GTA VC Acces 7 Unlocked Locations in Vice City ?

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Linux Cpanel shared hosting: 600 GB disk space, 6 TB bandwidth, free domain, unlimited databases and ftp accounts, web hosting cheap and pro at Hostony ^^^^ LINK ABOVE TO THIS MOD ^^^^^ MIRROR BACK UP LINK BELOW (special thanks to Ulrich228 for hosting the mirror link) VCM VERSION NOW HERE (GET IT WHILE U CAN) CLICK (more) & READ THIS ======================= (this is for the PC) ======================= “for PS2 info read the video COMMENTS” you no when you PLAY vice city at the begining KEN ROSENBURG runs into his Office, we pose’d a question back in 2004, what if you could follow him ? come on you no you tried the 1st time ye played it did’nt you ? what about the Bistro (in the opening VC video) would you like a Closer look at the body hanging in the freezer ? well GTA uses FILES to show Videos In Game, the videos people SKIP are actualy places in Vice city (like a film set realy) sadly vice city locks these locations, back in 2004 the airwolf design team opend 7 places so YOU the fans could WALK IN, ye thats right, go the money laundry place, recoarding studio, bistro, love fist rock concert (go back stage to) LOL, or swin by the Bikers bar for a beer and game of pool, well this video takes you on a TOUR of the 7 places to help you find them in the game, you can get the mod (and this video in higher resolution) here (No teleport crap needed, this is a PROPER MOD with COL Files) the music is 1 of 4 GTA Remixes i made, 3 were released as mp3 on codename vice a few years back, this track was kept for the video, after all 7 locations was a mission
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “GTA VC Acces 7 Unlocked Locations in Vice City ?”

  1. nima20031 Says:

    GTA SA

  2. scherimuvi1 Says:

    Urmariti cel mai tare sait de filme

  3. SuperGtashnik Says:


  4. TheWraith Says:

    @shariqmusharaf you install a program (found via google) called “VCM Mod Manager”, then you go into the program files & find were it installed, their will be a folder with a sub folder & in their will be a VCM file already in their (thats the dmagic wheel mod that comes with vcm app) you put our vcm in their & launch mod manager, to install it you double click the name of the mod in the list (make sure you remove the “read only” from all the gta folders & files)

  5. shariqmusharaf Says:

    @TheWraith tell me i downloaded the file it was only a vcm file

  6. TheWraith Says:

    @TheWraith VCM link no in description

  7. TheWraith Says:

    @fluffiness2 check the video description, ive found and uploaded the VCM version  🙂

  8. TheWraith Says:

    @siiiiiiimatunnlosai no worries, i duno why he never removed that option in 1.3, because it never worked in 1.1 or 1.2, someone should just remove it with resorce hacker & upload it lol

  9. siiiiiiimatunnlosai Says:

    @TheWraith It works!! thanks!

  10. TheWraith Says:

    @siiiiiiimatunnlosai did you replace the col files in the IMG file?
    please ber in mind IMG tool has a REPLACE option (it doesn’t work, it never has) you have to remove the old files & add the new files, or you end up ith 2 of each & it loads the original files first

  11. siiiiiiimatunnlosai Says:

    i put the mod and the intern are locked :'( why?

  12. FaDoZoio Says:

    2:57 this is some zombie ?

  13. FreeLunchShow Says:

    You will love these two GTA 80’s “””””””Miami Vice”””””””” songs… I promise! (^_^)



  14. TheWraith Says:

    @IIdylansaranovII their actualy a combination made up from the ingame cut scene video location files & modified col & ipl files wich basicly comes together to allow users to access the places & see them when inside them

  15. IIdylansaranovII Says:

    mhm yep “secret places” are mods? hmm never knew that

  16. TheWraith Says:

    @fluffiness2 ive not played gta since late 2004, if i ever come across the disk i will upload the vcm of it

  17. fluffiness2 Says:

    I downloaded and tried twice so i want to try the VCM auto installer thing but i can’t seem to find it in the download, can you please help me?

  18. thepunisher236169 Says:


  19. grandtheftauto5588 Says:

    @dobrenarcisflorin91 if this mod works 100%, could you give simple step-by-step instructions so simple that anybody could figure it out? my brother was having trouble, and he kind of gave up, so i might have to do it myself. if you do, could you tell be what i need to have downloaded? also, will it replace previous moomapper modifications?

  20. grandtheftauto5588 Says:

    @TheWraith is there any place i can find more understandable step-by-step instructions, and would it replace previous map mods done by moomapper?

  21. TheWraith Says:

    @grandtheftauto5588 suposed to open the IMG and delete the col files (BUT) only same files that come with mod, then ment to add col files to the img &rebuild archive

    you have to remove READ ONLY from the GTA3.IMG and the GTA3.DAT or what ever it was, been years : /
    re-install vice city & remove the read only from EVERYTHING
    (most modders use CROA Read Only Remover) remove it from the lot
    then install GTA Mod Manager & put the VCM file into mod managers folder and use that to install it

  22. grandtheftauto5588 Says:

    @TheWraith when he deleted to files, the game wouldn’t start. what did he do wrong?

  23. TheWraith Says:

    @grandtheftauto5588 you need to remove the COL files in the IMG file
    the Re[place option on spookys IMG tool doesn’t work
    find the cols that need replacing & actualy delete them from the img
    and remember to use the Rebuild option on img tool before exiting

  24. grandtheftauto5588 Says:

    when my brother downloaded it, all of the doors aren’t able to be accessed. PLEASE HELP!

  25. dobrenarcisflorin91 Says:

    @TheWraith No Problem My Friend =D

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