Beginners! Create a Website Here

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25 Responses to “Beginners! Create a Website Here”

  1. jjgarza3rd Says:

    @slamco420 I don’t think you need to learn it with all of the technology offered these days.

  2. jamdad69 Says:

    Lisa you are a blessing, If you need a Mid Level Sugar Daddy let me know.LOL, but reallyy our info is great thanks again.

  3. TheK1N1 Says:

    @lisa3876 Hi Lisa, I want to build a website too, but Im too afraid of hackers, how do you handle this problem? Can you recommend some software? Thank you!

  4. TheSmsMoney Says:

    Lisa am soo confused with something, please help…..ok i registered a domain which costed me around 21$ for a year. .. so do i still need a web hosting?  i thought the 21$ was the charge for automatic hosting and keeping my domain secure.

  5. Shifraeliezar Says:

    Lisa, When you talk about “Linux” – am I still able to use that with my MacBook? I am a newbie…..:) Thank you – I love videos; very easy to understand. So great.

  6. jessatyler17 Says:

    @cooldog60 hey teach me please

  7. tanishe1 Says:

    I agree you can save by building your own website. Thanks lisa you are doing a great job, by educating and helping to save.

  8. cooldog60 Says:

    Very helpful Lisa. Thanks

  9. moisesmtzsantos Says:

    thank you so much for the information VERY GOOD

  10. CrashBandikoot7 Says:

    Thanks for all your tips Lisa. Your kinda cute 😉 I just have a quick question maybe you could give me a tip on. I don’t have much money, but I did create I website today with go daddy. they were cheap and easy to get set up with. Still going through the ‘poor man’ dreamweaver process to build it up. I wasn’t able to find my site in the search engines,but it is a .com if that makes any difference. Any ‘poor man’ way of getting my page a bit closer to the top? I can pay a few bucks,but not much

  11. omoneymoneycom Says:

    This video can be much better for beginners if there are some instruction with screenshot, even then watch it.

  12. 2blogtips Says:

    Create a website here, easy instruction

  13. crcsoon Says:

    PART-1: Dear Ms Lisa: thank you so much for taking out your time to educate us with this informative presentation. We are so blessed to come across and have people like you in our lives.

  14. firebird9441 Says:

    Hello Lisa, I am very new to this website building and I applaud you. You explain this task very clear and understandible and I am an instant fan. I’m Kevin Porter band I am in the process of building a money making website that wil sell Itialian Foods among other things. I wisk you the best. I’ll be checking out you other videos as well

    Kevin Porter

  15. sciman001 Says:

    very helpful videos Lisa!

  16. request2000 Says:

    Thank you Lisa you give a lot of good information. I just showed a couple of your Videos to my daughter so you have two new fans:-)

  17. TheBarbiegrl101 Says:

    do you have to pay

  18. PerfectDotCom Says:

    Girl…so glad I found you! You have so much valuable information and I plan to view all your vids. I have been registering dotcom domains for potential websites for several years now. I am at the poin where I would liket to start making some income online with these names. I appreciate you and I hope I can take some of your video tutorials and apply them effectively .

    Adam Sandoval

  19. pritti28 Says:

    Hi Lisa, i wanna consult you about my website.
    Can you reply to shoot me an email at please, thanks

  20. MONEYfromYOUiTUBE Says:

    I use blogger for creat website, because it simple, so not take more my time

  21. JeffGodking Says:

    Lisa what do you think about those 1 page sniper blogs???

  22. MafiaBoy206 Says:

    @Pinoyicious Private message me i can help if you need any help. Let me know what kind of site your looking to make? blog? to sell online? bit of both?

  23. t26ify Says:

    334 People don’t know what is Internet.

  24. osakaben10 Says:

    I already have a domain(my own site) In the video tutorial(part 1) you make an html document and call it index.html. My host has a web editor; so, I’m guessing that all of the things(i guess it’s id’s like #footer and so on) that you you input on your html document, I can use #footer,#leftnav and so on in the editor for my site then,,put the external link to the style/css document. Am i correct with that.
    I bought the ten minutes per day book and all it does is confuse me.

  25. Viktir666 Says:

    @venture1011 I understand your concerns but if you think about it, you’re kind of saying that you want to keep other people uneducated so you can still have a job.

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