How to Open your Xbox 360’s NAT with Verizon Fios Tutorial

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UPDATED TUTORIAL: Go to this video. Read the ***UPDATES*** in the comment section below or in the video description (this box). They contain VERY important info you may need to be successful in Opening your NAT. Plz and ty ***UPDATE*** 6/5/08 in the list of default usernames and passwords, i forgot to mention the 4th default passoword: password1 ***UPDATE*** 6/2/08 incase you’re either: a. trying to follow along, but the DMZ host thing just won’t work for you. or b. trying to follow along with another internet service provider, but the DMZ host just isn’t working for you. or c. you just don’t wanna mess with the DMZ host all together. i have provided 2 alternative methods that MAY open your NAT in the video description. The instructions to go along with them, are, as stated before, for the Verizon Fios layout I have. —————————————- AIM: supers0ak MSN: Gamertag: supers0ak FTW —————————————- The Three Basic Options for Opening Your NAT (The following instructions are for Verizon Fios SPECIFICALLY, and even more specifically the MI424WR Actiontec Router. But if you have enough computer know-how to follow along with a different internet provider, be my guest) The first thing you need to do for any of these, is to login to your router’s settings page by using your default gateway/IP Address as the url in your internet broswer. (common defaults) User Name: admin Password: admin, password
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24 Responses to “How to Open your Xbox 360’s NAT with Verizon Fios Tutorial”

  1. Mrbaka227 Says:

    is this work for usb modem?

  2. ShinOwen2 Says:

    Hi thanks for the video helped alot, and I like the music. I was wondering is there a way for my xbox360 to have/get the loin’s share of the bandwith, I ask cause my brother uses a apple laptop and when he is useing it i get red bars when i try to play Street figher. Even on GoW3 I get lag.

  3. amicorny Says:


  4. DjentTilDeath Says:

    it keeps saying my NAT type is not open….im using a D-link router with a dynamic IP…

  5. 7hree5ix Says:

    Cancel all previous comments! That worked fine i just simply had the wrong cords plugged in where it wasnt matching up haha :). Awesome Vid recommend to any1 with Verizon

  6. 7hree5ix Says:

    Last 2 comments should combine into each other, Character limits.

  7. 7hree5ix Says:

    Also, i am using a Belkin router. I have a cord from xbox into Belkin router. From that router through my house i have a cord that comes out at my PC, and it plugs into the PC. The PC is plugged into a Verizon Fios Internet box( has Wifi and Hardline plugin options). I have my laptop and Desktop PC both running internet fine using that Fios connection but with the cords i have plugged in i have no xbox live? Help any1? Please and thank you! Great Vid by the way, exactly to the point but not 4 me

  8. 7hree5ix Says:

    I have a problem after hitting apply where it says ” Imput error, The host does not belong to any recognized LAN.” I dont know where to go from here.

  9. dport275 Says:

    THANK YOU! Perfect instructions, instant fix. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

  10. DLK22 Says:

    Dude, it worked great! Thanks so much for making this video as simple as possible for people like me! 😛

  11. fabioBEATbox Says:

    My issue is that i cannot recieve messeges or invites on xbox live.. when i test my network connection its says my connection is fine.idk what else to do FRUSTRATINGG!! helppp?

  12. londell141 Says:


  13. fkrazy1124 Says:

    life saverbig time

  14. rreay724 Says:

    dude you are the fucking man! thank you so much.

  15. verachr1z Says:

    that was soooo helpful thx

  16. heinzae Says:

    you are the greatest human being on youtube

  17. Barchueetadonai Says:

    This guy is a fucking genius

  18. cashcroppimp Says:

    Glad it worked :) Be sure to check out the new one I uploaded today for future reference! (I made an annotation of it on the vid)

  19. Drazx3 Says:

    Thank you so much, this tutorial was very easy. First one I found while searching, it’s the best out. I finally opened my NAT Type because the Actiontec router from Verizon Fios had it stuck on Moderate. This limited me from a lot of things.

  20. cashcroppimp Says:

    lol right? makes me feel all warm and special 😛

  21. FFIIInerd Says:

    everybody maKE sure you save this video to your favorites so you wont lose this video EVER AGAIN!

  22. FFIIInerd Says:

    everybody treatin you like your Jesus in here your SAVING EVERYBODIES NAT’s lol

  23. Seanatron97 Says:










  24. Seanatron97 Says:

    Holly **** dude I love you so much. I’ve been trying for 3 days with stupid port forwarding to open my nat and for my stupid actiontec verizon MI424-WR Rev.D router and i almost threw it across the room many times. I saw your vid and thought that it wouldn’t work cause it was 3 years ago that you did it but i finally was able to open my nat. Dude you deserve a like, subscribe, and this long ass message. Love You Bra

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