(Siri) Understands and Speaks Japanese -[SIRIの日本語]

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www.mrdocrock.com Siri understands and speaks Japanese as of today thanks to Apple releasing a brand new update to the already impressive iPhone 4S via Software Update iOS 5.1. In this video I show you some test queries of how Siri works in Japanese. I can’t wait to play with this more and find the neat quirks that I know she’ll have in my second language. Please subscribe to the channel and like the video. #Aloha ### Connect with Doc Doc’s Blog http Doc’s Twitter: twitter.com Doc’s Facebook fb.me Doc’s Bio: about.me Nonstop Tech Podcast dcrk.me The Green House www.higreenhouse.com ### Special Thanks to: iFIXpro Computer Services www.ifixpro.com Eleven2 Web Hosting use promocode FROZEN to save 25% eleven2.com Please Subscribe (www.youtube.com and press the like buttons. Leave me a comment if you have questions or want me to review something for you. @Docrock follow me on the twitter. twitter.com ### Siri – What is Siri? Siri is the intelligent personal assistant that helps you get things done just by asking. It allows you to use your voice to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls, and more. But Siri isn’t like traditional voice recognition software that requires you to remember keywords and speak specific commands. Siri understands your natural speech, and it asks you questions if it needs more information to complete a task. — Apple.com ### Language Support and Availability Siri works exclusively on iPhone 4S. Siri understands and can speak the following
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20 Responses to “(Siri) Understands and Speaks Japanese -[SIRIの日本語]”

  1. Saturnstales Says:

    I need someone/thing that can understand japanese text and spoken words….

  2. MyAlienX Says:

    I think its a great tool for learning Japanese

  3. HARDCOREBuLL117Onix Says:

    OMG i need to learn japanese xD

  4. zerrubabbel Says:

    that was awesome! except she sounds strange when speaking japanese, I cant quite lay my finger on it…

    and as a side note, I know my studies are going well when I can understand everything you said in that video 😀

  5. Spacekeemo Says:

    not really) all the recognition credits go to “nuance”, while the contextual stuff which is pure maths goes to the “Siri” which apple just bought

  6. bluebeard2 Says:

    Apple have been creating their own voices for a very long time, and are one of the leaders in voice technology. In fact, they’ve been doing text-to-speech since the mid 80’s (Talking Moose anyone?) and speech-to-text since the early 90’s. However, most of their research has centred around English accents and phonemes – and predominantly the North American accent.

  7. alfredsparkle Says:

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  8. alfredsparkle Says:

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  9. whatmatterss Says:

    It doesn’t follow my logic gaaaah. I’m not really sure what question format to use with siri in Japanese. She just offers to search the web every time.

  10. docrock808 Says:

    I agree, i think is has to do with the company the licensed the voices from

  11. poppy945 Says:

    is it just me? do you guys notice that the sound quality is quite bad for all except the american english siri? a fix is required for this matter…

  12. alfredsparkle Says:

    Voice Answer gives for Android answers on many topics.You can ask your question either by talking to it or type it out.The knowledge base behind the app gives you an enormous amount of information in your pocket.Believe it or not,but this app was actually rejected by Apple for being ‘confusingly similar to Siri’.You can now also search for nearby places,such as the closest place to find Italian food.

  13. chingpotpot Says:


  14. angelarianos Says:

    I didn’t understand anything :(

  15. zungaloca Says:

    dont beg

  16. jeromekoehler Says:

    Oh my 🙂 Now Shiori-chan needs to pick up an iPhone 4S.

  17. xcmhy742 Says:


  18. SakanaJin Says:

    To make it read your name do you have to set the phone language to Japanese?

  19. HighlyClassifiedUser Says:

    So gaijin Japanese lol.

  20. Mark96706 Says:

    Cool! You’re from Hawaii too. LoL. Aloha and こんにちは!
    I want to get an iPhone 4S now.

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