phpMyAdmin 3.5.4 is released

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Welcome to phpMyAdmin 3.5.4, a bugfix release.

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THN-SoundConnect Announces Suite Of Cloud Services

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SoundConnect announced the launch of a new service offering to assist small and medium size businesses with reliable, cloud based services. SoundConnectamp;rsquo;s Cloud Service Suite delivers the same service options to the SMB that were once only available to the enterprise customers.

Source: SoundConnect Announces Suite Of Cloud Services

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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): #4 Managing the Revolution

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Quoting straight from Wikipedia, Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is “the set of people, processes and technology focused on managing the increasing array of mobile devices, wireless networks, and related services to enable broad use of mobile computing in a business context.” I will focus on the “technology” part in the definition and go a little bit deeper (for the process part, I recommend you to read the previous article in the series).

Enterprise Mobility Management brings a couple of questions that a company should evaluate before it chooses an EMM application. I call them “scopes” of the EMM concept, which I hope will help the IT decision makers analyze their prospective EMM application.

Security tops the list as one would expect. From an EMM perspective, security is about accessing the corporate resources on the mobile devices, whether through accessing corporate network via VPN or through cached data. Due to the very nature of the mobile devices, they can easily be stolen and once compromised can pose an immediate threat to the company. Considering a 360-degree security viewpoint, the EMM solution has to provide solutions to limit and revoke access to corporate systems, wipe data remotely, provide/enforce central security policies and encryption.

Enterprise Mobile Management

EMM Solution has to manage a broad range of devices. With BYOD, IT can never know which device it will have to manage.

Device management is one of the pillars of the EMM. Once devices are secured, they will be managed. Device management has to provide solutions to access to the device’s resources and audit them. This management should include the following:

  • accessing device use, such as status and usage at the very least,

  • location tracking, even if GPS is not present, coarse tracking with cell tower triangulation is acceptable,

  • hardware management, such as blocking camera use when or where necessary,

  • Active Directory integration, if Active Directory is used,

  • profiles for personal and corporate use (there is a demand for encrypting the corporate profile, which can be made possible by certain mobile applications in almost all platforms. However, in a solid EMM infrastructure, this has to be a part of the EMM platform, rather than an enforced application on the device.)

Application management is another pillar of the EMM infrastructure. Although application management is a complicated process, there is no reason why it cannot be divided into its parts and managed so. The must-have elements in the EMM solution is:

  • the ability to inventory the apps that the users have on their devices,

  • the ability to view the app permissions,

  • the ability to offer black, white and grey lists for the users,

  • monitor device use in terms of network activity.

The EMM solution has to be thought of carefully in terms of applications. There has to be clear procedures speed up application evaluations on the corporate side; if the application version is 4.0 and the latest approved version is 1.3, the corporate IT will clearly lose the game. What has happened with the BYOD revolution will happen again: the users will try to find a way to install the latest version. In this example, if the latest approved version is 3.8.5, then the majority of the users will follow the procedures. The EMM infrastructure has to allow this quick response to the users. Although too much to ask today, the corporations will be demanding their own “corporate app stores” from their EMM solutions tomorrow.

In terms of network activity, the EMM solution has to monitor the network use of the device from an intrusion detection perspective. Or rather, the solution has to work together with an intrusion detection/prevention application to detect suspicious activity from the devices, such as requests to access to corporate resources when the device’s status is idle.

Content management is another issue in the EMM infrastructure. More enterprises are deploying content management solutions such as Microsoft SharePoint to allow quick collaboration on the documents and displaying business intelligence results. The EMM solution must ensure that not only the corporate content is synced with the device but also is not accessible if compromised.

When the scope is defined clearly, then the stage is set for the EMM solution evaluation. As of the writing of this article, there are about 30 EMM applications in the market. The applications come from a variety of vendors, such as:

The BYOD revolution just happened. Now the IT decision makers need to find a way to manage the revolution. If the IT repeats its past mistakes, it is doomed to be taken down by the revolution. The IT decision makers must remember that the board of directors are also the users of the various systems and they are also a part of the revolutionists.


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How to start a reseller hosting business

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International PHP Conference

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The 451 Group Acquires Research Firm Applied Velocity Labs

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February 26, 2013 — The 451 Group announced on Tuesday it has acquired strategy, advisory and research firm Applied Velocity Labs for an undisclosed amount. News of the acquisition comes just a few weeks after The 451 Group acquired mobile research firm Yankee Group for an undisclosed amount from Alta Communications.

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Tips on Finding The Best & Cheap Web Hosting Provider

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Choosing the right web hosting service for your site can be done easily, if you knew what to look.
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What is PDF Optimization?

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PDF files have become an important aspect of promoting websites and businesses online. Hence, it is important to make sure that they are well designed and optimized. Read this article to know more about PDF optimization.
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The Biggest Mistakes You Can Make With Your Web Site

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Surprisingly, it’s reported that over half the businesses in the United States still don’t have a web site. Of this half, more and more will bend to the pressure of entering the digital age as a necessity to stay competitive. 72% of consumers say they will first check out a business online before considering using a company. Unfortunately, many businesses will take the cheap way out for having a site created and that will hurt them more than having no web site at all.

I was recently contacted by a new business to cover their emergence into the industry and they included a link to their new web site. Their business plan was very sound and a unique innovation on a service to businesses, especially those about to consider their first web site. Unfortunately, their own web site was poorly planned, badly designed and would not impress any visitor considering them as a vendor. I felt I should reply to their request for public relations outreach:

I would be pleased to cover your new idea as it seems quite unique and has merit but if I could give you a few words of advice, you really need to get professional with your sell copy on the “How It Works” page as well as watch the spacing in the layout. On one line you use “u” for “you.” Text speak and the current copy will not engage professional clients to try your service. Even the design, which is minimal… and that’s okay, has no corporate strength behind it. It doesn’t sell itself within the first minute and that’s a mistake that will have people click off your page before they can see what your service is all about.

I suggest you incorporate these considerations, as well as your blog material, sharing tools and layout before you go live for the public.

To his credit, the business owner replied, agreeing with me but his excuses rang of the same problems I’ve noticed on other new sites:

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to me. Also, thanks for your feedback as I value this above anything else. I’ll fix the grammar on the “How It Works” page, something I should have done before my developer made it go live. Also, I’m thinking about just totally redoing that page after listening to your feedback. As you know startups, especially bootstrapped ones have to watch where they allot resources to and I was using most of my resources in building the functionality of the site and not so much on the design as I was thinking of fixing that up later, once we get the MVP built. So do you think, I should just redo that page? I was just trying to get a landing page together to collect emails and see customer interest, but that’s pointless when the design detracts initial visitors.

I replied again, trying to explain further, without giving away too much information as I get paid to consult on such matters:

In my opinion, you need to put your best foot forward from the start. The whole site should reflect the professional stature you want to entice clients to trust you from the start and be impressed by what they see as a top source for their needs. Anything less and they’ll click away and never come back.

Web sites are the first impression prospective clients will have of a business and if it looks cheap or unprofessional, then that is the impression they will have. Your site is your number one sales tool, backed up by service once the client is hooked. Why spin your wheels if you know the site isn’t the best it can be? I think you need to step back and look at your site from the perspective of a visitor. You may also want to do some market research and ask connections of yours for their HONEST feedback. What do they think? What was their first impression of business? Do they immediately know what your business is offering? Viewers should know within the first 30 seconds what it is you’re offering them and what your business is all about.

Give it a try but in the meantime, put up a landing page with an email opt-in so you don’t lose momentum from people coming to your page and deciding you’re not for them.

It is true that monetary considerations do come into play when planning any marketing initiative, such as a web site but if you knowingly cut corners or do a sub par job, it will reflect on your business and then any money spent is just a waste of those funds and a danger to your business brand and future success. Your web site is your growth mechanism. It will bring in new business and evolve with your business expansion.

When considering your web site, there are several step you need to take to assure your success:

How much do I have to pay for the design, domain registration and monthly hosting fees?

The answer, as with any major purchase; shop around. You can find web hosting reviews and most will handle your domain registrations as well. Many also have web design services that will work with you until you are satisfied with the design.

Look up some local web designers and talk with them about your needs. A professional designer has your best interest in mind because they want to continue servicing your web needs as the internet evolves and so does your business. They can also handle your domain registration and many can host your site on their server for one set price package deal.

There are sites that have design contests where you write a design brief of your needs and a dozen or more designers will design your site and you can choose the solution you like best and only pay for the design you choose. Further tweaks, if needed, are paid to the designer on an hourly basis.

How do I bring customers to my web site?

Marketing your site has several different avenues. First, you can list the URL to your web site on your cards, stationery and signs. If you advertise in the local phone book, you can also list your URL there, too.

Then there’s social media. Facebook, Twitter, a site blog, an newsletter and Pinterest are just a few of the popular social media channels available but not all businesses need all of them. Once again, it pays to shop around and speak with a social media expert as to what would best fit your business. The biggest mistake businesses make with their social media is to either ignore it, start it and then let it sit there unused or turn it over to an employee who is inexperienced at marketing and social outreach.

For example, one of my favorite small, local eateries had too many in-between meal hours that brought in no income. Naturally, I wanted to see them succeed as they had the best Gyro in town. I had the owner sit down with me, while I scarfed down the delicious meat filled pita and asked him what social media he used to bring in customers. He told me his son, who was also the cook, handled his social media. Settling on my meal as the fee for my consultation, his sone joined us and I asked which channels he used and how.

He told me he tweeted at 2:00 am about some menu items but often he was too tired to do anything. Both father and son insisted they had a web site with the menu and hoped that was enough.

“Ah,” I said, wiping generous portions of Gyro sauce from my face and hands. “But how do people find your site?”

They look perplexed. “For a restaurant,” I continued, “as with any service based business, you need to start soliciting feedback on sites like Yelp! and Urban Spoon. When people see those listings, as they search for Gyros or other popular menu items, they will then be able to view your site. You have great food, so let the reviews be your inbound marketing and it will entice other customers.”

“As for Twitter, why don’t you set up automatic tweets for a ‘snack time’ between 2:00-4:00 pm with specials so you can generate income during the off-times? Run daily specials for overstocked food items and let the big return items like fries and sodas pay for the profit on food items you’ll have to discard in a day or two.”

To this day, I am meet with a warm greeting when I walk into the restaurant. My Gyro is extra stuffed and my helping of fries is too much to finish. The owner’s daughter also winks at me and squeezes my arm when she brings me my meal, which is very pleasant but only on the days when she shaves her moustache and arms.

Web sites, as with the first example listed and the marketing of those sites as listed in the second example, are an important step in increasing your business. Taking cheap solutions or half-hearted stabs at trying will not succeed. There is no magic formula or shortcuts in business. You know working hard is the key and having a web site that works just as hard is a reality in today’s business world.

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phpMyAdmin 3.5.5-rc1 is released

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Welcome to the first release candidate for phpMyAdmin 3.5.5, a bugfix release.

phpMyAdmin – News