with IT staff and have the contractor only deliver training,

  • Build in-house Big Data applications, outsource models.

As your company walks the Big Data way, your data assets will reshape: existing data sets will be cleaner, new data sets will be introduced and external data sets may be incorporated. With these advancements and the experience your company gains down the road will make you find and deploy the right Big Data solution for your company.


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Understanding The Types Of Business Internet Hosting Services

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As you are reading this article, it is quite understandable by me that you are very serious about your business. So now, you are either seriously making considerations to enter into the huge field of the World Wide Web or are already thinking about possible expansion from where you are. However if you are predicting a website with huge traffic and expecting around 35 million hits-a-day, then a dedicated server hosting can be the best solution for you.
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Half of Total IP Traffic to Originate from Mobile Devices in 2017: Cisco Study

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May 29, 2013 — Global IP traffic is expected to reach an annual run rate of 1.4 zettabytes by 2017, with nearly half of total IP traffic originating from mobile devices, according to the Cisco Virtual Networking Index Forecast.

Keep on reading: Half of Total IP Traffic to Originate from Mobile Devices in 2017: Cisco Study

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51% off ALL Hostgator Hosting Packages

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hostgator discounts

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Host Your Website in Bucharest, Romania!

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I am pleased to announce that we have added Bucharest, Romania as our third European option for shared, reseller, and VPS hosting!

As with our other location options, there are additional costs. These costs are as follows:

If you are interested in having your existing account migrated to a new location, you can fill out the form located in Backstage and our migrations team will be happy to take care of this for you. There is a one-time fee of $ 5 for us to migrate an existing account.

This link can be used to test a download from a server located at our Bucharest location. You can use this to determine how fast file downloads could be if you host from Bucharest.

Bucharest Test Download Link (30 MB file)

Use this IP address if you would like to see latency or trace information:

If you have any suggestions for locations, please let us know in the comments!

Thanks to Site5 for this post! Site5 provides web hosting, reseller hosting, and managed dedicated servers for webmasters, coders, designers, businesses, and creative people!

Host Your Website in Bucharest, Romania!

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51% OFF on HostGator – Today Only

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Virtual Private Server Linux

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Our managed vps web hosting company comes with low server density and also supplies the availability and reliability that you need for high-demand, latest applications. Don't be late, avail with cheap VPS Server Hosting plans from us and present proper virtualized instance of the operating system instead of a containerized system. You can always enjoy the maximum uptime for your mission critical applications with server virtualization.
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