iPage Rant | What is the best hosting company?

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Linux Cpanel shared hosting: 600 GB disk space, 6 TB bandwidth, free domain, unlimited databases and ftp accounts, web hosting cheap and pro at Hostony

iPage is basically a big bucket of fail, my mysql databases are constantly down and their customer service is just outrageous. I recommend to just stay away! What is your host? BillyMcGovern.com email me at mail@billymcgovern.com Follow me on twitter http
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Linux Cpanel shared hosting: 600 GB disk space, 6 TB bandwidth, free domain, unlimited databases and ftp accounts, web hosting cheap and pro at Hostony

25 Responses to “iPage Rant | What is the best hosting company?”

  1. VegaOmega23 Says:

    they are trying to charge me $130 to renew my hosting plan. I paid $40 for the 1st year…… does that seem right? HELL NO

  2. yulkwondo Says:

    iPage/Endurance International/Bizland/Fat Cow, whatever you want to call it… they rip you off! Beware! They will charge you at least $40 to cancel. $15 plus whatever they come up with in so-called fees. Their CEO is Thomas Gorny. Their address is 70 Blanchard Rd., Burlington, MA 01803. If you get scammed, this is where you should send the complaint… in case you decide to file a class action lawsuit.

  3. daesix Says:

    iPage.com is a scam. They couldn’t get my site up and running and charged me $15 to cancel. SCAM!!! Stay Away!!!

  4. dvboom2 Says:

    Slow iPage here too – just signed up…wish I would have seen this video before I gave them any money.

  5. ATXlonghorn48 Says:

    “ipage and ipower are Verry bad Hosting company!

    Proof with host-tracker:

    Daily uptime:96.33% Downtime:52 min(s) 49 sec(s)
    Daily uptime:98.85% Downtime:12 min(s) 60 sec(s)
    Daily uptime:5.99% Downtime:22 hour(s) 33 min(s)
    Daily uptime:0.00% Downtime:23 hour(s) 59 min(s)

    Still Wanna buy ipage and ipower?”

    My website is down again with ipage hosting…

  6. invis648 Says:

    LOL those wind powered servers are like little Atom boxes or something running 500 people a box. Sooooo horrible and slow. I guess wind power doesn’t generate a lot of current to run real servers 😛

  7. 6shige9 Says:

    Again, please keep in your mind that they will not give you 100% money back.

  8. 6shige9 Says:

    They stole $23.99 from me. I signed up for the basic plan ($54/year) and domain privacy ($8.99/year). However, I canceled it on the next day because the service was not the same as they described. “Anytime money back guarantee”? They gave me back only $39 and said that $23.99 was not refundable because they’ve bought the domain (from where?), will keep the domain, and protect it for a year. That means I will have not been able to remake a site with the same domain for a year. Cheaters!!!

  9. shellius Says:

    @kartinruram1 I think ipage.com owns all the web hosting review sites. Seriously, because they get great reviews on those review sites and it makes no sense, because they are truly the worst web host ever.

  10. shellius Says:

    @firelily Opt out while you still can. I waited too long.

  11. shellius Says:

    @mastergradeone DON’T GET IPAGE. They are truly horrible. My sites are down all the time.

  12. shellius Says:

    ipage is the worst web host I have ever had. My simple two sites load very very slowly, down constantly. Today my sites have been down all day. My advertising is leaving me and my podcasts are down. Totally incompetent, inept people, tech support is in another country, and they have no idea what they are doing. AVOID ipage.com they are AWFUL. I’m leaving them as soon as I can. Greengeeks is much better.

  13. reviewsexposed Says:

    Billy why are you still with iPage (or I should say an Endurance International Group)?

  14. blinkXmeXsunshine Says:

    haha you made me laugh. I just got my website on ipage and Im thinking I should have researched some more

  15. mastergradeone Says:

    are you still using iPage?
    because im planning to get it.

    also your site runs fast for me

  16. TheVirtualGames Says:

    sexwebhost dot com – seems to be the best for adult sites or youtube clones.

  17. firelily Says:

    are you still with iPage?

    I just switched to iPage. Should I opt out?

  18. mursde Says:

    i’m new user of ipage.
    i use 3 weeks ipage —> my expirience —>bad, awful, catastrofic

    server is super slow, problems with database, problems with email server…

    they are cheap, but…
    right now I get this message – Database Error: Unable to connect to the database:Could not connect to MySQL

    – This happen 3 times/ week

  19. kartinruram1 Says:

    Best Unlimited Hosting Site 2010 Reviewed by Domain Hosting News

  20. cormackjames Says:

    I just signed up and loaded WordPress, it is slower than sh*t and I get page fetch errors all the time, Ioaded the whole site onto a web server belonging to my work and it works like a dream, no errors, no php or mySQL errors. iPage sucks, I don;t care about the domain name, I’ll make another, I think I am leaving them.

  21. xXZarlachXx Says:

    I just talked with the live support, and they said i could get a huge discount and just pay $55,95/Year ($42 the first year)

    Should i go for it?

  22. EpiphonicMedia Says:

    One of the main problems with your slow service that I fixed has to do with your CMS. I use Joomla! and the cache system is really slow, try and optimize your cache for wordpress. Not sure how, I had a friend did it.

  23. xXZarlachXx Says:

    Their support sux! I ask about a question, and they keep repeating the same questions… it seems like they’re some lazy people that just turn on some Auto Respons..

  24. urfreeway Says:

    So Please , do you have any advice on another hosting company ??
    i was just going to register to ipage then i hesitated when i saw your video

  25. TheVidzor Says:

    ya, same :/

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