Review: Logitech Wireless Mouse M510

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25 Responses to “Review: Logitech Wireless Mouse M510”

  1. Bioniclemaster1998 Says:

    For some reason, mine is on, but the green light isn’t on. o_O

  2. TheBreakawayFilms Says:

    I quit watching at the running pun.

  3. CriisLuda Says:

    men can i ask what camera u using for your videos ?
    looks like a good camera

  4. Thoraxe555 Says:

    @thecreativeone he thinks that using the word fanboy in any argument possible, might make him cool.

  5. anomaly768 Says:

    Are you Christopher Walken’s son?

  6. migec Says:

    what is the size of the mouse?(in cm if you may) can’t find data on that anywhere

  7. Drenwickification Says:

    @thecreativeone Wearing an apple hat makes you a fanboy, though.

  8. anatomy2k7 Says:

    Glad the mouse is solid. Picked it up with a gift card. Only going to use it when gaming on the TV across the room.

  9. CiaranVanDon Says:

    Keep those mice away from Mitsy you know what cats are like 😉 Looks like a nice mouse think i will pick one up at Amazon. One question does the mouse have good range from the nano receiver??

  10. thezildjianlover Says:

    That’s a pimp hat.

  11. mkwuuu Says:

    thanks for the review buddy!

  12. tech8447 Says:

    LMAO ha ha wats up sa.

  13. jj22oo Says:

    @TalesOfWar i know, what i am saying is that this clawing is less comfortable, id would rather sacrifice the features, and get a regular mouse

  14. ibignose Says:

    @SelectOMatic200 I use this mouse with my mac and yes you can use the side buttons to control back/forward. It won’t do it straight out of the box but once you download the software you can customise the buttons to do pretty much whatever you want. I currently have the side buttons controlling back/forward and the side scrolling buttons controlling expose and show desktop which I find works really well.

  15. TheKyro7 Says:

    Don’t ever wear a hat like that again, it’s not good for you.

  16. thecreativeoneish Says:

    I’m using a Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 with BlueTrak Technology which I bought at BestBuy which I paid $21.34 for it. I love it!

    Also, what is everybody’s thoughts on Excel having Adobe Flash technology inside of Excel?

  17. SelectOMatic200 Says:

    I’m new to Mac, Macbook Pro. I’m thinking of one of these but I want to know if you can get use of the full 5 buttons on Mac, to use the side (2) buttons to control browser page forward/back or folder and file browsing in finder. I currently use a Bluetooth Microsoft Presenter 8000 mouse with Office 2011 for Mac in Power Point and I can’t get the browser buttons to work. Do I need to custom assign them and if so, where at?

  18. migywer Says:

    1:49. thats what she said!

  19. iToasterman Says:

    @michaelovesrh +1 i tried it, too small as my hand hangs over …. like 4 fingers…. :s well ipod touch is small for me so yea… XD but damn it moves slow. disconnects every few seconds. its slow laggy i hate it..

  20. Desktopremaker Says:

    You may not be a celebrity . But dude i want your Autograph!!

  21. MisterCoreyHimself Says:

    you have some very femenine features D:/, especially with that hat on!.

  22. Samb0123 Says:

    @thecreativeone I must Agree with David The Magic Mouse feels AMAZING! I didn’t like it too much when it first came but U guess it was a new concept and people had to get used to it. I would like to get the Trackpad for my laptop for when im out and about! I also totally agree with david when he says its personal Preference! Have you tried the apple keyboard if you slightly miss a key you don’t get stuck in the massive gap like on a windows keyboard it’s great :)! be open to new ideas then decid

  23. HippoTech7 Says:

    The autofocus on your camera is amazing 😀

  24. michaelovesrh Says:

    @thecreativeone Nothing wrong with being a fanboy…. I dont know why some people are offended by the term fanboy like its bad…… I assume you love apple products and will stick up for the products they sell…thats a fanboy… Be Proud of it

  25. MinimeDrummerBoi Says:

    Personally, I find that most of Apple’s peripherals go for more of a stylish/sleek design where as other computers emphasize on ergonomics like Logitech, Microsoft etc.

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