1/4 WrestleMania VII Wrestlers Dead

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About a quarter of the wrestlers who participated in WrestleMania VII are dead. Cenk Uygur and Jacki Bray discuss. Subscribe: bit.ly TYT Mobile: bit.ly On Facebook: www.facebook.com On Twitter: twitter.com www.theyoungturks.com FREE Movies(!): www.netflix.com Read Ana’s blog and subscribe at: www.examiner.com Read Cenk’s Blog: www.huffingtonpost.com

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25 Responses to “1/4 WrestleMania VII Wrestlers Dead”

  1. rdrakken Says:

    @bordone Ana is mostly doing the XM radio show and writes for the Examiner. She only does the online vids once in a while now.

  2. staticjeff Says:

    @rdrakken these guys are notorious idiots who talk about stuff they know nothing about

  3. 1976TRASHMAN Says:

    It’s abit of an easy target why not add up the death levels in the music industry or film stunt men don attack the wrestlers attack the promoters, the pimp like vince mcmahon or Paul Hayman or vince russo there the ones who promote the beef and push contracts which man the men and women of wrestling work 255 day years with out brakes, attack the generals not the soldiers

  4. DrJReefer Says:

    @TheComputerNazi Yeah whatever. Can you fuck off now please.

  5. TheComputerNazi Says:

    I had dinner with him 3 weeks before he died. Seemed to walk out of the restaurant without any ropes. ropes??? Just leave the man alone. He never did anything to you and you’re a wormy little bastard for saying such vile things about a really nice man.

  6. NotOneDayOff Says:

    Andre the Giant really doesn’t count either because he suffered from Gigantism and people with this condition have a life expectancy of about 40. (according to a documentary I saw about him)

  7. grlockett Says:

    @nilbud I like to call steroids “Darwin pills”, they weed out the weaker of our species

  8. grlockett Says:


    steriods = growth. Learn 2 BIOLOGY

  9. kpax45 Says:

    You forgot Sensational Sherrie, she was sensational!

  10. DrJReefer Says:

    @rdrakken He did blow up quite big at the end of his WcW run.

  11. DrJReefer Says:

    @rdrakken Macho man was a minor league baseball player before his career took off. He didn’t start piling on the muscle mass until the end of his career in WcW when he couldn’t do the high flying stuff like he used to,

    Spot on about everything else though.

  12. DrJReefer Says:

    @TheComputerNazi You mean tell the truth about someone? If you actually knew him you would know these things.

    By the end of his career Andre was an serious alcoholic who’s physical condition was so poor he never left his feet and needed to use the ropes to hold himself up.

    These are just the sad facts of the end of his life.

    Your use of language suggests to me that you weren’t even born when Andre was an active wrestler.

  13. TheComputerNazi Says:

    @DrJReefer dude, you’re a moron. Make your balls feel big to talk about someone you didn’t even know?

  14. antvick Says:

    Look, steroids are a problem but that is not why a lot of ex wrestlers have problems. They preform every week, year round, and a lot do that for 10-20 years. NFL, NBA, and other sports only do it for a few months out of the year. The amount of damage that does to a persons body is what shaves years off of their life.

  15. c1rcu1tn3rd Says:

    @rdrakken My thoughts exactly. As soon as they said Andre the Giant. I was like uhhhh he had severe back problems and big people like that don’t live long. I knew from that point they were gunna be talking out their asses.

  16. frank22amaya Says:

    I genk was wrestler he would be samoa joe

  17. hofifut Says:


    I love it when you talk rough and dirty

  18. hofifut Says:


    This is about what I’ve come to expect from them. They’ve always been loose with the facts.

    Now relax, I’m not saying Fox is any better. I’m no fan of their idiocy either. But when Cenk makes it their motto to bring you the truth, and to keep things real, then you’d think they do a bit more fact checking or adhere to some base level of journalism standards.

    Unfortunately, many TYT viewers are too impressionable and easily led by an articulate charlatan to figure this out.

  19. rdrakken Says:

    @hofifut Liberals? Shut the fuck up…Faux News was talking about this story all day long. Take your political rhetoric and shove it up your ass…if it can fit up there with your head.

  20. hofifut Says:


    You’re right. Roids aren’t the main reason for the deaths. Anyone who knows the facts would be able to tell you that. And to think, quite a few people in America are fooled and misled by these snake oil salesmen liberals who think they know what they talk about. What a shame

  21. angst101 Says:

    @rdrakken I don’t think that steroids are the only problem in wrestling, but they are a problem. Sad thing is that companies care more about other drug, while they turn a blind eye to roids. The business would be better without them in general. That being said, it’s unfair that wresting gets a bad rep because their athletes die young because of steroid use. Athletes all over use steroids, especially back in the days.

  22. rdrakken Says:

    @ThrashAD720 I know, he grew up near where I did and came out of the same school district. There is a black and white photo of Randy Poffo(savage) in a Cardinals uniform (back in the 70s) on sports illustrateds CNN site…dude was big back then as well. The article is dated May 23, 2011 so you should be able to find it easy. Title is “Randy (Macho Man) Savage’s dream was to make it to the majors”.

  23. superphi Says:

    @nintwiggy6491 haha ur not just stupid ur also blind, just look up the comments and u will know who replied to who first u fucking retard

  24. Scipio2021 Says:

    WM7 was crap. They exploited the (first) Iraq war to the hilt. That war was over before WM7 even started.

    Not to mention it was supposed to be in a Stadium and due to lack of sales, they moved it to an indoor arena and lied about the reason being a security threat.

    I can’t recall any classic matches from that event either.

  25. ThrashAD720 Says:

    @rdrakken Macho Man was also a baseball player.

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