How to install xampp with no errors

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This video is by Shawn from mrsal511’s youtube channel. It shows exactly how to install xampp and not have any errors. It also shows how to fix the errors if they should arise. Websites used: Extracting program called WinRar – Xampp – http Localhost links: Xampp setup – localhost/ or localhost in your web browser Phpmyadmin – localhost/phpmyadmin or localhost in your web browser Your Websites: localhost/(FILE OR FOLDER NAME) or localhost OR FOLDER NAME) Save all your websites in the xampp/htdocs folder Cautions/installing notes/errors: 1. DO NOT install Mysql as a service, if you do start a command prompt(As administrater in win7) and type “sc delete mysql” It should say something like service deleted, but if its not installed it will say service does not exist This is the #1 reason why mysql says [-1] error when you try to start it on xampp 2. Do not delete the localhost files contained in xampp/htdocs it will destroy your pages when you type localhost/ or localhost 3. If the installer method does not work when installing xampp use the zip method 4.If you install to your home drive such as C:\ you DO NOT run setup_xampp.bat I hear this will mess up xampp. If you install it anywhere except for your home drive. You must run it. If you find any other xampp errors please alert me and i will get back to you with how to fix it. Please remember to: 1. Suscribe 2. Rate 3. Comment
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23 Responses to “How to install xampp with no errors”

  1. raja3886 Says:


  2. xtananx Says:

    please help me my apache wont start..!!

  3. HabboSoeterboek Says:

    Speed up youre video :s you work so slow

  4. Darr3nDav1s Says:

    When I load xampp up, only the MySQL is running. I click Apache run and it runs then stops. I checked the services and Apache and Xampp Control or whatever isn’t running. I enabled them and started both of them. I got an error saying something about they have nothing to do if they were running. I think that is the problem. Any help?

  5. zonuke123456789 Says:

    If you can’t run your apcache so simple close the program which is blocking the locahost:80
    So it means to close the skype if you have it.

  6. zonuke123456789 Says:

    This is not a good idea cuz for now the program says it works bla bla but when you trying to open your project from localhost you will get a simple error like example The requested URL /phpmyadmin was not found on this server bam.

    Shit as has to be nothing good i see in it for now and for wapserver the same.
    you guys i promise you will get a lot of errors.
    And for this there is now fix untill.

  7. jackwirepc Says:

    when i go to phpmyadmin at localhost it says error 2002 plz help!

  8. TheLucweb Says:

    i couldnt delete msql

  9. Rs06Carlitos Says:

    sc delete msql diddnt work it kept the checkmark.

  10. Rs06Carlitos Says:

    im having so amny problems and i check of mysql the box beside it and now i can never take of.

  11. MrMythicalBunny Says:

    When I go to my webrowser and type in localhost it opens an error page i started apache and mysql but still.. nothing! HELP Please 😉

  12. SuperMrWendel Says:

    I Downloaded xampp exe but it doesnt run apache or mysql pls help and may u teamview me?

  13. mrsal511 Says:

    Consider going to management classes. They might help you later in life.

  14. SeRgA123456789 Says:

    I got this error when i start phpMyAdmin
    MySQL said:

    #1130 – Host ‘localhost’ is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server

  15. TheTnbReport Says:

    turn the shitty music off … this is a tutorial dumb ass how is the loud obnoxious music helpful ?!

  16. mrsal511 Says:

    Well I beleive this was Camtasia Studio.

    Thanks for watching.

  17. XBrionyXHabboXGeekX Says:



  18. CT2507 Says:

    well, i never stayed for 24 secs… i went to another vid after about 7-10 secs… thats the most time i can stand watching tutorials with annoying music.
    and i do use headphones. thats exactly why the sound is even louder.

  19. mrsal511 Says:

    At about 0:24 it does turn down about half volume. I can understand everything after a quick rewatch.. Consider buying headphones if you are using something like laptop speakers.

  20. CT2507 Says:

    turn down the music… cant understand half u are saying.

  21. JsCrzyMix Says:

    Can you re make this with out the shitty music i cant hear wtf your saying

  22. TheRishikumra Says:

    I cant get to localhost, please help me!

  23. skogheimh Says:

    Im facing several issues during thisinstallation. First I get an error, because port 80 or 433 allready are in use. the biggest problem further is that, because that, apache wasnr installed. so when im trying to start I’ll just get error cannot start [-1]. Last time I installed it, I managed to start apache, but coudnt get in to localhost. Can you help me?

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