Be Be Winans – Brand New Dance

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In his two decades in the Gospel recording community, BeBe Winans has certainly made a name for himself with Gospel audiences, but his popular appeal pales in comparison to his status among other artists in the Gospel and Urban Adult Contemporary arena. A member of the legendary Winans family, he has built a multi-faceted career that continues to gain for him new audiences, both within and outside the world of Gospel music. Born Benjamin Winans, BeBe spent his early twenties singing background for his more famous siblings, The Winans vocal group. Then he and sister CeCe formed their own duo in the mid-80s and surprisingly landed joint contracts with Sparrow and Capitol Records (for Gospel and secular markets) for their self-titled debut in 1986. Working with producer Keith Thomas, the duo matched an unusually sophisticated, slick soul sound to Gospel lyrics and began building an audience among Gospel, soul and adult contemporary listeners. If their older siblings, The Winans, brought the sound of the Temptations to Gospel, BeBe and CeCe brought the sound of Marvin and Tammi. Their debut was as good as anything on urban adult contemporary radio that year, and garnered some well deserved success, especially with the very nice midtempo hit, “IOU Me.” While their debut showed promise, real success came with their second disc, Heaven, the title track of which became a top ten smash and elevated BeBe and CeCe to stardom with Gospel and Contemporary Christian Music fans. And
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Be Be Winans – Brand New Dance”

  1. jadojinsu Says:

    Lol what? American please (yes, this is a joke)

  2. Kenandave Says:

    @jadojinsu YOU made me laugh…UR quite real. BeBe would be upset if he read you post. Having been around him before…you can’t tell him there is an ordor in the bathroom after he used his own toilet. LOl. You have me laughing with your frankness…

  3. jadojinsu Says:

    Dude what? His vocals are good, but not amazing, and have never been. It’s the track as a whole that’s good imo.

  4. TheCollegegirl2 Says:

    Yes it is a brand new dance for me!

  5. Kenandave Says:

    The intro is way too long! I also remember when I got this cd and I thought this track would be tight and it just failed to really go anywhere vocally. None the less BeBe did graduate his vocal style in later solo recordings. He took chances vocally that I had never heard him do. Anyway…I am glad people did enjoy this track. This IS NOT one of my favorite BeBe recordings, although I do appreciate him as a singer.

  6. awful511 Says:

    I jusst downloaded this mp3 at

  7. fiyre43 Says:

    @battouhgerroh I have the song on CD, but I don’t know how to post it. If you can give me instructions I will do so. That is my favorite Bebe tune. I listen to it over and over. It ministers to me and blesses my soul.

  8. fiyre43 Says:

    @tbursee I have really important work to do for the kingdom of God, so I am adding your name to my prayer list. I will pray that the demonic spirit that has a hold of your mind be bound on this earth and that you be released from his grasp.

  9. fiyre43 Says:

    @tbursee OK, so how did sodomy enter the conversation? Do you have definitive proof that Bebe Winans is gay? Have you personally had sex with him, or visually observed him having sex with another man? No!!! This is proof that you are truly guided by a demon. You aren’t able to give a logical answer, so you start to try to attack with an agrument that makes no sense and has no connection to a verifiable arguement.

  10. tbursee Says:

    @fiyre43 is the act of sododmy very much accepted?

  11. tbursee Says:

    @fiyre43 if you like the man listen to him. But he’s gay. Gods name is not mentioned , but he is described. Besides, how many times does Gods name appear in the bible? Is’nt the book of Esther in the bible? So what difference does that make? Every true gospel song mentions Jesus , God, holy ghost .Not oh you, oh my , is that your voice, is that you? he , him ,they, blah blah blah

  12. fiyre43 Says:

    @tbursee Hand shakes are one way that we use to greet others, so are Godly kisses to the body of Christ. Americans are one of the few countries that have the hang up of men kissing men upon greeting each other. Most European countries find this practice quite normal. So in fact, the act of greeting with a kiss is very much accepted.

  13. tbursee Says:

    @fiyre43 thats was they way they greeted. today we shake hands, so what?

  14. fiyre43 Says:

    @tbursee Jesus and the disciples often greeted other men with a kiss. Would you call them gay also. Do you think that made them less masculine?

  15. fiyre43 Says:

    @tbursee HMMmmm-still don’t see any definitive proof, just supposition and conjectures based on subjective opinions. The book of Esther never mentioned the name of God in it anywhere. Would you say that this book is not of God and should be taken out. Do you doubt that the Jews were worshipping God whem they fasted and prayed as Esther instructed them to? Are you mad because Bebe is so sure of his masculinity that he is not afraid to show his Christ-like love in public?

  16. tbursee Says:

    @fiyre43 No , I’m just using that as one example. He claims to be a gospel singer, but you cant count the # of times he says Jesus on one hand in any of his songs. BeBe does’nt have a woman, he is the woman. His sister is more masculine than he is.

  17. fiyre43 Says:

    @tbursee So you are basing your conclusions on pictures displayed on Bebe’s albums? Wow, what a purely scientific method you have used. I thought Morehouse would have taught you better than that. I am sure they tried though. If, in fact, you say that these are pictures you would send to your girlfriend, then you have just proven that Bebe has a girlfriend and is therefore a heterosexual. Unless, of course you are saying that your girlfriend is male, which would make you gay.

  18. tbursee Says:

    @BubbalZz you must be bisexual? You like bisexual music.

  19. tbursee Says:

    @fiyre43 if you are a healty heterosexual female , then you should know a fag when you see one. Looks at this punks albums covers. Does it look like someone serving God, or someone trying to sell albums? Those are pictures you would send your girlfriend, not put on the cover of a so called gospel album.

  20. fiyre43 Says:

    @tbursee If you are a responsible Christian, you would stop using these words to tear down the body of Christ. It is a tool of the devil to hinder the work of the Lord. Repent and sin no more. No I am not gay, but a very healthy heterosexual female.

  21. fiyre43 Says:

    @tbursee I see you posting these allegations about Bebe on his videos, but I don’t see where you have any proof of these things. Rumors are not of God. Proverbs 18:8 says, “The words of a talebearer are as wounds, and they go down into the innermost parts of the belly.” Leviticus 19:16 says, “Thou shalt not go up and down as a talebearer among thy people. . .”

  22. honzanoel Says:

    Thank you Jim, you on the ole facebook

  23. rfsgfsdgfdg Says:

    hey guys can you guys give me the names of the gospel artist that have a bit of funk to there music?

  24. jessicalm145 Says:

    Love the piano solo!!

  25. zingalom Says:

    This is a cover of Angie & Debbie’s version recorded in the early 90s. I have to say I like their version better than this one.

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