InMotion Hosting: Common Customer Complaints

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When it comes to web hosting, there are fewer names we recommend more than InMotion Web Hosting. The company has been in the business for one heck of a long time, and as such, they’ve really built up quite the reputation. In our reviews of them they’ve appeared to offer some of the best features around, and at certainly one of the better prices. However, paper looks can often be deceiving, especially in the world of web hosting. With that in mind, how is one really to know what the web hosting experience is like with InMotion? Simple! Read our reader reviews.

We’ve taken the liberty of compiling a few of the choicest and most clearly stated negative reviews we’ve received on the site about InMotion. You’ll find them all below, categorized by section, but before we get there, why not take a second, hard look at who InMotion claims they are? We feel it’s our duty to keep you informed, and as such, you’ll find a short summary below of some of InMotion’s biggest selling points.

Who is InMotion Web Hosting?

inmotionhosting logoFirst and foremost, InMotion is best known for its Max Speed Zone placement areas. The idea behind this is simple: The company puts data centers along both the East and West coasts, and then allows the customer to choose between them. In this way, they can obtain a faster internet connection by choosing a point that’s closest to either their own home base, or even their website viewers. It’s an ingenious idea, and it’s won the company a number of awards over the years—including several 2012 Best Web Host awards . However, as stated earlier, there’s really no way to know just how good a web host’s technology is without looking at real, first-hand experience. With that in mind, let’s go ahead and dive right into some of the more common complaints and problems our readers have experienced with InMotion, starting with:

Sales Department Complaints

Hard-to-Get Refund: By and large, one of the most common complaints we received from our readers concerns the promised 30-day money back guarantee. By all indications, it appears that InMotion is somewhat reluctant to give up a client once they’ve been signed. In fact, it appears the web host will try just about anything to please a customer, save refund their money. Our users have had the company swap their server, add additional features, change various services, etc. Sadly, though, it appears they aren’t s ready to simply hand back the cash—an aggravating experience no matter how you slice it!

Site Building Hoax: We haven’t seen as much of this complaint, but because of its severity, we still feel it’s worth mentioning. Apparently, it’s a rather hit-or-miss affair when it comes to having InMotion design your website. We’ve had a few readers complain of early payments, and then terribly late—or even non-existent—web designs being returned. In other words, some of our readers have paid for a web design, only to never receive it, or acquire it far beyond the promised deadline. If true, this is quite a troubling report.

Technical Support Problems

Not Very Helpful Help: We’ve seen this complaint with a few other major web hosting companies, and sadly, it seems like an epidemic. By all indications, the tech support specialists at InMotion seem to have a bit of an hard time providing answers or support for common hosting problems. Our readers noticed a special issue with virtual private servers, which the tech support representatives seemed ill-equipped to answer. All in all, we’d like to say you’re guaranteed a quick and professional solution from your tech support rep, but with the user reviews we’re getting, it just doesn’t seem to be so!

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Localized Downtime: Another issue our reviewers have been experiencing relates directly to the unique hardware layout we discussed earlier. It appears that, on occasion, one of the coastal databanks will go down, taking a load of websites with it: However, this usually spares the other coast any pain. On top of this, we’ve been getting numerous reports of long downtime, sometimes as much as several hours. Overall, we’re starting to get the feeling that the promised 99% uptime isn’t quite as accurate as InMotion would have us believe. The complaints don’t seem too out of the ordinary for a shared web host, but it’s still not spectacular news.

Functionality Problems

Too Techy: On a more interesting level, it appears that some of our users—even the brainy ones—found the hosting experience with InMotion to be just a tad too tech-oriented. They often reported problems using the provided utilities, including the site builder, control panel, and even file uploader. Overall, it appears someone with even a basic understanding of modern technology can get by with InMotion, but headier problems will take a near rocket scientist to complete. And in our eyes, any web host that has you hitting the textbooks just to enjoy its service is hardly worth our time.

Hacks Among Us: On another note, it appears that the web hosting provider is particularly prone to hacking. We’re hearing most of these reports emerging from the dedicated server camp, but no matter how you slice it, it’s still quite an uncomfortable feeling to know your data is at risk. The provider promises they’ve taken every necessary security precaution, but until we stop seeing reports of malicious break-ins, we can’t yet recommend InMotion for their security or stability against outside malevolence.

All in all, we haven’t seen quite as many complaints out of the user reviews with InMotion as we usually do with other hosting providers. Still, you should always check our user-created reports before signing any dotted lines or agreeing to any forms of service. You just never know what you’re getting into, but with our user reviews, you can at least have a general idea.

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