Building a CMS with PHP and MYSQL Part 3

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Watch the HD and readable versoin here ——\/ Part 3 ——————————— Listing all posts and adding delete functionality. See the site for more videos and other goodies like source code and HD video! —————————————–
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21 Responses to “Building a CMS with PHP and MYSQL Part 3”

  1. Aamnahz Says:

    i dont know a single bit of php, but i just finished watching this video series of yours.. and one day, dude, one dayy, i will create my own cms. you teach good btw. the bloopers just make the video more enlightening =D

  2. skeetonbeezies Says:

    @JamesRCoston I’m aware of that. I just wasn’t sure how I should set up the admin page without having to make a whole stylesheet for it. It’s good now though. Thanks for the insight.

  3. JamesRCoston Says:

    @skeetonbeezies XHTML pages will function regardless of any styling. If you know CSS, you should know that it does not really affect any functionality in the XHTML document, apart from presentation. In essence, the XHTML page should still function without it.

  4. skeetonbeezies Says:

    @JamesRCoston I understand what stylesheets are for. I know XHTML and CSS. But as I was following along in the video, he had made a stylesheet for the admin page, but I wanted to skip having to make a stylesheet, and just make a standard admin page in XHTML. So my question was do you have to style the admin page in order to see it, or can you just mark it up in regular XHTML and still have it function?

  5. JamesRCoston Says:

    @skeetonbeezies I have no idea how people like roozbeh12 even end up on the Internet, nevermind YouTube.

    On the contrary, you create stylesheets for individual or groups of HTML documents. If you wanted to make an admin page, you could either add the current stylesheet to it, or make a different one for that page.

    I was slightly confused what you intended though, so please let me know if it is wrong or wait for the author of this video to reply.

  6. skeetonbeezies Says:

    How do retards like roozbeh12 even stumble upon videos like this?

    Question for pbj746: Do you have to create a stylesheet in order to make an admin page? Can you just view the info in html format?

  7. roozbeh12 Says:

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  8. JamesRCoston Says:

    @roozbeh12 I am not telling you how to speak, I just told you that “fuck” is a swear word, as you seemed to have not known that. I am not offended by indirect swearing.

    I have a life. It’s not a “fucking” life, though. I have respect for women.

    I am not closed minded, because I would of probably done the same as you. It does not take little or much information to change my complete aspects on a subject, so hence all of that I am not close minded.

    You have clearly lost this argument. Good bye.

  9. roozbeh12 Says:

    @JamesRCoston oooooooooohhhh…… Bugger off…. I don’t need a twat like you to teach me how to speak or tell me what to do… none of your biz wax…..
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  10. JamesRCoston Says:

    @roozbeh12 You really need educated. “Fuck” is a swear word, it’s absolutely disguisting. It is not British slang, it is very universal.

    I do not think you sit down 24/7 and pick a fight, but you definately go around causing problems on the YouTube community, as I have already seen you in a few videos causing drama.

    The point of my arguments are just your complete disrespect for others. If it never satisfied your ‘usual’ high standards, there is no need to degrade the person who did the video.

  11. roozbeh12 Says:

    @JamesRCoston what argument? Do you really think I’m sitting here 24/7 and trying to pick a fight with people?!! any way, Fuck off is not swearing.. its sort of a British slang…. same goes for twat as well… 😉

  12. JamesRCoston Says:

    @roozbeh12 You are a very ignorant and arrogant person. You have failed to see the message in my comment. The video does show you the fundamentals, it is not misleading in anyway. Of course, it may not be suited for some people because they may want a more advanced one.

    As for your abuse, I will not tolerate that. I used “my friend” as a figure of speech. Sorry, if you failed to see that as well.

    If you want to continue this argument, use constructive criticsm. No swearing or abuse.

  13. roozbeh12 Says:

    @JamesRCoston oh, you made me ashamed of myself. I’m gonna sit in my room for the next day or so and just think about what I did!!! FUCK OFF. I aint your friend and don’t you fucking dare calling me that again you twat!!! when I say its incomplete that means it is incomplete and it has waisted my time and I value my time unlike others!!! if someone has to consider anything, is this is idiot who created this video and he has to change the bloody title of this shit as it is misleading.

  14. JamesRCoston Says:

    @roozbeh12 Maybe you need to be reminded that the video is merely a visualisation of how you would approach the task of building a CMS, and not showing you how to make a CMS like many commerial ones.

    You could watch this and ‘try’ to learn something, then add to it.

    Finally, you are not the only one on the Internet, my friend; so do not make contextual arguments that say you are.

    Consider deleting that pathetic and incomplete comment. Have some respect for what people try and do.

    Thank you.

  15. roozbeh12 Says:

    boring, useless, waist of my time, incomplete… WTF? did u make this fucking thing for your sister for fuck sake?

  16. themoonisdown09 Says:

    The reason why you were having trouble with the floating is that you have to clear the floats using a “div” tag with the style of “clear: both”. If you’re only floating something to one direction, you could just have a “div” tag with the style of “clear: left” or “clear: right”.

  17. jeropp00 Says:

    Thank you very much for these tutorials. I encourage you to keep up the good work as this is helping me and others who are beginners in this field.

  18. ScoobyDooobyD00 Says:

    Check out my new series on creating a CMS with PHP using classes

  19. ScoobyDooobyD00 Says:

    You sound really nervous around 6:40 … why?

  20. Luther92 Says:

    Wow lol…definitely extremely helpful to say the least. I was getting into learning PHP a few months ago, and it was going well, but kinda stopped.

    I want to get back into it and this new series of yours is amazing! Very concise, to the point, and basically EXACTLY what I want.

    (Oh and thanks for the HD versions on your site, makes the viewing of the series extremely easy as we can pause and copy the PHP if need be).

    Anyway thanks for making, hope you finish the series!

  21. Ghotherkill Says:

    Dude, your doing an amazing job on this series. I really am inspired by your work, which is where alot of my tutorials come from. I was wondering about your QZPStudios, and if I could get involved with it.

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