Hardcore Skyrim – Episode 15 – Was that a pedo bandit?

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We continue our road into Morthal and the next part of the Main questline! Soon we will finish Act 1 and I ll be free to do all the sidequests in the world! yea! ——————————————————————————————- Facebook: www.facebook.com Hardcore Rules: 1) If you die, the character is ‘dead’. You cannot reload the save. There is only 1 life. 2) You cannot use the Map, neither for Fast traveling nor for guidance. 3) You cannot use the compass (Mod required) 4) Play in Expert or Master difficulty. Master is recommended. 5) You need to eat food and sleep to get your stam and magicka regen (Mod required) 6) There is NO health regen, you need either pots or healing magic (Mod required) -Mod to hide HUD features and the compass: www.skyrimnexus.com -Mod to simulate the necessity of food and sleep for survival: www.skyrimnexus.com If you have any questions, please let me know. And enjoy!

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25 Responses to “Hardcore Skyrim – Episode 15 – Was that a pedo bandit?”

  1. Omanier Says:

    P.s when you said snow spirit, do you mean ice wraiths or wisps/wisp mothers? If so then they are only found around dawnstar and winterhold and windhelm areas.

  2. trapperadam1 Says:

    no it is friggin weed man

  3. RUSSeduard Says:

    If Lydia’s Inventory is full,just drop something and tell her to pick it up.^^

  4. TheRandomBrickGuy Says:

    I love how you say “… That Ass! :3” in 7:03 and then it turns out it was a clean ass shot on that frost troll!

    Love This series, Though I’m only here and not at episode 52. You can’t die and end the series because if you die, I’ll kill ya’!!
    Much love, much Respect From A Viking in Sweden!

  5. bryan23361 Says:

    easy to tell the difference. :p

  6. bryan23361 Says:

    @zx2xwarrior: it’s an Ancient Nordic ruin. I really don’t know how people don’t know the difference. The Nordic ruins are darker stoned ruins, and on the map and compass their symbol is either the three pronged upside down thing or the arched thing with the one prong on the bottom. (you’ll know it when you see it) Dwemer ruins are sorta bronze-ish covered with lighter stones and have the tower-ish symbol on the map and compass.
    I may seem like a butt about this, and I am sorry, but really, it’s

  7. sapruable Says:

    Learn your WoW quotes. And if you do not know what WoW is it is World of Warcraft.

  8. Ipavaiva Says:

    why are every single Skyrim-let’s play makers always saying “Booya”?

  9. Ipavaiva Says:

    You can still drop for example all your dragon bones and make her pick them one-by-one, she will do that even you couldn’t give her more stuff to carry

  10. xxSuperGamerz Says:

    u could get a ebony bow at the labrythain

  11. Lil' Dre Says:

    i have it on the same difficulty as you but i run into any building or camp with a sword and my dog meeko like a bad-uh…butt

  12. tdalhaug Says:

    you are gonna get pwned in one of ur sidequests

  13. Sirondium Says:

    MrRhexx: “Yeah thats Labyrinthium over there” Shoots Arrow in General Direction.
    Kid in Labyrinthium: Mommy, Mommy, it’s a bir… thump!

  14. roju98 Says:

    Die Werbung; weil bei scheidenpilz jeder tag zählt XD

  15. leopzz51 Says:

    Man, you should use Deadly Dragons Mod.. i don’t know if you are using it already, i started watching the series like, yesterday.. so… thats what i think.
    by the way, reeeeaaly imerssive. I started a game in hardcore mode, just like you, it is, hardcore.

  16. GuitarManFromJupiter Says:

    Pedo Bandit: I’m here to kill you, and fondle your goodies :3

  17. somerandomorphan Says:

    When Lydia gets in your way just sprint at her then she’ll move ;D

  18. Schattenkatze009 Says:

    hahah and the funny thing is that as you carried the corpse of that child his father was like 4 feets in front of you 😀 😀

  19. Lethal tentacle Says:

    I dont think they get over combered because i gave one of my followers a ton of stuff from finding a invisable chest in dawnstar

  20. DarkFireBrah Says:

    He has a mod where everything INCLUDING him take more damage.

  21. DarkFireBrah Says:

    You probly already have Skyrim and have started BUT its all about what you prefer. You dont gotta pick the weapons part right away so use what you want but you can decide beforehand because certain races give boosts to certain skills.

  22. miekjer97 Says:

    it depents on what you like to do.
    if you are a really sneaky type you should be a kajit and put lots of points in sneak, if you like hand to hand combat you should problary(i spelled that uncorrect, didnt i?) choose a orc and if you like to eh.. be a mage you should choose a high elf and put lots of tings in dustruction illusion conjuration and all that other stuff.
    this is just my opinion so plaese dont bitch about it.
    sorry for my bad english btw

  23. alexandriaspride Says:

    I love the commentary around 12:40 It’s so awesome

  24. alessandroreyes Says:

    You should take out the 5x mod, i dont believe that you will beat the game without getting an arrow..

  25. BeccaTheTiger Says:

    Okay, that was weird.. I was listening to Tobuscus’ ‘I can swing my sword’, when Rhexx says “I have been listening to this song a lot” and I was like “OMGs, he knows me..”

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