FNP-9: A Sig for Less, Pt 2

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PART 2 of 2 //////////// Updated July 2009: A quality polymer framed Sig-like pistol for around 0? Impossible? Not really. Check out the well-made and fully ambidextrous FNP handgun in this two part series by Nutnfancy (also check out my DuraCoat update vid on this great little gun). This pistol comes from the hard working and innovative FN Group which has long standing and strong ties to American arms manufacture, dating back to the days of John Moses Browning. They know how to make good, strong guns and the FNP DA/SA series showcases that expertise well. This reviewed FNP9 is representative of the series (available in .40, .45, and .357 Sig cals too) and has many impressive features. These include outstanding ergonomics, incredible lightweight (24.6 oz!), kindergarten-simple field strip, high accuracy and reliability, adequate firepower (16 rds), Sig-like dedicated decocker (ambi mounted), hammer-forged barrel, good sights, good trigger, bobbed hammer, 1911 grip angle, three included magazines (great job FN!) and a very reasonable price. Possible criticisms would include higher bore axis than the Glock and other designs, a perplexingly thin-walled barrel (no doubt saves weight), shorter sighting radius. a loud de-cock snap, controls reversed from the Sig series, and a mag release that buries in the frame a bit. I have come to appreciate its polished SS mags although not very non-tactical. But to hold a FNP9 is to appreciate its amazing lightness, the outstanding
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “FNP-9: A Sig for Less, Pt 2”

  1. yauchihen Says:

    Lucky guys in the USA, I paid 5000 US DOLLARS for a FNP9 at my shooting club in South America those SOB’s

  2. EverythingisFire Says:

    I remember decocking a Sig and yeah, it was nice. The FNP decocker still functions as it should though so it’s no biggie to me at all.

  3. paikmendez Says:

    that hammer drop is pretty abrupt wouldn’t u say…it’s not as good as the sigs which can be controlled to be smooth…

  4. lastlaugh0 Says:

    I just bought this gun, should be here in a few days. Thanks Nutn! And holy crap I just figured out you can play snake on you tube while you wait for your video to load!

  5. TheBlackbat69 Says:

    FNP-40 I got one. Its a nice shoot and easy on the recoil. A great review for a great gun!

  6. arkee71 Says:

    @ConwayTwitty001 just a guess..but i think the fnp 45 could replace the beretta 92 in near future…who knows but it will be interesting to see whatthe army does..also i own the fnp 9..all black version…and ive never had any failures of any kind.

  7. mistereveready Says:

    @eddbrowne i have a glock 19. Very nice weapon -trigger. The point you made about holstered is very true though. Sadly I know someone who has like 8 glocks, all loose (no holster or case), loaded, and with trigger jobs done to lessen the the pressure needed to drop the firing pin. The tab safety on there is mostly a gimmick. Sometimes i’ve seen it depressed w/o anything touching it. Basically just a square back that gets pushed in. So offers minimal safety there too. is not good for the clumsy.

  8. eddbrowne Says:

    But the Glock’s 3 safeties are all just drop safeties.
    It has no true safety, which is why so many leo’s have Glock incidents.
    The tab on the Glock trigger is only useful when the trigger is not ‘pulled’.
    (except for the extreme case where only half of the trigger is pulled)

    I almost bought a G19 until I realized the danger whenever
    a round is chambered without the gun holstered.

  9. japryor Says:

    Unless I missed it, you might want to mention that the FNP-9 comes with 2 backstraps (curved and straight). For smaller hands, the straight backstrap might provide better ergonomics. Also, there is a nice “chamber loaded” indicator directly below the ejection port.

  10. ms3bani Says:

    dunno why people obsess about a few couple hundred dollars in the price of a gun. the consumables costs (eg ammo) will far, far, far, FAR outweigh any difference in price. buy the better gun even if its $900 vs $500.

  11. EverythingisFire Says:

    “I wish they offered this version in FDE”. I wish they did too, Nutn. I was almost going to buy the USG even though I don’t intend on open carrying it anyways because the FDE looks gorgeous but I thought I’d send it in to your friend later on down the road and save $

  12. SPeacock Says:

    @bigjohn98665 Now that’s useful. 🙂

  13. SPeacock Says:

    @wsmarines1 FNP.

  14. bigjohn98665 Says:

    one of the things he leaves out of the review is that the frame rails are serviceable…instead of being molded into the frame like glock and other poly frame guns the rails are pinned on the FNP and FNX guns by FNH. this means they can be replaced easily in case of damage or wear.

  15. ms3bani Says:

    you didn’t use the decocker at 8:13…

  16. Kinjosan1 Says:

    Can you do a Table Top Gun Review on the FNX-40?

  17. bioroosta Says:

    @redcs13ab Its normal. I have one and does same thing.

  18. wsmarines1 Says:

    is this a review on the glock or the fnp? i dunno cause he talks about both equally

  19. redcs13ab Says:

    hey. i just picked up this gun & cleaned it. when i put the slide back together, still opened-no mag, i noticed the barrel had some play in it. is that normal? anyone? thanks.

  20. dajefemax Says:

    A very good review, thanx! Have really been looking hard at the FNP-9 for my next pistol purchase.

  21. cosg111 Says:


  22. stuiungarskid Says:

    u said yes!

  23. ConwayTwitty001 Says:

    In this months American Rifleman they posted an article about the fnp 45. The article said that the fnp 45 passed the military durabilty test of 25000 rounds, FN tested it to 200000 round with no gun failures the fnp 45 also has a new extended mag that holds 15 .45 acp rounds. They also go an accuracy test and all gun must hold a 3 inch group at 50 feet. You should check out the article if you have the time. Can you post a vid of you shooting the beretta 92fs. Thank you for you reviews

  24. Giuelith Says:

    American Hunting & Sporting Forum
    Giuen Outright Google Groups

  25. 503armyguard Says:

    @aermotorstudio and there is a trigger safty….its also the hammer decock

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