Arma 2 Mission Editor Tutorial 1/2

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Download the mission script at Learn more at Buy now Next up in the series of video updates introducing the unique features of the Arma 2 franchise, we present a two-part tutorial demonstrating Arma 2’s powerful and easy to use Mission Editor utility. It provides a sandbox including all of the assets available in Arma 2 and associated games, such as Operation Arrowhead and British Armed Forces, and a whole host of freely downloadable community created content on top! Create a dynamic mission across two tutorials of growing complexity. Unlock the massive potential of Arma 2 by learning how to confidently use the editor: from the basic tools at your disposal to more advanced editing and scripting techniques. The sophisticated Mission Editor offers an intuitive, unobtrusive interface, enabling you to create completely customisable missions, scenarios – even campaigns – very quickly, and in only a few simple steps.

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25 Responses to “Arma 2 Mission Editor Tutorial 1/2”

  1. TheAdamtheClown Says:

    I got this game yesterday, just started playing it today for almost an hour, and I’m already in love with this game. πŸ˜€

  2. chromehounds2 Says:

    Hello, I’m in love with you marvelous creation of ArmA II and was curious if it had a self updating system similarly to that of the consoles. Though you still click “Yes”, the updates are still found by the game without the user needing to find the patches/updates manually. I trust no add-on content and would want this as an in-game feature. If not in ArmA II, maybe in a sequel. ;D

  3. julianraw Says:

    @clayton99master Ok great, i sent you a pm.

  4. clayton99master Says:

    @julianraw ok sure i guess

  5. julianraw Says:

    @clayton99master If your interested and want to learn the basics, I can walk you through the editor live, I have a program called ventrilo my buddy and I use to talk to each other ingame, I have coached new guys a few times before on the use of the editor, we would have to get together 1 or more nights and I can show you how, if your interested then send me a pm, or e-mail, and we can go from there, up to you.

  6. clayton99master Says:

    @julianraw not even the timing works
    there still moving >:(

  7. clayton99master Says:

    @ARMA2official hello , i was wondering if you guys can make the editor much simpler , ive been on the editor for quite some time now and i still have trouble with the scripts , i was thinking if you guys can make the scripts as options in the editor instead of people having to learn every script, sorry if im creating more work

  8. julianraw Says:

    @clayton99master Then what you’ll need to do is move the OPFor squad further away. You’ll need to just play with the timing of you entering the Ambush point and OPFOR attacking, it wont be perfect the first time you do it. Nothing is ever final in the editor, just reedit til the opfor attack when you get there, this is more of just a timing issue then anything else. Any other questions then let me know. or better yet send me a pm.

  9. clayton99master Says:

    @julianraw yeah i did by the time im down there , there already there

  10. Kapradi89 Says:

    Does exist any chance to make a convoy in this game?

  11. sunnymuffins13208 Says:

    I seriously wonder if BIS ever figured that perhaps they could bind some of the lines you have to put in init. fields so that I don’t have to write all them down or try to memorize them. I mean I’m sure it cant be that difficult. I mean it could be simple as making a HALO jump module you can group to an air craft. Or to fill a crate with specific weapons. That alone would make my life much easier. It’s a great game but Bohemia needs to stop making vehicles and start polishing the little bugs.

  12. clayton99master Says:

    I did

  13. julianraw Says:

    @clayton99master Did you sync the trigger with the opfor waypoint? as when bluefor enters the area trigger the opfor will move.

  14. clayton99master Says:

    i did everything doesnt work the ambush starts when the mission starts

  15. clayton99master Says:

    wtf it doesnt work i did everything the guy said but the opfor patrol moves right as the mission starts

  16. MrCommunismftw Says:

    I have to get this or i will die. πŸ˜€

  17. ARMA2official Says:

    @rud100le Hello, unfortunately we are afraid no-one here. ItΒ΄s much better to visit our forums at and ask for help there.

  18. rud100le Says:

    Hey I was wondering could anyone tell me how to script a vehicle to start with add-on character skins instead of the normal ones? Thanks

  19. BlazingAngel456 Says:

    @ARMA2official Hey guys, great game! I’ve had endless fun with this game, on and offline! I have a question though that no one on the forums and on the wiki can answer. You have created a coop game called [03:Close Quarters Battle.Chernarus] for Arma 2… It is so fun! I liked it so much that I wanted to edit it to my liking, but I cannot find it in the editor, or in the installation directory. where can this mission file be found? Is it edit able? Thank you for your time, and this game! πŸ™‚

  20. DramaticPrairieDog Says:

    Thanks for the Tutorial @ARMA2official . It really helped me understand, now I can make better levels. Can’t wait for my Operation Arrowhead to arrive, just toying with ArmA2 at the moment.

  21. knobface123 Says:

    The day I get a computer that can play this.. Is the day my dreams come true. πŸ™

  22. robi4never Says:

    @NeophyteHooliganer we are flooders…

  23. NeophyteHooliganer Says:


    I am making no attempt on bullying you mate, it’s just your question was to inaccurate to answer with best results.

    Good to hear you can run it good ! Enjoying the game ? πŸ™‚

  24. robi4never Says:

    @NeophyteHooliganer as a matter affect i can runt it on highest… and dont bully with me

  25. NeophyteHooliganer Says:


    Look mate, either accept my help or leave it. All I try here is to give you some security.

    Your question, can almost not be answered correctly without posting proper computer specs. Every machine runs different on any game.

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