Shared Hosting Complaints: Compiled and Counted

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Over the last month or so we have been meticulously counting up all the little complaints and problems you, our readers, have been experiencing with some of the largest names in the business. We’ve exposed everyone from iPage to JustHost, from HostGator to HostMonster, from Web HostingPad to WebHostingHub. During all of this, however, we’ve also noticed a few similarities between the complaints. In fact, we’re almost positive we could compile a list of a few issues that all shared hosting providers suffer from. We’re so sure of it, actually, that we already did it. You’ll find that list below, broken up into sections that best detail what our readers have been clamoring on about. However, before we dive into that set of meat and potatoes, we feel as if we owe you a quick roundup of who faired the best during our investigation. We’ll try to keep things level with you as we round the corner to:

Who’s Complaints Were the Least Drastic

This is a tough category to create, as it’s somewhat subjective, and largely the number of complaints we received about a host had to do with the number of users the host actually provided for. To say it another way, the more people using a host, the more likely we are to get a few complaints here and there. However, we can point a few clear winners, in no particular order.

First and foremost, HostGator tended to do quite well for itself. The provider is far from perfect, and suffers from most if not all of the complaints listed below, but on the whole we feel the hosting provider will still do quite the job if you’re looking for a spot of cheap and efficient shared hosting. We also feel like Web Hosting Hub is a solid option, based on the sort of reviews we received. Sure, sometimes the tech support reps don’t have an immediate solution, but the performance and hardware at the core of the company appear to be rather solid. And lastly, we’ve heard some strange things from the FatCow camp, but on the whole, they also appear to deliver where needed. Best of all, their tech support really does seem to be as cracked up as it ought to be.

Hosts to examine before signup, at least according to customer reviews in our database, are HostMonster, iPage, and WebHostingPad. All of these companies offered somewhat decent service, but based on the amount of complaints we’ve hauled in over the last few months, we’re willing to bet they’re not quite as solid as they’d have us believe.

Now that the juicy details are out of the way, let’s jump on down to a full look at some of the complaints and ailments that all shared hosting providers suffer from, as told to us by hosts users:

Unlimited is Impossible:

We’ve known this for a while by just looking at the technology involved, but it is quite nice to hear our readers say it, as well. By all indications, there doesn’t seem to be a shared hosting provider alive that can offer real, honest to goodness unlimited hosting. You see, shared hosting technology simply doesn’t allow you to soak up as much power as you need, or as much memory as you might want. We haven’t really got a problem with these limitations, however we do have a problem with hosts that charge you for “unreasonable use”—of which there were quite a few. As such, be wary of the unlimited services claim, and always ask the host if they have any sort of limitations you should know about.

Tech Support Not Calling Back:

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This isn’t a breakup story, it’s the real, cold truth about web hosting. According to our readers, it seems fairly common that a web hosting provider’s tech support representatives will occasionally drop a call, not respond to an email, or otherwise disappear from commission, leaving our readers (or potentially you) in the lurch. Obviously this is a bit of drag, and we’d hate to see it happen to anyone. Depending on the severity of your problem, this may or may not be a deal breaker, but either way, expect it from time to time with virtually any shared hosting provider.

Money Back Hard to Get Back:

We’ve seen this with enough hosts that we feel it’s worth mentioning. According to many of our readers, it appears that getting your money returned from a money back guarantee is something of a tricky ordeal. In the best case scenario, you may have to talk for a while with a tech service representative. In the worst case scenario, you’re looking at a company that doesn’t answer your cancelation emails or calls, leaving you with the same plan you’re hoping to dump before the time limitation runs out. There’s not much you can do to prepare for this, except read the user reviews located on our site first, and then hope for the best if you come to this bridge.

Uptime is Not Always Transparent:

On another note, we’re also getting many, many reports from our users that the 99.99% guaranteed uptime simply doesn’t exist within the realm of shared hosting. We’re not particularly surprised, though we wonder how companies can get away with advertising such a promise. You see, at the worst, we’re seeing reports that shared hosts like JustHost are only online for 70% of the time. In other cases, the service may cruise along fine until, all of a sudden, things are halted for as much as three days at a time. No matter how you skew this, it’s a terrible thing, especially when your website is the lifeblood by which you live. If you need constant uptime and cannot live for a second without your website’s continued presence on the Net, we’d suggest you look for a more dedicated hosting option, rather than shared hosting: At least according to what our readers have been saying.

For more customer reviews and complains visit out User Reviews section.

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Linux Cpanel shared hosting: 600 GB disk space, 6 TB bandwidth, free domain, unlimited databases and ftp accounts, web hosting cheap and pro at Hostony

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