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When it comes to shared web hosting, very few companies have quite the reputation (especially within the business world) that BlueHost enjoys. The company has been around literally as long as we can remember, and during that time period, they’ve offered cheap, high-quality web hosting to just about everyone under the sun. They also appear to have quite the focus on business and market-ready applications and hardware, making them the picture perfect host for the businessman in need of some serious bang for their buck.

However, does BlueHost really hold up under our user-submitted review microscope? We’ve seen lots of other shared hosting providers falter a bit, or even outright stumble, in our previous articles, and we’re quite excited now to crack open the host and take a second look. So all in all, if you’ve not yet decided on your next shared hosting provider, and want a third (or fourth, fifth, sixth, etc.) opinion on BlueHost, jump on down below the break to feel the reward of sweet satisfaction. We’ll be covering all the complaints you lot have submitted, but first, let’s take a deeper dive into the services BlueHost offers!

Who is BlueHost?

bluehost logoOut of the box, we’d have to categorize BlueHost as “classy” if nothing else. The company’s site promises all the same sort of features and services we’ve come to expect from high-quality shared hosting providers, though with a markedly different feel than most. As stated before, BlueHost is trying quite hard to swing itself towards the business market, and it shows. Here you’ll find an emphasis on the high-quality hardware, as well as how it can help to drive your market value and web presence. Still, you’ll find all the unlimited disc space, bandwidth, email accounts, and domains you’d expect from a host of this caliber. They also offer quite a few VPS options, which is a nice touch for the businessman looking to expand.

That being said, one can promise just about anything on the Internet. So how does the company look when we dive into the user complaints and comments? To find out, head on down to the next subsection.

Sales Complaints

Impolite: This is actually a new one for us. We’ve seen lots of complaints about other shared hosting providers in which you, the users, have complained about the reps’ ineptitude: But never before have we heard of an host being outright rude. It would appear that BlueHost reps sometimes have a problem with respecting the consumer, even encouraging them to take business elsewhere for trying to resolve a problem. To us, this is simply unacceptable, and we’re sorry to hear word of it emerging from the company.

Automatic Renew: In another slightly off-color complaint, it appears that BlueHost suffers from what we like to call the sticky auto-renew button. It appears our users have had a bear of a time turning off the auto-renewal of their accounts, leading to many unwanted charges. This would not be such a problem, but it appears BlueHost is somewhat reticent to rescind these charges.

Customer Support Complaints

Begging for Answers: Sadly, this is a complaint we see rather frequently in the world of shared web hosting. It appears that BlueHost is somewhat slow to respond to users with severe problems, requiring the user to continuously harass the host into giving them a straight answer or solution for their problems. We like to call this “begging for up-time.” But cute names aside, it’s still not a selling point, and we’re quite sad to hear reports of this emerging from BlueHost.

Lack of Information: In terms of dealbreakers, this isn’t an huge one, but it’s still quite troubling. It appears the second largest complaint amongst our users against BlueHost’s technical support is a general lack of information. It appears the reps will often leave the user out of the loop, even while fixing their problem behind the scenes. This is a troubling way of doing things, especially when a site is not functioning—or worse, has disappeared entirely without a word or trace of where it’s gone.

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Functionality Complaints

Unlimited Just Isn’t: We feel like putting up a billboard somewhere about this. With almost every shared hosting provider we’ve exposed, it appears that unlimited service complaints usually just aren’t. In most cases, the user stretches too far over the capabilities of the server, and is then slapped with an “unreasonable use” warning. This warning usually comes with an added fee, meaning all that free and unlimited space simply doesn’t exist. Sadly, BlueHost appears to fall trap to this failing as well, and though we understand the limits of physical hardware, we do want what we’re advertised.

Sudden Deactivations: In what we like to call the big-brother effect, it appears that BlueHost will, at random, deactivate your account claiming a violation of terms and conditions. The root cause? Based on what our users say, it’s very likely high traffic volume. We can’t say for sure, but there’s certainly something fishy going on here.

Stability Problems

Freezes: Oddly enough, we haven’t seen many complaints about a lack of up-time. Rather, we have seen complaints that the site will often freeze up, often for whole minutes at a time. Still, this is a leg and an half up from most other shared hosting providers, and we can’t say it’s entirely a deal breaker.

So there you have it! All in all, it appears that BlueHost is, after all, quite a functional web hosting provider. Most of the complaints we’ve seen have been small, and though there were a few larger—and quite disturbing—issues, BlueHost may yet be as advertised for the most part. Still, we strongly encourage you to always check our written user reviews before making a purchase, that way you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into: And even if you don’t, you’ll have a much better idea.

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Linux Cpanel shared hosting: 600 GB disk space, 6 TB bandwidth, free domain, unlimited databases and ftp accounts, web hosting cheap and pro at Hostony

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