Serif WebPlus X4 Tutorial – Creating a Site From Scratch

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Learn how to create your own website – from scratch – using Serif WebPlus X4. See the latest version at with more info, examples, and independent press opinions.

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25 Responses to “Serif WebPlus X4 Tutorial – Creating a Site From Scratch”

  1. webdesignenglanduk Says:

    Nice video.

  2. ZenCartEasyHelp Says:

    Nice video! Check out our channel for lots of Easy Help Zen Cart Video Tutorials. We are adding new ones daily!

  3. SerifSoftware Says:

    @WewerkoSrbin Hi there, can you check one thing first – your home page file name? You can check this in Page Properties by right-clicking the page in the Site tab, then choosing Page Properties from the popup menu. It’s the file name you want to verify; if it isn’t called index . html (or a few other standard names – no spaces) it won’t automatically display when you visit your address. Also, some servers won’t display a new site straight away, it can take a few hours. HTH.

  4. nicenoughphil Says:

    @SerifSoftware i guess ill finally find out if i can add different pictures in my website to sell when it goes live then . .thanks for the comment !

  5. SerifSoftware Says:

    @nicenoughphil Hi Phil, no edits aren’t made directly to live sites, WebPlus has its own design file (a .wpp) that is published as HTML, graphics, JavaScript etc and those are uploaded to the web. What WebPlus can do is know specifically which published files have changed since your last upload, so when you make an edit to your site WebPlus only uploads the files it needs to, the changed files. Or all of them, your choice. You can also manage files on the remote server too. Hope that helps, Dale

  6. nicenoughphil Says:

    I was wondering can you edit a website that you have created useing webplus x4 ,if it is running live ? . . if so wheres the video that shows it ? . . .

  7. SerifSoftware Says:

    @nicenoughphil Hi Phil, yes you can increase the width of your page via its Properties dialogue — it’s been made easier in WebPlus X5 too (see serif.c0m/webplus). Bear in mind that while you have a wide screen and wide page, after you publish your site some of your visitors will still be operating 1024×768 displays, and wide pages could be less suited to smartphones or other handheld devices. Hope that helps, Dale @ Serif.

  8. nicenoughphil Says:

    hello there, i’m useing webplus x4 and halfway through doing my own site, i’m struggerling with the width being 1100 on my site so am i allowed to change as I have a 19″ screen ?

  9. SerifSoftware Says:

    @videowatcher1997m Hi, there’s a new version out now, WebPlus X5. It’s extremely versatile, a website builder that uses drag and drop designing for simplicity, with an added dimension of easy interactive web gadgets so businesses can create effective sites on their own. However, those gadgets don’t include the many systems needed to operate a social networking site. For that sort of site, you’d need an enterprise class solution and an experienced designer – or rather a team of developers.

  10. videowatcher1997m Says:

    Hello. Is there any way to create a social networking site on Serif WebPlus (and maybe starter edition)

  11. MrRippo123 Says:

    I designed a website using webplus x4 , its called wwwspillmythoughtscom check it out and tell me what you think?

  12. netroman28 Says:

    Just reviewed this. I will give away my review copy for free if enough people request, thump up etc review video.

  13. ThePakiSami Says:

    Impressive program. But I guess I’ll stick with my Dreamweaver.

  14. TheFtball22 Says:

    Hi, i have bought the product and i really like it. I was trying to make the nav bar like the one in the video, where the background of the nav bar (the two rounded rectangles on the video) combine together to make the gel button effect, but she doesn’t really explain how to do it. Can somebody tell me please ????

  15. MrShithead25 Says:

    Hello, I would really appreciate if you can reply to this message, I would like to know that would this base on the same rules as Serif WebPlus X2?

    Thank you,

  16. SerifSoftware Says:

    @stingerkeele Hi stingerkeele. If you don’t see them previewed as per the turoial video, you may need to reinstall, or you can reset your WebPlus to ‘factory defaults’ by holding Control when you launch the program. In either event I think it might be worth you visiting Serif’s free user forum or contacting tech support, but hopefully the Control + launch will reset any weird glitches. HTH, Dale @ Serif.

  17. stingerkeele Says:

    Im trying to add navigation bars but i cannot see the default styles in the software unable to select, what should I do, the tutorial shows the navigation bars but not my version which I ordered new, jus a couple of days back.

  18. renejr818 Says:

    She sounds like salad fingers.

  19. antondzen Says:

    help please. what can be done with the search string in the SWP X4 for what would be a good search? I have encoded 1251, and at the same time in the search results Incorrect characters – that’s such àâòî. Why is this happening?

  20. SerifSoftware Says:

    @DewsGames Hi, thanks for your comments. Pictures in this video are in picture frames. Frames will stay the same size while pictures dragged into them are cropped to fit the frame area (not stretched). You can also import pictures without using smart frames, the image will come in at the right size & shape if you click on your page when importing. Resizing is as easy as dragging the corner or side handles. You can also place accurately using the Transform tab at the right of the screen. HTH.

  21. DewsGames Says:

    I just wanted to say that your enunciation is very nice. It’s nice to watch a tutorial video where you can understand everything.
    The pictures you put into the picture frame, do they automatically resize to fit the frame you make?

  22. SerifSoftware Says:

    @psycho79x Hi psycho, Serif software is not currently nativley supported on Mac OS X, it does require Windows. As far as I know it’s not officially tested by our own QA team, but I have heard of customers running WebPlus and other Serif titles on Windowed Macs with bootcamp. Hope that helps a little.

  23. psycho79x Says:

    Hi, does anyone know if this works on a mac? Thanks

  24. SerifSoftware Says:

    @tonytsing Hi Tony, yes WebPlus easily handles e-commerce using those credit and debit cards, via PayPal, Mal’s or RomanCart. PayPal as an example will process card payments even from people without PayPal accounts. Step-by-step wizards help set up stores using the providers mentioned, or you can research and choose a different company to process payments and add their store to your site by insterting HTML that they provide you. HTH, Dale @ Serif.

  25. tonytsing Says:

    @SerifSoftware Hi, so WebPlus works only with Paypal?
    How about accepting major credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, American Express?

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