FileZilla FTP Server Tutorial Part 1

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Unfortunately I am no longer able to continue my support for any comments on my videos after almost 2 years because it is now my Senior year in highschool and I have more work than I can handle as-is. I hope my tutorial will be enough to get you on the right track. This is a tutorial on how to set up FileZilla FTP server. It shows you how to port forward and what ports to forward, how to set up encryption (SSL/TSL), and how to set up anonymous access. Sorry for any mistakes I made; I had to narrate it while looking at an extremely down-sized version of it so it was kind of hard, and I didn’t have the patience to start over and use some other program to narrate it with. Downloads/Links: IPChicken (finding extrenal IP address): FileZilla Server Download My wallpapers:
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24 Responses to “FileZilla FTP Server Tutorial Part 1”

  1. 23johnmail Says:


  2. sebargentino Says:

    why its said canot coneect to server? and i use the defaul.Error, could not connect to server
    Trying to reconnect in 5 seconds
    Reconnecting to server…

  3. rmas199 Says:

    good help! but im wondering, you said that the tsl certificates cost 6$ a year?? you must pay for it? i thought you could create your own certificate for free! how can i register a service like that?

  4. BraxCraft Says:

    Hey how do i connect im typing in my IPV4 is tht right??

  5. Virur Says:

    dude u need to slow down

  6. benbenghostdog Says:

    thanks for the tutorial, but it seems like you are talking to your self… kind of difficult to understand some of the things you are talking about.

  7. Soldier957 Says:

    you lost me at 5:43………

  8. QuadroNVS Says:

    i have norton so when i go to the control panel i dont have an option for port numbers

  9. d3vil2007 Says:

    hey thnx for that video. work perfect. i used at my home network it work perfect no problem at all. but when i try to install on my friend computer and he is using other internet provider. so i installed fireftp n made him user n cant connect. i tried then filezilla clint still wont connect .or it is that you use ftp online in your home network or it can be used on other networks too ?

  10. marcelo85765 Says:

    I can connect my own computer to my FTP server, but other computers can’t connect, why is this happening?

  11. TopL4m3r Says:

    @TheVexuli God bless you for stating the truth!

  12. weeq326 Says:

    I have public ip address, but the filezilla server ip address is, how do I change to my public ip address?

  13. billyhatcher643 Says:

    so do i have to be connected directly to my router?

  14. MOTOSPOJKY Says:

    Hello guys i have made program my self to validate your public IP address. If your publick address chanhges it sends you notification email saying ” This is your new IP address: ” is only example its 100% virus free try it and shere it with fiend. You can find it on my web site:

  15. Soldier957 Says:

    can you accept log-ins for only predifined ip ranges? Like if you want to make sure only who you want can login from their own computer?

  16. Aswin1235 Says:

    i can’t use this for my blog

  17. TheVexuli Says:

    This was tooo fast man! We’re all beginnersss 🙁

  18. CillersFan Says:

    @WhefXLR thanks! i contacted the manager of the server, he reset my directory, so it works now.

  19. WhefXLR Says:

    @CillersFan Don’t really know why that would happen, because that means that it’s empty. You should talk to the person who’s website it is. Sorry I can’t help.

  20. keyrubell Says:

    so hard to follow this.. slow down it’s a bit annoying. You’re clicking and making selections without informing the audience..


  21. CillersFan Says:

    Hey Whef, you seem like a knowledgeable person! So there is this website that I have to manage. I was given an administrator account and I was able to connect to the websites server in filezilla fine and dandy, but none of the directories show up, just a file that says … And on the top /
    Could you extend your knowledge to me, please?

  22. CillersFan Says:

    Hey Whef,

  23. WhefXLR Says:

    @aklevin Probably didn’t forward the SSL/TLS port (910 or 990, can’t remember) correctly.

  24. aklevin Says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. I set up FireFTP as you showed it but still get the ‘530 SSL required’ message. Any ideas?

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