Benefits of IT outsourcing in association with collocation and data center

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IT Outsourcing is referred as allocation of certain process of business to an external service provider or outsourcing vendor.
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Linux Cpanel shared hosting: 600 GB disk space, 6 TB bandwidth, free domain, unlimited databases and ftp accounts, web hosting cheap and pro at Hostony

Can I trust the Cloud with my Payroll?

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How safe is running my payroll in the Cloud? How do I ensure that my security concerns are addressed by the hosted service provider?
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Develop Your Website To Meet Massive Traffic

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If you wanted to boost your website performance you should opt for Cloud hosting. Cloud hosting services are the best service for an individual client. Cloud is truly fresh in website hosting. This will definitely help to develop your website … Continue reading
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Can you pinpoint the DROPS in your Cloud?

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Cloud computing, as we have all come to accept, is here to stay. Seeing as this is an IT-related article, and we IT people love our acronyms, I thought it would be cool to add yet another one into our proverbial pot of conversation starters (or killers – depending on the audience): D.R.O.P.S
Delivery, Redundancy, Opportunities, Performance, Security.
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IC & M “Breaking the Web Barrier for You”

Posted by: Admin  :  Category: Web Hosting Comparison We are a North Carolina based company that helps any business to be successful on the world wide web. We achieve this by implementing an “All-In-One” Concept, which consists of the following points – Web Design – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Selected Hosting – Business and Social Networking – Sophisticated Statistics and Analytics Programs We believe that this approach is the only way to achieve an effective web presence. Why? Because we have tested it and our customers realize the benefits very quickly: – Enormous time saver; instead of coordinating several different entities IC & M performs all the necessary tasks. – Money saver; needless to say that we can provide much better pricing than three or four different firms could. – Optimized and Individual SEO; even the best looking and most functional Website is not worth a dime if it is not found. One of the first items we ask from our customers are Key-words and -phrases. They are the fundament of a solid SEO campaign: – We “weave” them into the code so Google and Co. realize them quickly and start ranking the site. – IC & M checks customer’s sites weekly and changes the content as necessary. (Google and Yahoo will stop visiting pages if the wording is not altered periodically). – Scalable and reliable Hosting; IC & M partners with the leading hosting companies and checks them for service, pricing and reliability (Zero downtime). Plus, we will do the setup and paperwork. – Continuous Feedback; IC

What is the best (and cheapest) hosting site if I want to start a web magazine?

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A frequently-asked query:

I am looking for an inexpensive site to host my web magazine. I would like to be able to post pictures and long bits of text. It doesn’t need to be super fancy.
Thanks for your help.

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At Justhost, you can use Fantastico to autoinstall applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, phpBB, OSCommerce and many more.

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PHPmyadmin – Create New Database

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This is a very quick video on creating a new database in PHPmyadmin. This is done locally using Wampserver.
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How To Blog: Video 3 – How To Set Up Your Own Web Host

Posted by: Admin  :  Category: Web Hosting Tutorials In this episode, discover how easy and fast it is to set up your own hosting account for your new blog or website. blog blogs blog templates what is a blog amateur blogs free blogs blog search blog software free blog video blog video blogs how to blog free blog templates…

About Dedicated Web Hosting Services

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Dedicated web hosting has been hailed by many as the pinnacle in the business. They say nothing beats dedicated hosting, for the website gets a world that completely belongs to it. No third party has the authority of trudging into its territory, as the promoters pad for the services to fetch the website completely authority over it. It is expensive, but the money paid is worth it.
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Number of Available Domain Names to Skyrocket: A take on ICANN’s New gTLD Program

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In my last post I discussed about how to best work towards attaining the right mix of money sites using management consultant’s BCG concept. Well this month we are dealing with a controversial ICANN policy that’s about to introduce new costs to your business.

Internet on the brink of massive address explosion
The landscape for generic Top Level Domain Names is about to change for good or worse. If all goes according to plan, ICANN’s Executive Board meeting on 20th June 2011 in Singapore will approve the new gTLD Program. Afterwards the number of available domain names is set to sky rocket. And what many legitimate business owners have been fearing is about to happen. The right of the dot will become a matter of controversy if the new ICANN gTLD Program is approved.

New gTLDs Program
The new gTLDs are broken into 3 categories namely:

  • .brand TLDs: .GOOGLE, .BING, .CNN etc
  • Generic TLDs: .FINANCE, .WEB etc
  • Community / Special interest TLDs: .BERLIN, .LONDON, .PARIS etc.

Meanwhile ICANN has just published the new gTLD applicant guidebook for the general public to read and apply. For those who are not aware, the new gTLD application window already ended on 20th April 2011 (around 400 applications were received). The document includes:

  • introduction to the new gTLD application process
  • evaluation procedures (questions and criteria)
  • objection procedures (Wipo etc)
  • string contention procedures
  • transition to delegation (trademark clearing house, suspension)
  • applications terms and conditions

It is a very nice piece of document for anyone who wants to inform themselves about how the internet is about to change for good or worse.

Opposition to new gTLDs
As I have expressed my opposition here that I am not a fan of the new gTLDs because they are only going to confuse internet users and consumers. There are enough available domain names for everyone to register under existing country code Top Level Domain Names (ccTLDs) and gTLDs. Although the process of estimating the exact impact of the new gTLDs is complicated, there is consensus that the cost of doing business online for businesses will significantly go up. ICANN and other supporters of the program have touted it as a unique opportunity to promote innovation, business competition and consumer choice. I disagree with such a proposition because very few people are involved in the ICANN decision making process. ICANN meetings are free for everyone to participate but the traveling costs involved forbid the public from attending. This leaves it open for registrars and ICANN itself to pass own policies meant to line their pockets with money. As a domain investor and web entrepreneur I am opposed to the new gTLD program for a number of reasons:

  • the gTLDs will only increase costs for online business owners because they will have to fight for the same names they already own at highly inflated costs
    • $ 185k fee for successful applicants
  • new gTLDs do not serve the public interest but rather those of a few individuals

Why new gTLDs will fail

  • Prohibitively high registration costs and switching costs for website owners
    • transferring big sites from one domain to another is not a walk down the park
  • Inadequate mechanisms to prevent fraud and protect IP rights
    • can you imagine every big brand out there will need to apply for its TLD in order to defensively defend itself
  • Limited scope / counterproductive commercial application of such gTLDs – e.g. nobody needs .africa whereas other ccTLDs are not even widely used on most developing countries
  • lack of a global understanding and awareness of new gTLD program

On a positive note, the new gTLDs might draw significant attention to our industry, attract many newbies who will think of it as a get rich quick scheme and burn their fingers in the procecess.

All in all, if you take some of the factors I have mentioned above into consideration, I do not think the world needs the new gTLD program. But it seems like big money interests might win this time round. The costs of approving a gTLDs program which increases the number of available domain names far outweigh the benefits.