Search Engine Optimisation NSW – Web design needs for small and medium sized companies

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In the current high-tech phase, the use of internet has transformed the way businesses are carried out. This is not just for the large and major companies but even with the small and medium-sized companies.
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Linux Cpanel shared hosting: 600 GB disk space, 6 TB bandwidth, free domain, unlimited databases and ftp accounts, web hosting cheap and pro at Hostony Executives To Participate In Upcoming Investor Events

Posted by: Admin  :  Category: Web Hosting News [NYSE: CRM], the enterprise cloud computing company, today announced that the following executives will participate in these upcoming investor events:

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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): #7 BYOD Training

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When the company works out the policies and procedures to the BYOD initiative, the next step is to start the company-wide training. The training needs to communicate the way the company will handle the BYOD transition. There are two types of employees that will be partıcularly harder to manage: the senior management who thinks the rules don’t apply to them and the youngsters who think the rules are there just to be bypassed. The company has to communicate clearly that the breach of the policies will be “treated appropriately” during the training sessions.

The first element in the training session should be the BYOD initiative: how it started, how it happened and why it is important for the company. Then the company’s acknowledgement of the initiative and its way of managing it should be clearly communicated. This introduction to the training will help the employees understand the company’s decisions better.

The next thing is to discuss the BYOD initiative in terms of supported devices, supported mobile operating systems, supported access to the company’s network and supported applications on the employee devices. It is important to tell the employees why and how such supported platforms are decided; for example the newer version of the productivity application is not yet supported because it has incompatibilities with a certain plugin used throughout the company.

Since BYOD is about employees' own devices, training sessions are where the company has the chance to  communicate with the employees about the policies.

Since BYOD is about employees’ own devices, training sessions are where the company has the chance to communicate with the employees about the policies.

Reimbursements are better covered in the training sessions. Almost all employees will be questioning how the company-related expenses (call minutes, data use, SMSs) will be handled. It is better to talk about all the reimbursements in detail, including how the employees will apply for them (experience: a hands-on exercise on reimbursement application will calm everyone down and keep their focus on the training).

Corporate access, security, data ownership, and employee responsibility has to be covered in the training (experience: since the whole issue will be boring to the most of the employees, it is better to talk about the main points shortly and have a Q&A session in the remaining time). The corporate access and security part should cover how the employees access the corporate network from the corporate Wi-Fi and from the public/hotel Wi-Fi, device password and loss/theft of the device. (I also recommend to include the Virtual Private Network (VPN), access to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and automation tools (if any, such as SalesForce) in the session. Users may already be familiar with these systems but putting them into training is what’s important.) The data ownership should cover the corporate/personal e-mail, social networks, corporate/personal contacts and the company data on the employee-owned device. The employee responsibility is the part where the technical details, such as logging in to the corporate network, receiving software, applications and updates, the responsibilities to comply with the policies and the results of breaching the policies should be clearly defined.

The employees should be aware of the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) application that the company uses. The main misconception with the EMM application is about having someone else – the corporate IT in this case – managing a personal device. During the training session, talking about the EMM application, why it is there, what it does, how it manages the devices and how will the BYOD user will benefit from the application will be wholesome to both the company and the employee in clearing out the misconceptions.

Finally, the training session should include how the corporate support will be provided to the BYOD users. The points that should be emphasized should be the level of support for everyday use for each device, the escalation paths and the support cases with lost/stolen devices. If a self-service portal is already available on the corporate Intranet, it is better to inform and point the users to the portal during the training.

As many things in the life, BYOD is not a destination, rather it is a gateway to many possibilities. Once the companies take solid steps to BYOD implementation, most probable next step will be the mobilization of the corporate data. By this, I do not mean mobile access to corporate resources, as I have covered through the BYOD series. Rather, I mean shaping the enterprises for the mobility – from in-house developed applications to the Big Data infrastructure. From today, it is important to have a solid understanding of the mobile future and plan for it.


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Finding Advantages Of Unmetered Dedicated Servers For The Best Results Of Hosting

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America has quite advanced technologies, when it comes to the matter of servers, due to their high output technologies and cloud services, which have recently been introduced.
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PHP 5.5 beta2 released

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Why It Is Important To Register Your Domain Name?

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A domain name is the part of the website address and it is essential for any website to float on the internet.
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phpMyAdmin 4.0.0-beta3 is released

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Welcome to the third beta release for phpMyAdmin 4.0.0. With this version, the HTML frames
are gone and the navigation panel now presents a tree. This version requires Javascript.

Version 4.0 contains many bug fixes and smaller new features; moreover, the documentation
has a new look and contains an index. Enjoy!

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Dedicated Server Hosting in the Age of the Cloud

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As more enterprises turn to the cloud and web hosting providers try to keep up with demand, how and where does dedicated server hosting fit in? Should you be concentrating your attention on expanding your cloud infrastructure and launching new cloud-based services, or is there still life – and revenue – in dedicated servers?

Although a dedicated server is relatively expensive compared to shared hosting and virtual private servers (VPS hosting), serious businesses are prepared to pay for reliability and speed.

At HostingCon 2013, connect with dedicated server hosting providers and learn why they remain committed to dedicated servers, and learn how they position their services not just as the next step up from shared and virtual private server hosting, but as a viable alternative to the cloud.

What makes a dedicated server hosting plan successful?

Businesses buy into the cloud because they are promised scalability, flexibility, and reliability. However, many organizations prefer dedicated servers because they are often more configurable, fully isolated, and a more secure way to store mission-critical data.

Of course, achieving the best service from a dedicated server requires the correct setup, from the infrastructure to software and hardware configurations. A few key considerations include:

  • Ample hardware resources: Each server needs plenty of RAM, CPU, and disk space to handle connections.
  • Secure servers: Servers must be updated regularly with the latest patches and security updates to keep the BIOS, operating system, and software running smoothly.
  • Network redundancy: For reliability and uptime, servers should not be a single point of failure, but part of a larger infrastructure, with redundant devices to mitigate the risk of failure.
  • A suitable data center: The physical environment where the server is located should be optimized for supporting hardware, with appropriate ventilation, cooling, security, and monitoring tools.

For web hosts that want to add dedicated server hosting, meeting these requirements can be difficult. Competing with the cloud, a dedicated server must deliver the fastest performance and the most consistent uptime possible, with robust security.

Meet dedicated server hosting companies at HostingCon 2013

The cloud is growing in popularity, rapidly becoming a popular choice for enterprises of any size. However, there remains a significant market for dedicated servers.

Smart companies position their servers as a secure, reliable, and powerful solution with predictable performance and, in turn, a predictable cost.

At HostingCon 2013, you will have the opportunity to meet new people from leading dedicated server hosting companies and learn more about what they do and how they position their services in an ever-changing market.

One exhibitor, Limestone Networks, is a specialist in unmanaged dedicated server hosting based out of Dallas, TX. The company offers a wide range of dedicated server plans, hosted in a tier 4 SAS70 Type II certified facility with unparalleled security. In addition, if you would like to start offering dedicated servers yourself, you can become a Limestone Networks Reseller to get a significant discount on your servers, unlimited SSL certificates, and a brandable control panel.

Another exhibitor in the dedicated server space is LeaseWeb, a global company with data centers across Europe and the USA. LeaseWeb provides unmetered dedicated server hosting with no unpredictable bandwidth charges, in addition to colocation, cloud hosting, and virtual servers.

Discover how dedicated servers remain competitive as the cloud continues to expand. Register now to join us at HostingCon 2013 and speak with dedicated server experts.

For all the latest HostingCon news and information, visit HostingCon – Premier Industry Conference and Trade Show for Web Hosting and Cloud Service Providers

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Netherlands Dedicated Services Offering Best Seedbox For 3 Turn Advantages

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These services are of the best quality, where the bandwidth is quite large, almost unlimited in the sense that there is only the host portal, without interference from any other portals.
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A World Wide Internet Slow Down, One of Biggest DDoS Attacks in History

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• DDoS Attack of nearly 300 GB/s • A Cyber Attack capable of disrupting even the Government Networks • Sites from around the Globe facing intermittent connections There has been news coming from around the globe about Internet slowdown. Even … Continue reading
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