“Mafia Clubs” with Gerald Celente & Alex Jones

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Renowned trends forecaster Gerald Celente talks about the false flag op and the move toward World War Three. Celente forecasted that there will be a major war as the economy crumbles. www.trendsresearch.com/gerald.php www.infowars.com www.prisonplanet.tv

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25 Responses to ““Mafia Clubs” with Gerald Celente & Alex Jones”

  1. RAIDERS58th Says:

    Is it just me or does Gerald have a sort of RAT PACK vibe going on?

  2. WJValente Says:

    The problem is that the establishment is never going to allow people to vote for issues, so what we have to do is Bankrupt them by boycotting their products and exposing their lies.

  3. CelticAngloPress Says:

    Marxists of the 21st century : “New Left”?. (Read Description)

  4. superarmysoldier12 Says:

    lmao penis cheney

  5. njohns9 Says:

    Wake up everyone to this fraud!!!! END THE FED!!

  6. peopledick Says:

    An actual STARGATE/PORTAL-THING was captured on film. The footage can be found within the short-film entitled “SUDDEN PORTHOLE”, which is currently parked at the PROJECT CAMELOT YouTube page (it’s under the George Noory video).

    I’m not selling anything…I’m just trying to spread the word about the unseen-dimensions we find ourselves embedded in.

    My BLOG contains the peripheral data regarding the movie and is where I reply to the “debunkers” (use search words “Sam Zurick” & “BLOG”). THANKS!!

  7. 22madashell Says:

    I love gerold. Just telling. It like it is. Let the people vote.

  8. linkasurfs Says:

    TRUTH SPEAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We need more of this up in Canada to spark the nation here, gain momentum and grow the movement which will battle the white shoed corporate political thug trolls!

    We can do it, and we will continue to expose, and eradicate these swine dogs.

  9. williamrlittle Says:

    Alex Jones, Gerald Celente, RON PAUL, Jesse Ventura, and George Noory to name the very few true patriots still remaining in this country have a message that is gaining popularity amoung the people, and especially the youth, and young adults worth hearing. In search of answers to end the corruption America is being driven toward those that speak unbending truth. Together, United we can rise up and take our country back, and re implement the Constitution our Founding Fathers gifted us with. Unite

  10. TheBelldiver Says:

    One of the few real patriots in America.

  11. ZedAlfa273 Says:

    I have been experiencing the same thing for some time.

  12. yaahme Says:

    Celente is exactly spot on – review what he has stated for the record in the past on this and more important what he forecasts with the Trends going forward…

    Gerald’s 3 G’s is more than a slogan.

  13. willkill4kronic Says:

    see my blog you will understand all


    spell it properly or you will be redirected!

  14. daveforprezident Says:

    Celente predicted riots in the streets. Wrong.

  15. livetotell100 Says:

    You’d be surprised how many people can’t do that. This ecomomy sucks the big one. Eventually silver will be too expensive too. sad thing is people wait till its too late to do anything.

  16. MrPhotodoc Says:

    Alex. Prove you are not CIA. Go down to Wall Street and be seen with the 99%. I’ll bet your check will be in the mail.

  17. snarbywrx Says:

    If someone can’t afford $35 for an ounce of silver, then that is dire straights.

  18. sswemmer Says:

    Hey PENIS CHENEY!!!!
    I thought that guy passed on already a long time ago…
    I love Celente’s impersonation of Cheney’s mug….. excellent


  19. PVBOG Says:

    yes yes yes revolution is starting ! American Gov’t really is a mafia .

  20. livetotell100 Says:

    Jones and Celente say to buy gold and silver. What they don’t realize is that probably 90% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck and can’t afford to buy gold and silver. I guess they are shit out of luck, huh?

  21. Renathra Says:

    Funny.. I can watch Dr. Phil and Robin dance with the stars at full speed. Any conspiracy news I try to watch is HELLA bogged down. The vid stops and the audio continues… Alex jones, Dutchsinse, Celente, HAARP vids.. channel after channel if they’re available, they’re all messed up!

  22. liveguns Says:

    You make a good point. Oh and by the way, very nice plants. / from B.C.

  23. nicademus1974 Says:

    while i agree with your sentiment, “we” had a republic and it lasted less than 80 years. Republics don’t work any better. The constitution was violated before the ink was even dry. Government is only the the most successful gang in any geographical area. The only way human interaction works is without coercion, without violence.

  24. liveguns Says:

    Exactly, well said.

  25. liveguns Says:

    What America needs to do is go back to being a Republic that follows the rule of law. You see America no longer followers their own law or international law. We seen it with the assassination of bin laden and this alwaki guy. we see it with the undeclared acts of war against Pakistan and Yemen. This is all against American and international law. It is blatantly illegal. I’ve come to this conclusion of REPUBLIC after watching this, you should watch it: /watch?v=qhNobpG_4fQ

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