Five Reasons to Choose VPS

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Virtual private servers (VPS), or virtual dedicated servers, offer users many advantages when compared to other hosting platforms when launching and maintaining a functional website.  The benefits of a private hosting environment offer website owners a wealth of benefits such as enhanced security, reliable hosting resources and increased flexibility.


VPS is perhaps one of the safest hosting platforms currently available.  Unlike other web hosting environments such as shared hosting, users are not required to share server space.  Instead users share resources of a single physical server among multiple virtual servers.   Users appreciate the enhanced sense of security as the VPS hosting environment is separate from other users on the same server.  Users have exclusive access to personal stored files and installed programs.  The security and privacy features thwart potential hacker attacks and unauthorized access to sensitive information.  Many large business ventures favor VPS over other hosting platforms simply because of the extra security it offers when processing and storing sensitive data.


In a struggling economy, business owners are forced to tighten financial belts whenever possible.  VPS is a cost –efficient web hosting solution.  Despite a common misconception that VPS is an expensive web hosting solution, the fact is that a basic VPS plan with the necessary features and tools required to launch and manage a website is relatively affordable on any budget.  Unlike other hosting platforms, VPS doesn’t require users to purchase or maintain the required physical server hardware which ultimately saves significantly in operational costs.


Unlike shared hosting environments that restrict users when attempting to install scripting platforms that aren’t supported by the web host, VPS platforms hands the control of customized installation to users by authorizing entry to the root access.  Bestowing such control allows users to install and configure desired software; a favorable hosting solution for advanced developers.  Additionally, VPS delivers flexibility.  Users don’t have to limit themselves to the basic programs provided by the shared host.  Instead, users have the ability to install programs of their choice, as long as the software is compatible with the host’s operating system.   Furthermore, VPS hosting accommodates an unlimited number of web applications for a fully-functional websites with enhanced features and services.

Hosting Multiple Services

In addition to hosting websites, VPS hosting is also a great option for meeting the need of numerous other hosting needs.  VPS is an ideal solution for storing files for backup as well as hosting e-mail servers and FTP servers.  Both small and large companies take advantage of such hosting as it allows users to manage remote file access with an increased sense of security and reliability.

Many entrepreneurs opt for VPS hosting in addition to meeting their own hosting needs, but also for reseller hosting ventures.   VPS hosting plans usually come with enough resources to support and manage multiple websites, thus a lucrative investment for a start-up business.

Additional Hosting Resources

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One of the greatest drawbacks of other web hosting environments such as shared hosting is the limited access to valuable hosting resources including storage space and bandwidth.  Although advertised as offering unlimited features, with multiple users sharing the same resources on a single server, the truth is that once the server becomes strained, users find themselves competing for the necessary resources to adequately maintain their websites.  Website owners choosing VPS, however, appreciate the private server environment without having to compromise the quality of services delivered to manage a website.


With the security and flexibility VPS hosting offers to users at a fraction of the cost compared to other hosting platforms, it’s a sensible option for both business owners and individuals interested in establishing a reseller hosting company.

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