Cinema Apocalypse: The Beast Within

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Wow! These are special effects. If you were a horror geek over the age of 6 in the 80’s you probably remember this one. Review and clip. — Cinema Apocalypse is produced by Scott Williamson (Host/Curator) Todd Wardrope (Video/Tech) Dan Dockery (Web Hosting) Cinema Apocalypse airs weekly on local television in Minneapolis, MN, with an estimated reach of 70000 homes. We sponsor film screenings in Minneapolis, as well as multimedia rock show extravaganzas with local bands such as The Norsemen. We host Horrorshow, a weekend-long sensory attack, at the CONvergence science fiction convention. Cinema Apocalypse is sponsored by TW Video Services http For more information: Full Cinema Apocalypse episodes on iTunes: ©2007 Cinema Apocalypse
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Cinema Apocalypse: The Beast Within”

  1. tbsbattousai Says:

    he’s got a shotgun FFS!! shoot it in the FACE!!

  2. bloodyjackification Says:

    0.o, 240p we meet again…

  3. delovelygurl921 Says:

    I could have done without the nerd monologue after.

  4. ARepublicanVictory Says:

    Respond to this video… I forgot to also add The Fog (1981). That also scared the shit out of me. I was scared of the fog for a little while after seeing that movie.

  5. ARepublicanVictory Says:

    @ladner3000moviebuff Did any of these so called know it all about horror film top ten lists place Creepshow in their top 10. I have not seen it yet. But quite as kept, it was one of the better film horror anthologies from the 1980s. I thought it was much better than Tales From the Vault made back in the 1970s.

  6. ladner3000moviebuff Says:

    @ARepublicanVictory Lol, i love Creepshow! They’re Creeping Up On You wth the eccentric tycoon against the hordes of cockroaches gives me the heebie jeebies!

  7. ARepublicanVictory Says:

    Respond to this video… I know this is random, but I am going to post 4 movies that scared the hell out of me when I was a kid.

    1.Alien (1979) 2.The Thing (1982) 3. The Howling (1981) 4.The Crate episode in Creepshow (1982)

  8. ARepublicanVictory Says:

    @ladner3000moviebuff That was fairly stated. I do agree there. I think because of Halloween, we started to see a rush of supernatural slasher flicks involving high school or college students during the 1980s. Friday the 13th being the most noted, of course.

  9. ladner3000moviebuff Says:

    @ARepublicanVictory Yeah, the original Psycho is a landmark gothic horror classic, but Psycho 2, although not superior to the 1960 picture was still above most of the slashers that glutted the 80’s, especially friday the 13th

  10. ARepublicanVictory Says:

    @ladner3000moviebuff Psycho 2 was nothing compared to the first one.

  11. ladner3000moviebuff Says:

    @ARepublicanVictory Believe it or not, the screenwriter fo The Beast Within was Tom Holland, who wrote Psycho 2 for Universal Pictures the next year in 1983, that was an excellent “whodunit”

  12. GoblinXXX Says:

    @coreystuart I could see this scene in a commercial for METAMUCIL.

  13. GoblinXXX Says:

    @valen0011 Clearly, Barbi Benton had been a guest on FANTASY ISLAND that night, and that had been the last straw.

  14. ARepublicanVictory Says:

    @GoblinXXX The Howling was much better than this trash. This is one of the dumbest and cheaply made horror films of all time. I saw this trash back in 1982 and laughed. The Thing, now that is scary with Kurt Russel. That is a MUCH better film that this stupid trash.

  15. ARepublicanVictory Says:

    The man says “This is a right wing film because she keeps the baby.” Well, I am a right wing person, and trust me, I would never allow my wife to keep something sick like this. Second, this is a sick and stupid movie. It is trash like Xtro, Creature and Humanoids From the Deep.

  16. GoblinXXX Says:

    I think you’d want to tighten this scene up in editing a little (or maybe a lot) nowadays, so there’s not the impression that everyone is just standing around watching him transform. Same goes for Eddie Quist’s transformation in THE HOWLING.

  17. drhodes13 Says:

    You hit the nail on the head with this! This film is on my top ten horror list of all time!

  18. MrZachman7 Says:

    It should have been much juicier.

  19. USMC2b1 Says:

    Behind the scenes: “Here man, just wear this makeup and false teeth and go apeshit. We’ll do the rest.”

  20. TheProgSound Says:

    lmao….why didnt anybody do anything for like 20 minutes! Classic!

  21. coreystuart Says:

    This is what happens during massive constipation…..

  22. Imadeyourun Says:

    I was six years old when I first watched this movie. I had an awesome nightmare that night and started watching horror movies every night before bed just to have a nightmare. Lol

  23. Piecopter Says:

    I wasn’t even born in the 80’s. Let alone six!

  24. 5jerry1 Says:

    Locusts/cicadas, whichever you want to call them, shed their skin and turn into a different creature. And the skin splits in the upper back, just like in this clip.

  25. darkness901234 Says:

    At first when i saw the title of the movie and started watching it i was expecting this to be a werewolf movie i was like when is the werewolf transformation gonna take place and i didnt figure out he was acutally half locust half man until after he transformed lol good movie

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