LED Gardening by TheDude – pt1

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Hello gardeners! Love and light! Thats how your garden grows best. This video is hosted at energetictube.com or http This is the first video documenting a full grow cycle for 4 tomato plants in a grow chamber light strictly through the use of high powered LED lights. My primary lamp is a Procyon 100 (400watt equivalent) which includes red~635nm peak and blue~450nm peak wavelength LEDs. It consumes aprox 100 watts and generates far less heat than conventional high pressure sodium or metal halide lamps. In the future i plan to use water cooling on its heat sink and embed the tubing beneth my seedling soil bed to help induce root growth and keep the chamber cooler. For flowering I am using a custom built high flux red 640nm LED lamp that i am going to be pulsing at 292 hz (Nogier Frequency – read here www.cheeenergy.com and here www.esmhome.org In my chamber I hope to provide some proof to illustrate how a plant’s phytochrome Pr and Pfr levels can be controlled to produce fruits and vegetables through the management of the red and infrared spectrum. In short order i intend to install an aeroponic feeding system whereby the roots hang inside buckets and are continuously washed in nutrient from a tank of organic tea. I hope to keep 4 tomato plants inside for an entire grow cycle and then weigh the total production against 4 tomato plants that have been grown in my outdoor garden. I will be setting up and hosting a live feed as well as time lapse capturing of the growth in this

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15 Responses to “LED Gardening by TheDude – pt1”

  1. KnowledgeDude Says:

    I was wondering(now that its Feb 2011), How did those plants(tomatos,peas ect. turn out? I was looking at getting a Procyon 100(and have for some time) for my greenhouse. I don’t believe I’d need the red pulse due to supplementing with sun/daylight. I’m pretty much gonna be growing everything, from 8 breeds of trees to fruit and vegis. Haven’t seen much feedback on the outcome of the procyon 100, thanks in advance for/if responding. Love and Light, Brent

  2. darcyklyne Says:

    Sorry i have had to move some of my equipment around and no longer had the space to continue running the grow closet. I will be updating as soon as i have it set up in a dedicated room.

  3. darcyklyne Says:

    @TheMetalPerson No actually i had a very hard time finding high flux infra-red leds that were in the right spectrum. 730 would be nice but most available are much higher (near the invisible spectrum) . My method of generating the infra red is to pulse the regular 640s @ 292hz. . I find that they take on the infra red appearance, much like a heat lamp at that freq. That was my solution. Seemed to work for flowering.

  4. darcyklyne Says:

    @djdekim1 Hi, sorry for slow response. I have a number of different Pulse width modulators ( search “PWM” on youtube and you’ll find a number of designs) You can just purchase one on the web pretty cheap these days.

  5. jiffycoil Says:

    Hey Dude,
    This is what I’ve been looking for.

  6. darcyklyne Says:

    I have a couple types of pulse width modulators. the one i’m using here is actually designed to fracture hydrogen from water but is tunable. Search Pulse width modulator on Youtube for examples. As for the leds , i purchased round semi truck tail light lamps that have red high flux leds in them from Princess Auto in manitoba. quite cheap and very bright. Make sure they are not white with red cover though, cover should be clear.

  7. djdekim1 Says:

    very interesting! what did you use to pulse the LEDs at 292hz? and where did u get the high flux red 640nm LEDs at?

  8. LEDvideo Says:

    Nice work…

  9. TheMetalPerson Says:

    Are those special infrared leds 730nm leds?

  10. darcyklyne Says:

    @tectalabyss Thanks Tectalabyss. 😉 Hopefully tomorrow i will have my aeroponic buckets and irrigation tubing so i can begin to assemble the new feeding system. Its going to be nice to not worry about lack of nutrient or ph imbalance. I”ll try to add another video to show that progress, as well as that of the plants. they are growing fast.

  11. tectalabyss Says:

    Very informative. Thank you for sharing.Tec

  12. darcyklyne Says:

    @blairaudio you are up early on a sunday! 🙂 thanks Blair.

  13. blairaudio Says:

    Very cool man

  14. darcyklyne Says:

    @toddt911 lol! Hey Todd, not sure if thats a good or bad thing? I do try hard to be unpredictable. 😛

  15. toddt911 Says:

    Darce you never cease to amaze me!!!!!!

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