ASUS Eee PC T101MT – Inking and Touchscreen

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Playlist: This video will show the inking and touchscreen feature of this netbook-tablet convertible. I’d like to point out that this unit has been upgraded to 2GB RAM and Windows 7 Ultimate. The stock specs of 1GB and Windows 7 Starter will not reflect the same results shown in this video. Follow my guide in the video if you’d like to have the same responsiveness as I did. This netbook has been getting hours of usage from me. I am training myself to use many of the touch features, as well as practicing inking for note taking. I personally like playing 2D games like “Plants VS Zombies” on this because it feels like I’m playing on an iPad. ASUS Eee PC T101MT Netbook-Tablet: Corsair Memory Memory: HP NF869AA Mini Notebook Sleeve: AG2 Anti-Glare Screen Protector for 10.1″ Widescreen Netbooks Subscribe and watch my following videos on this netvertible. Follow me on these sites: Subscribe to me on YouTube Blogger: JaymarkTech Twitter Facebook – Search: JaymarkTech Thank you! — Interested in building your own site? Fast, reliable, professional web hosting at an affordable price!

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25 Responses to “ASUS Eee PC T101MT – Inking and Touchscreen”

  1. OZPGSB Says:

    now that would be a good idea, I wasted my money, stupidly… lol 

  2. OZPGSB Says:

    I did, well in fact, you should try leaning on the tablet regularly in pen mode… lightly touching your palm on the screen along with the pen tip, makes it seem like two pens are pointed on the screen… though with a wider area that is touched on the screen, it will then be able to notice it is the palm and it will get ignored…

  3. MrJohnnation Says:

    Is this resistive screen much worse than capacitive? I can get for the same price this device and HTC flyer. I believe that Flyer is better for writing notes but with this I could do some serious work…. :/ Too bad it is not capacitive….

  4. lilpmd4 Says:

    Hey Jay, I just purchased one of these Asus netbooks so far I am please with what I see however, Im having an issue with writing or using the pen feature. I can write somewhat but not in the middle of the screen, do you have any suggestions?

  5. Bonznumber1 Says:

    HELP i desperate i really need someone who is really nice that can make a copy of the recovery partition for me… i had my HDD fail and now i want to get back to what i had. Just installing any old copy of windows and Downloading all the software from ASUS doesn’t cut it, things like the screen rotate button don’t work now…. send me a message if you can help

  6. piratesmvp Says:

    Hey I git the tablet and something doesnt seem right with the pen mode. Even in pen mode, i still get stray marks and sometimes, it will right click because it detects both my palm and the pen. Have you had similar issues?

  7. FilipinoNikki Says:

    i like the idea of writing on this instead of a paper, this way i can lug less stuff to class. I’m not very fond of that handwriting to text, seems to take a bit longer than just writing or typing.

  8. piratesmvp Says:

    OK thanks I will do that if I buy from there. But, I might just actually try to get the PDF and then find a good PDF reader that lets me annotate with the pen.

  9. OZPGSB Says:

    You don’t need a screen protector for resistive touch screens, they pretty much are unscratchable unless you really try hard enough, and its already so easy to clean when you see oil from your hands after like months of use, just use your shirt sleeve and wipe it, and tada, good spanking new… lol

  10. OZPGSB Says:

    haha well I hope it’ll be useful, tried getting my AP Review books on it but stupid kindle reviewbook is only scanned, not text, so I can’t zoom in and its unreadable 😛 lol I should warn you to check it out first if your planning on using Amazon, get the sample first, and no, the resistive touch screen won’t need a screen protector… its not glass, its pretty much a transparent sheet you see teachers used to have, and still use today for projectors, and anti-glare wont help. lol

  11. piratesmvp Says:

    Haha thanks! I am planning to use this to take notes and read etextbooks in college. Do you think that an anti-glare film would help this be more viewable outside or is the brightness just now bright enough? …and Merry Christmas to you too!

  12. boobie284 Says:

    one more thing, I hope you’ll have as much fun as I am, lol besides the debt I have to my parents, lol which I promised I will pay off haha 😛 Have yourself a merry christmass my friend… cheers, and congratz

  13. boobie284 Says:

    Yes indeed, I’ve been happy to own this, the only draw back I really saw was the Screen Max Brightness when outside, which is sitll very hard to see… and the battery life, but can’t really complain when I came knowingly from a 10 hour asus eee PC to this switch for the touch screen…

  14. piratesmvp Says:

    Ah, well, that is nice to hear! I actually am purchasing this machine next week as a Christmas present for myself, so I am glad to hear that it does this!

  15. boobie284 Says:

    I finally got it anyways, If anyone else was wondering what I was I c an play 720p Youtube fine, and 1080p audio on youtube is fine so if you’re listening to music and there’es really no video to it, then 1080p will sound great! 😀 lol and also, but you were sayign that the 3150 will have toruble, this is what I’m saying, yes , it “did,” but so far… the new N570 Atoms are able to catch up on its workload, sure it isn’t the best, but it still is presentable, and comparably better.

  16. piratesmvp Says:

    That’s only true if you watch HD and it depends on what the graphics chipset is. This thing has the Intel 3150 so it will not do even 720p well. It may also struggle on 480p. On the earliest Atom machines, even 360p would be pushing it, but the newer models are much more up to the task. Atom machines that have the Intel 500 graphics can do 720p but not 1080p.

  17. Alpha2261 Says:

    I don’t know what he’s using but there’s one called rocket dock that I use, that’s probably what he’s using.

  18. Einsteineful Says:

    what’s the name of the program running in the desktop, down, like the Mac OS thing?

  19. boobie284 Says:

    My bro said the problem with the Atoms are that they lag when you try to watch youtube in HD? is that true?

  20. TheOfficialJasmineC Says:


  21. wilbear95 Says:

    From Where?/ how?

  22. wilbear95 Says:

    hi, i just recently bought this Asus T101 Mt,
    and i bought it particulary because of the pen/ finger mode.
    but i cant seem to find out how to switch modes. can you please help?

  23. marcorex5 Says:

    yo dond tget this for notes get the hp tm2t for notes its a really faster computer with i3 processor 4gb ram and 500gb hardrive this laptop here is crap…

  24. tacticalking161 Says:

    are there any websites that will not be completely be displayed?

  25. casemods Says:

    I am stuck between this and the lenovo ideapad 06517HU

    Does this come with the pen?

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