TYT – Extended Clip September 23, 2011

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25 Responses to “TYT – Extended Clip September 23, 2011”

  1. Vondur Says:

    @Sistarovat Hey, “Hispanic” is a near meaningless term that only seems to confuse the public. “Hispanic” means you’re from a culture that speaks that Spanish language. Regardless of race. A European immigrant to South America (which there are many) is “Hispanic”, an African brought to South America through the slave trade is now “Hispanic”, the native’s that have assimilated to the main culture are “Hispanic”.

  2. seamystAlpha Says:

    Rich Sievert
    Both of these Republicans and  Democrats should be stoned  
    Both of these parties are responsible equally for not defending the constitution they where sworn to defend I say stone them all for placing shame over our whole nation making our country into the most evilest places on earth setting their allegiance to “Themselves” and the criminal governance they have made over us the people which is a Levi of darkness!

  3. seamystAlpha Says:

    ‘ America is not the home of the brave or the land of the free they have breached our peoples trust had them robbed them with themselves and of everything good and betrayed the principles of the foundation that the writers of the constitution had made for them to obey! I say place them all in the circle where 911 was orchestrated and stone them all…

  4. yes4me Says:

    More David Pakman as a guest please.

  5. emilyravila Says:

    yay!! i love david pakman!

  6. Sistarovat Says:

    Oh, so now all of a sudden David Packman is Hispanic? I watched one interview in which he said he is Jewish. I guess, he thinks he’s a part of the ten lost tribes. LOL

  7. 7777777drake Says:


  8. psychokillercrab Says:

    NEOCONS have no sympathy for anyone.

  9. psychokillercrab Says:

    @puredoubt I think you are missing the point, when some one says ‘all natural’ they mean DNA engineering was not performed on the food or it’s ‘ancestors’, there are no preservatives, no artificial additives.
    I am only commenting because I had to take training on this when I worked for Whole Foods.

  10. puredoubt Says:

    (continued) 3. this was the wost: she says (paragraphing) “you don’t know what’s in it, and it’s bad for you.” well, if you don’t know what’s in it??? how do you know it’s bad for you?!

  11. puredoubt Says:

    kinda disappointed with Ana re: the orange juice thing. couple of points here:

    1. she says there are all these chemicals in it that aren’t listed. EVERYTHING is a chemical. YOU are chemicals.

    2. they seem to be falling into the naturalistic fallacy; basically stating that anything “unnatural” (whatever that means) is bad, and anything natural is good, or at least better. bullshit! arsenic is “natural” and it’s a deadly poison!

  12. mdt2189 Says:

    Why would somebody eat something call Schweddy Balls?

  13. hamid28683 Says:

    Wow, it seems that Bachmann has good feet… hum… damn! therefore, she should be president.

  14. hamid28683 Says:

    Cenk should be the ONLY one to host. These cock suckers need to fuck off.

  15. gladitsnotme Says:

    @SketchyBack Couldn’t agree more. There is a certain line, and when TYT has too many male panelists, things often go over that line. Part of the reason I like TYT is the casual atmosphere that still retains professionalism and intelligence. TYT University as well. But this… lately… the dynamic is off kilter. And to make things worse, sex jokes about one of the most evil politicians in the game right now?! Ugh.

  16. Runesocesius Says:

    PAc + Ana + Ben = Excellent.

  17. optionsupdate Says:

    I reject pakman and everything he stands for, he is antichristian. and favours gun control and promotes homosexuality.

  18. SketchyBack Says:

    TYT, discussing whether you’d fuck Michelle Bachmann on camera is moronic. You’re turning away women viewers and you just look unprofessional, even if I’d personally find the conversation funny in person. For shame, really. Shape your act up.

  19. Faboba Says:

    You think politicians should be socially awkward? Rewatch the videos of Obama’s visit to meet with Gordon Brown. Brown is an unusual case of someone managing to become a head of government despite almost 0 charisma, because his reputation within the party was necessary for Blair during the early days of New Labour. Not a bad guy, but low social skills and as a result a political liability for his party.

  20. meowman1911 Says:

    fuck yeah david

  21. DanishAtheist Says:

    36:25 Ana: “Cellulose is something that I hadn’t heard of before.”
    What the fuck is wrong with your educational system, this is 9th grade / early high school material !!!

  22. xJoeEDangerouslyx Says:

    @bdavis He is a fad. How in the hell is that a “Diss?” He’s never getting elected, and people like you with your cut-and-paste “Ron Paul 2012” comments are jumping on the bandwagon. Whether you believe in his views or not, you’re still jumping on. He won’t be hot for long, and if he runs in ’16, (which is highly doubtful) it will surely be the last time. This is the definition of a fad. It looks to me that you’re the ignorant one here.

  23. Antichrys Says:

    I’m sure its been said but…WHAT NO CENK WITH DAVID WHAT GIVES?!

  24. Ou8y2k2 Says:

    Miss Teen Rick Perry. Dumbshit motherfucker needs drop out.

  25. MrCactopuss Says:

    hooray! a whole 58 minutes~

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