Site Build It! – Dispelling The Myths!!!

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Linux Cpanel shared hosting: 600 GB disk space, 6 TB bandwidth, free domain, unlimited databases and ftp accounts, web hosting cheap and pro at Hostony

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Linux Cpanel shared hosting: 600 GB disk space, 6 TB bandwidth, free domain, unlimited databases and ftp accounts, web hosting cheap and pro at Hostony

25 Responses to “Site Build It! – Dispelling The Myths!!!”

  1. ddsharper Says:

    @ALittleLessStupid – I bought it a few days ago and have spent hours on it. I think it poorly explains its tools. I am about to request a refund. I get more out of the google keyword tool and people who extract and explain, well, the principles that can be applied without this complicated tool. I think Ken Evoy is brilliant and I have been using his ebooks for years, but when dealing with numerical values, I need to have clear explanation of what the numbers mean and how they are used together.

  2. DaGodPigeon Says:

    G A P

  3. sgilk4 Says:

    @sgilk4 I terminated my website with CitiMax and now I’m completely with SBI. Every day is slow. But every day I make progress. With each passing day, I fall deeper in love with Ken Evoy. I’ve been on SBI three months on and I’m barely on day 3. I’m barely starting on my blueprint. But I now see with clarity why they do things the way they do. I have never seen anything like SBI. If you go anywhere else, you are wasting time.

  4. PolyphonicPress Says:

    There’s also a service called Squarespace. You’ve probably heard of it. What is your opinion of this service?

  5. czsohel Says:

    not bad

  6. ALittleLessStupid Says:

    @lisa3876 ok thanks so much i really wanna try it out, but lisa could you tell me the quickest way to get money online so that i can get the 299 to start up SBI?

  7. lisa3876 Says:

    @ALittleLessStupid Go to websitebabble(dot)com and there is a sub forum on the home page called site build it. You can read countless stories and see sites of other successful SBI! owners.

  8. ALittleLessStupid Says:

    can people other than lisa tell me if they actually tried out SBI and turned out to be successful?? im a student and i want to do a travel blog but i have no big money, but if its worth it i wanna create one

  9. sgilk4 Says:

    @sgilk4 Okay. I’ve mulled over this for the last week. SBI is the best thing going. I was so intimidated that for about two days, I wanted to quit. I talked to one of the tech support staff, and I signed up again. I guess I have to understand that SBI is incredibly comprehensive, and they force you to slow down. I had to get inside my own head and slow down. SBI, I got your back! I’m back for good this time. I love me some Lisa and I love me some SBI. Ken Evoy does not play!

  10. sgilk4 Says:

    SBI is an amazing webhost. I was inspired by Lisa’s videos. I think Lisa is one of the most honest and amazing people I’ve even seen on YouTube, or the web, period. I did go over to SBI, and the only problem is their system is not user friendly. SBI needs to streamline the learning curve somehow. Once I read the Action Guide, I estimated it would take six months before I could even learn pages one through four. Completely overwhelming. I’ll stick with my current web host for now.

  11. shoofeer1 Says:

    @lisa3876 Hi Lisa! you are really articulate and know what you’re saying. I believe that you’ve accumulated gems of wisdom and wealth of experience. And I that is why I would like to ask you whether you think I should use site build it for establishing my Translation website (I guess it is sort of service website, right?). Thanks Lisa!

  12. southsidese18 Says:

    hi Lisa, im new to this and have a question. Im hoping to have several websites so do i need to buy SBI everytime for every website or can i buy it once and use it to hosty all my websites (domains).

  13. lisa3876 Says:

    @deeinkc LOL, no. They’re just affiliates of SiteSell and they have a very generous program so that’s why people do it. You are free to put or not put whatever you want on your site. You ALWAYS own you content and domain and are free to move it elsewhere if you don’t like the program.

  14. deeinkc Says:

    Hi Lisa, I have a SBI! question: I noticed by looking at other people’s SBI sites that they all do a “SBI changed my life” page and a promotion to SBI. Do publishers have to do this on their SBI pages? Honestly, sometimes it looks cheesy. Also, if you buy it and decide it’s not for you, do you loose your URL? Thanks for the info!! Love your channels.

  15. yotipo91 Says:

    This was more informative than a lot of other “testimonials”. Considering using your affiliate. I’ve seen your videos a few years ago and wondered if I’d stumble on them again. Gonna subscribe now 🙂

  16. lisa3876 Says:

    @nolaflix Absolutely. Watch my most recent vid on this channel “Why Some Bloggers Struggle With Affiliate Marketing” and I talk about my amazing traffic to my Site Build It! site. SBI! is very relevant today and the company is doing well.

  17. nolaflix Says:

    Lisa I would like to know if sitebuild it still relevant in 2011? I see this video was posted in 2009 so would you still recommend it?

  18. mrscharlyoung Says:

    OMG…I thought I was in love with your natural hair website and videos…you are inspirational in many aspects…thanks for all of your information…I will definitely be tuning in…

  19. ikeashiasanders29 Says:


  20. TheDoctorDFM Says:

    SBI, now “SiteSell” doesn’t support PHP? Can I use Perl for forms?

    What you have is a series of “brochureware”. Static content, typically unchanging. Usually poorly coded, without associated e-mail addresses for proper credibility. 42 errors on “2createawebsite” main page alone. DreamWeaver isn’t a silver bullet.

    LOL. Professionally developed sites auto build Site Maps. What about RSS Syndication, SEO architecture, Google Maps integration, hCards? I’m subscribing purely for comedic aspects.

  21. nancyyouthful Says:

    lisa, your video tutorials are exceptional, i have checked out several as i am a complete novice but like all of us, i must work. So i have had to learn a lot right away. It is scary as i am 62 retired until now with husband lost his eyesight. You are the first one that uses plain language, understandable and complete, you have helped me sooooo much. God Bless, 1000lakes

  22. Pokerkid33 Says:

    When I said “too good to be true” it was more out of excitement and shock that I stumbled upon something (SiteBuild It) that could potentially be so life changing and help me to live the kind of life I’ve dreamed of. I plan on purchasing SBI! at some point this month to get started on my first site. If I purchase SBI! through your link I am under the impression I am assigned to your team? I don’t remember where I read that but if it’s true what does that consist of exactly?

  23. lisa3876 Says:

    @Pokerkid33 Not sure why you say “too good to be true” when they don’t promise success and are the most realistic company when it comes to telling you what to expect. Most programs don’t emphasize how much work goes into building a money making site (no matter the host you choose) but SBI! does. Most of my articles are based on personal experience and knowledge gained as I worked out/exercised. But 85% is personal experience and I cite sources when necessary.

  24. Pokerkid33 Says:

    Hey Lisa, thanks for the video I found it very informative. Being a skeptical person SBI seems almost too good to be true to me but I think it’s definitely worth the $300 to find out. Do you mind me asking how you built most of your site? Did you compile research through other online articles and databases and mix these with personal experience? If so, do you have to cite each web address where your information was found.

    Thanks so much for your help your website looks great by the way.

  25. amohame9 Says:

    great video as always you are awesome lisa very sincere really enjoying watching your videos

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