Dreamweaver Tutorial – Setup FTP remote settings for Godaddy and Dreamweaver CS4

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bit.ly Check out these great GoDaddy Hosting Plans! Follow on Twitter: www.twitter.com RSS Feed: www.dreamweavertutorial.co.uk In this tutorial from www.dreamweavertutorial.co.uk we will be setting up remote settings with GoDaddy and Dreamweaver CS4. In just five minutes you can speed up your work flow by uploading your website or website files directly from Dreamweaver. If you are not using Godaddy as your hosting server, then you may need to contact your hosting provider to find out what settings you will need to put into Dreamweaver.
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25 Responses to “Dreamweaver Tutorial – Setup FTP remote settings for Godaddy and Dreamweaver CS4”

  1. meiznick Says:

    can u tell us more about the FTP account, address and host? `cuz me personally i need more information about that

  2. nelsongphoto Says:

    Thank you very much. Very useful yet simple tutorial.

  3. ibraddv Says:

    I dont have an index file

  4. DreamWeaverTutorial Says:

    @robertofied18 yes, the left side of the screen was the files on the server at godaddy and on the right hand side of the screen were the files on my local harddrive. I was just showing another way of accessing and uploading files. The only time i ever use the expanded view is to delete a file from godaddys server. use the first method i showed until you find your feet.

  5. robertofied18 Says:

    I don’t exactly understand the last part you did, can you explain? (where you were dragging the file)

  6. alphatom12 Says:

    thank you

  7. DreamWeaverTutorial Says:

    @Mirrors57 i need more information than that to help you

  8. Mirrors57 Says:

    help me please i get error with FTP πŸ™

  9. qqqTOXICqqq Says:

    Ok, i made my first website on DW now i’m trying to decipher this tut. Last thing i wanna do is call godaddy, and talk to them. I bought hosting there & i’m finally dumping that weak website tonight website & replacing it with my new creation!

  10. babygirl91580 Says:

    omg cute voice πŸ™‚

  11. toprhat100 Says:

    thanks you i’ve been having problems with dreamweaver recently but u helped me fix it cheers toprhat100

  12. Waderoberthiggins Says:

    @KuanDeedee file transfer protocol

  13. KuanDeedee Says:

    what is ftp?

  14. DreamWeaverTutorial Says:

    @Raaj143Y hi, it is possible to start an online business with little web design experience but it would be easier if you knew how to design a site. If you are planning to sell products then It might be worth buying an eccommerce all in one package which is like a shop in a box. If you have dreamweaver then probably the easiest and cheapest way to sell some products is to use google checkout or add a paypal button next to each product.

  15. Raaj143Y Says:

    I am currently planning to start a business online. Most of my business will be concentrated on selling electronic goods such as toys and gifts; I have not designed a website yet however I will be using free template from internet! But I don’t know how to install it on the web. What do I need to get started? And is it easy to run anonline business? How to I add products and its description? I know that your making tutorial for dreamweaver but you might have some ideas.

  16. DreamWeaverTutorial Says:

    @tokyorose999 EDIT > Preferences.

  17. tokyorose999 Says:

    oh nevermind i got it, but where you get to the “dependent files” part i put no also and then clicked don’t show this message again like an idiot, and im trying to upload images and its not popping up, how do i get back to that screen? thanks!

  18. tokyorose999 Says:

    @DreamWeaverTutorial i think im just having trouble because where you have that arrow to upload i don’t have that because i have an older verison of DW. and i cant find upload anywhere, anyway else to upload besides the arrow? thanks!

  19. DreamWeaverTutorial Says:

    @tokyorose999 hi, im not quite sure what you mean can you explain it a different way?

  20. tokyorose999 Says:

    alright i got it both my domain and hosting on godaddy now and set up my hosting, and one last thing watching your video i don’t have “site definition for dream weaver” when i click a project, any other way to get to it?

  21. DreamWeaverTutorial Says:

    @tokyorose999 it wont take long to set up a hosting account, if you take it with godaddy then it will be easier as your domain is registered there. ftp is easy to set up too so shouldnt take long at all. – James

  22. DreamWeaverTutorial Says:

    @tokyorose999 The best thing is to purchase a host account, set up your FTP and then upload your site. Its easy to set up your ftp.

  23. tokyorose999 Says:

    @DreamWeaverTutorial ok good i was confused lol, so i just purchase a host and i can get my site online? how long does it take? and thanks for the reply!

  24. DreamWeaverTutorial Says:

    @tokyorose999 you will need to buy a hosting account, but you don’t have to buy from the same place you purchased the domain. GoDaddy are good, I have 2 sites hosted with them and don’t have many problems. – James

  25. tokyorose999 Says:

    wait i just purchased a domain name from godaddy, so i need to buy hosting from them, or some other website also to get it to work online? (im doing a simple portfolio by the way) thanks!

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